Time to live and travel time. Chapter 7

Every day, your subconsciously fit ethics imposed by society, your vessels are filled with the blood of a lie and pretense, hypocrisy and flattery. Your worldview is changing in front of the eyes, you become another, although you will deny it until the last. Remember those who knew you by the real, those who tried to fold a word about you. There at the top.

Hot. Very hot. Chic hotel room. Quiet and empty. No one but me. Apparently, the events of the last night did not pass without a trace.

It is strange that I immediately thought about the hotel. For at all, nothing was given this hotel in the situation surrounding me — so I at least seemed. Bye.

Word «hotel» was the first in order in «Running line» My thoughts taking place leisurely, but inevitably roll out on the screens in studios stublined somewhere in the depths of my subconscious; Taken for it right after my awakening. Although rather not awakening, but «arrival in yourself». So it would be better to say. Since, despite the fact that the first thing I thought after «Hotels», There was a question — And how much I slept — I very quickly discarded this idea: to sleep in that position, in what I found myself hardly it was possible. Yes, and finding in this state without consciousness (or even with him) did not seem to be any real.

I did not immediately understand why my head with my legs changed places, that is, the head was two, and the leg is alone, and it was upstairs (although at the moment the definition «Verkh» and «Niza» was difficult). But, stopping quietly panicing, I wanted to go to «Loud» panic, but here gathered with thoughts — And, looking at a little more careful, I discovered a way out. I realized that with my head and legs, everything is in order and that I just sit on an incomprehensible view of the chair, thipping my head and looking straight into the ceiling — For some intricate curve triangular mirror, suspended right under it, and what I sit in a truly chic hotel room.

However, similar «coming» In myself did not give me any chance to recall my name, no one I was up to this moment. The first thing that came to me in the head is the desire to get on my feet so that the blood retreated from the head, in order not to smell the brain and further. View out — It was the second desire. However, putting on your feet, I immediately fainted — The weakness and numbness of the muscles affected. The feeling of time in a dream is absent, so reality sometimes loses its borders. A day later, it happened…

In my head immediately after awakening the thought «Did this hotel dreamed of me?», and fear filled the body. I have already seen the present location already in a million times — It was my workshop. Big hangar about 100 square. M. Square, inside there were layouts of my works, future blanks for experiments. Here I lived lately, from the moment when I finally lost contact with the real world.

About that period of normal life only «THIS IS» event. Finding him the explanation has not been able so far, however, will it be something clear at all like the morning of today…

It was a dream, it seemed to me, but I was no longer sure. I woke up every time in a new place, and then in the MiG again returned to reality. Probably the consequences of that flash. Temporary spaces were in the end mixed, inside the reality holes were formed, which were now filled with any suitable segment from other measurements, whether parallel or measurements of the past. Now they are no longer separated from another.

I felt a terrible thirst and tried to stand up again. After a couple of attempts, keeping the frame of the chair, I get up, I define where the kitchen and walk there, shitting on the floor with bare feet. Pouring a glass of water and drink a volley, after him one more. So, it seems to be clarified. What yesterday happened? Or not yesterday? How much I slept? Phone where phone? I need to call anyone and find out everything. Which is the day that year?!

There was no phone anywhere. What is it? I’m getting bad again, the fog is filled with everything inside the head, legs boil. The last thing I spend to see this flash of light, and then nothing.

Some room. It is empty and dark. But I hear the voice. He repeats something monotonously. While I come to my senses, I do not understand a word.

SS..ka..Life. Hero S..BBB. ETT… What? Skaaa..J. Tee Sve..TT.. A!

Tell the light! — says voice. I repeat after him and the purple-blue light is lit. Eyes are unusual, but at least I can navigate in space. I was not here yet, somehow strangely breathes and the air it seems to be another, he has some taste. Maybe my shake or something with your head? Because it’s all very strange. Head like Czek, but the feeling that something is not so taking up to me.

I need to know where I. Somewhere in the distance I see the gallery, it is haunted something, but missing light. I go there. Floor for some reason marble and warm. But now it worries me a little, I’m wary because of some strange sensations. Intuition says I am somewhere far away.

We grab my hands behind a tissue curtain, I am making a pause, I am recruiting full light sweet air and twitch. Oh no! What horror… It can not be!

I am shy back, not believing my eyes. The throat squeezes the unexplored fear, the light pulsate due to the lack of oxygen, I want to scream, but I can not. The whole neck is siled from the seen. I grab the face behind my head. A hoarse cry leaves, I want to turn around and run somewhere and here I am knocked down from the legs.

It takes an hour or two, I’m awake again. I’m in some kind of bath, and in front of me a panoramic window in which you can see all this. It all happens indeed, and not in my imagination. I see a distant future in the window. The space outside the window is sown with soaring buildings in the air, as the islands, electric or photon highways are laid between them, for which some flying ships are squeezed with a mad speed. Far on the horizon there is a sun, and to the left of him it looks like his twin. Sun two? How can it be? But they shine are multidirectional as the eyes of chameleon.

A little further on the right I see the ridge from several spherical objects similar to the planet, but I can’t identify more precisely.

Blood sticks to her head and I want to fall into a new dream and wake up at home, but instead I feel someone’s physical presence behind me. I hear the voice and turn around.

— Welcome to you, dear friend! You are visiting us. You know where you are?

— This is our house — Planet Sosmiton. We found you in the negotiation room and brought here for rehabilitation. You lost consciousness. We also do not know who you are and how?

— I have assumptions. I’m from the planet Earth from the Solar System, Galaxy Milky Way. I was here, as in many places, quite by chance. Such movements became an unsuccessful result of experience over the human subconscious. I see a flash in front of him and move to a random point of the Universe.

— It is very interesting. That is, when the next time you will fall out, you will find yourself somewhere else? And not here in the Galaxy Andromeda?

— Right. It turns out that all the same in other galaxies has life? But our scientists could not discover her. Everyone but me. I found myself by chance.

— Lively almost all galaxies and our no exception. You do not bother the fact that we are talking to you in the same language, although we do not know him?

— I have no choice to succumb to panic again, as it may be a second or every other day, I will not be here. I would like to know everything but what’s the point. Although I will be glad if you tell me a little about yourself while I am here?!

— You seem quite friendly to us, so we will gladly show you here everything. Just let another question, what was the experience of the subconscious?

— Thanks to. In brief, then the electric magnetic impulse is impact on the energy centers of the human body. The electro-magnetic pulse was missed through these centers, subsequently awakens the huge amount of Kundalini’s energy, which lifting up exempts our subconscious, that in the 7th center and translates it from the variable to the permanent state, turning off the reptile parts of the brain, which are atavism and interfere with us comprehend higher consciousness or god.

— It is interesting. It turns out that people blocked centers? We have they are developed from birth. Thus, we can transfer thoughts at a distance, we can influence the physical nature of inanimate bodies. Follow me here, please. We will come out out of the room.

We pass through several halls and go to the transparent cabin, which begins to move, as soon as we went inside her. We move up on very fast speed. Soon we turn out to be on the roof of the building, where there were all this time. We leave from the elevator.

I follow his gesture forward.

— Where are we? I can not understand how your world works?

After these words, my gaze opens the view where I recognize the endless water, without the end and the edge, and the buildings are hired above this water. Sushi or continent I could not see.

— Yes you are right. We bet over water. Kosmiton — This is a water planet. If we talk according to you, then it’s just a drop of water that stays in the space stationary. Inside the planet is a magnet, and above the water magnetic field, so we developed technologies to stay over this field.

I am silent. I have no words, I just look down. I understand that you need to ask something not to lose the thread.

— Tell me, how did you get here? You flew on another planet?

Time to live and travel time. Chapter 7

— No. We have always been here. Won there away, you see, the biggest island is located? This is what our life began. There we were born, and everything around was built by us later, as we need.

— That is, you do not know where the first life came here?

— No. Probably as you are, I’m right?

— Yes. We do not know where it appeared, I will even say more, we do not know how old mankind, whether someone was before us on the planet Earth and TD. Some questions. In part, they prompted me to look for answers not in the material of being, but in the subconscious, where processes occur also incomprehensible to us. And you have been on earth?

— The answer is shocking you, but yes, we were on your planet. We studied your world. And we know where you come from. We have long watched your planet. She is special. Someone took her special place among their works of art. So we call it.

— Wait-ka! How do you know?

— We know how the universe appeared, we know who created it, we know why it seems to you that there are no other living beings except you.

— I do not believe you. I don’t even know where I am and who you are, how can I believe in what you say? We tried to find at least something, but nothing. We studied ways to move not only at distances, but in time, but unsuccessfully. It turns out that I am the only one who broke out beyond time and space?

— There were others. You are not the first, but your case is partly special.

— And who was before me? You knew them? Who are they?

I hear scraps phrase, I catch another flash of light and fall into nothing. My body begins to shrink and move around the helix, removing in her center. Swimming leaves the loop from the images, words and the very light from the outbreak.

I hear a cry, he comes from somewhere outside, but I do not understand who screams. He increases and fills my ear shells, breaks through right in my brain, vibrates, like a washing machine in prescrat mode. Perhaps all 1600 revolutions per second!


Comes awareness that I scream myself. Shout, but I can’t stop. The body shakes, trembling the waves diverged by limbs. I do a sharp breath and wake up. Where I am? Do I have again at home? But how? What he said at the end? Something on «NS»? I do not remember. In the annoyance, jump and start rushing there and here. What did he say? What kind of name he said? «Shak»? Well, further-further! Remembered! He said «Shakya» and his voice broke. What could it mean? I also heard «IIS». Also name, by the way, familiar.

At this point I woke up already truly. It’s not a dream in a dream. I woke up. Outside the night window. Where I am? Who am I? Run to the window where it is me? Fuhu! Purser! I’m in India. Still here. What was it with me?

It was a dream, not? My body was here, and all the events took place in my head? It means there was no electro-magnetic impulse, there was no space or was?

What I survived?

Outside the window was still night. Cropped, well acquaintances, cicadas. Lizard crawled down the ceiling, and where else to crawl. I’m just in India. Exactly on earth. Exactly in the place where he fell asleep tonight. In the same reality, but I’m already different.

I woke up others. While I slept a dream was my jaw, which means I was on the space. Well, it was and was that I myself will argue with me?! Okay, you need to sleep a little, tomorrow I am going to gather early.

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