Time to live and travel time. Chapter 6

I did not know what I do next after Canyakumari and where to move. There were thoughts to fly immediately in Delhi to pay more time to Northern India and various places of pilgrimage, right up to the foothills of Himalayas.

But I felt a notophage to such a throw and, I needed a little more time to translate the spirit and restore the forces. I wanted to spend some time in full relax, perhaps somewhere on the Goa coast, but at the advice of a friend I went to Varkal, which is almost 50 km from Trivandrum and did not regret. Especially in Goa I did not want at all.

Exactly at 9 am, I was already sitting on a bus from Canyakumari, which will only take me to the trivandrum, I surf the information from there to get to Varkala, because there was no direct route.

The nearest option turned out that out of the trivandrum I am going to the city of Gurukulam, where it will be necessary to make a transplant and move another 5 km west to the coast. So I did, however, I hardly managed to find the right bus to Gurukulam, because in the local language this name sounds like a complete abrakadabra and I calmed down only when the conductor handed me where I was able to read the name and find it in my maps.

In general, thanks to the conductor of this bus, I was able to feel satisfied for the first time in that day. His serious and wise face inspired confidence.

In the course of the trip, I watched his work as the edge of his work and I really liked how he was holding, as he helps people, signals the driver about a different kind of nuances on the road.

In the buses in India there is a special cord stretched out of one end of the cabin to another under the ceiling. For such a cord, the conductor pulls when you need to tell the driver that you should stop or on the contrary to move forward, and the bell pinned over the driver tells him through the beep. Cool system! Works without failures.

When such a huge number of people enjoys public transport, then people like this conductor are very necessary, without them, transport would have got up and mired in human conflicts that no one would be able to solve. And that «solicova» The conductor becomes. His shoulders lie great responsibility for the effective movement of passengers on their way.

The conductor in India is needed, as you now understand, not only in order to collect money for travel, and also so that we, ordinary passengers, could calmly go, look out the window, read news in the phone, and when you need we would calmly went out at our station.

Very soon I am reached by Gurukulam and catching Tuk-Tuk to Varkala. 5 more km in the way and I will be on the sea coast.

Varkala is considered an important tourist center for a beach holiday in India, which is in Kerala. For this there is all the necessary infrastructure.

The view of the beach and the coast immediately struck me and here it is worth noting the feature of the geological structure of the coast of Varkala, the so-called cliff. These are rocks that are beautifully framing the beach, towering over it for several kilometers, where the descent to water is laid right through the rock. Several tens of meters up and down will have to do on a fairly steep staircase. But there is also an ordinary descent in those places where the rocks do not drank ashore and does not arise a height difference.

I settled in a small guesthouse, not far from the beach. It turned out that it is in a palm grove and is a white three-story building, where the upper floor is specifically reserved for yoga and meditation.

My number did not mean the presence of an air conditioner and therefore I was saved only by the fan, but the room itself, like the building as a whole, was designed so that through special holes in the walls to remove air by natural circulation. From the point of view of the engineering solution, it was a great idea, but the builders did not take into account the fact that in the tropical regions, in addition to air to the room through these holes in the walls, insects and other livelihoods that pass through.

At night in my room there were so many insects and reptiles that I felt as if I am in the wild jungle, and not indoors. It was something with something.

Each night turned into a fight against these flying and crawling creatures. They were really lying to leave her mark on me, going to eat with my warm blood. Non-mosquito nets did not save, and I did not have other means, so I smeared open areas of skin with a tanning cream and only after that I managed to fall asleep.

Initially, I planned to stay in Varkal for 3 days, and after the first night I wanted to escape from there immediately, but then I entered the rhythm, it was a terribly and hot at night and that I also became a dinner for All insects.

Day after day I lived there for a whole week, which to my surprise was one of the best periods in all the journey.

It was a very serene time. A real gift to me in the form of an oasis in the middle of the desert. It was the right place to start seeing, starting to see, start hearing and start giving.

So I better knew India, it was better to see not only the external manifestations of reality, which can often be repulsive, but also began to waggle things, I enjoyed every minute spent in this delightful country.

But back to Varkal.

It happened that I began to friends with the owner of the gesto, his name was Nijad, and he nicknamed me the best guest among all our guests who lived with him earlier. It was funny. Probably he said so every guest.

Once I went to him with a question if he did not read something in English and he showed me a big library, which was allocated by several racks in his office. Huge selection. There were books from different countries that he left his guests because of the urgency, there was a lot of guidebooks in India. There were also several books in our.

That evening we talked with Nijad.

Talked about my journey, talked about Varkal. It turned out that he is a fan of the English club Manchester United football and even consists in a fan club, leads several groups in Facebook, a big fan of Zlatan Ibrahimovich. Generally, he turned out to be an employee. He is still a lover to lose weight. Positive Man and Football Man!

I did not think that he loves football so much and I even introduced for a second that he would definitely do something like that the football match for the English League Cup. So after all happened! You will not believe!

A couple of days before the mast, my neighbors on the floor became an elderly couple (attention!) From Manchester. They turned out to be passionate fans of the MJ and, yes, we all spoke a lot about football. You can imagine?!

In the evening, when I returned from the sea, it was before the start of the football match MU against Southampton, Nijad, together with my neighbors, were located on the balcony to watch it on TV. Football, definitely brings closer!

Neighbors screamed that I could not focus on my affairs and involuntarily listened to their comments by the campaign of the match: «That’s about to run, look! This is Ibra! Now will be the goal! Nooe! By…».

After 10 minutes I jumped on the chair. Behind the wall I heard it: «Gooooooooooool. Ibrahimovic. ».

I went out into the corridor to the neighbors and celebrated with them. Later the same evening Ibrahimovich will score another goal and Manchester United will win. There was no limit to joy — Neighbors shouted for a long time asleep and Nijad cried together with them.

In the morning, when I went to an early walk, the neighbors still slept and I could not discuss yesterday’s match with them, but Nijad met me down with the words: «We are champions. Ibra Great!».

Returning to Varkal, I can say with full confidence that the time spent there really helped me here later.

The atmosphere in Varkal is similar to the resorts of Goa, very friendly, everyone, as they say in Slang, live on a relax. In the morning yoga on the beach, in the evening at sunset concert drummers and Faires.

I somehow tried to diversify this one, habitual for regulars of the beaches of India, mode.

Every morning I went for breakfast to the Tibetan restaurant and ordered a Tibetan breakfast consisting of 6 dishes. It was enough until the evening. Then I went to study the surroundings and shoot a video for my blog.

During one of such walks, a little distance from the beach of Papanas, I watched the sea from the cliffs and a man came up with a man with European appearance and said that I would not fit to the very edge, because he could collapse.

We talked to him, he turned out to be a Swiss broker, one of those who twist the transactions for hundreds of millions of dollars. We talked about financial markets, spoke about Russia, talked about how each of us was here in India. I was struck by my act to quit a job and come here for the last savings in search of myself, and I was struck by the fact that he turned out to be a simple person, despite his capital and that he was spinning in the top society of financiers worldwide between Singapore and New York.

I was looking for myself, and he was looking for a place for his family where you can live the next six months.

I visited the prayer ceremony in the same morning at the Temple of Swami Janardhan, who, by the way, 2 thousand years. The temple is dedicated to God Vishnu.

I merged with local pilgrims during Puja and sowed mantras under the sounds of prayer drums and singing bowls. We have committed circles, bypassing the altar clockwise, and then went inside to leave an offer and get the blessing of the chief priest of the temple.

After Puja, it was possible to eat free rice and cakes, but I did not, instead, I walked once again around the altar and went down to the lake, which is located near the temple, continuing to study the surroundings.

Near the temple was a school and, just at that time, the children ended the classes, they went home after morning classes. Someone met parents, and many just gurboy ran around around. All this looked very cute.

In general, Varkala seemed to me a very harmonious place with its temporary cycles, where everything is subject to absolute order, you only need to see it.

I also searched for this order in my life and every noticed trifle around, brought me to the true «I AM». I wanted to find harmony where my «I AM» existed in space and time without loss of quality and integrity.

I needed to go through the stage of awareness of my own strength to always feel this support and inner rod.

It was necessary to turn inside himself and see what already exists with me, but for various reasons ignored in life path.

The reasons for the fact that we do not feel their strength can be a lot: from banal complexes purchased as early as childhood to disappointments in adulthood, when we get very different results than planned. This can also include suppressing your inner «I AM». We can’t start living our own life, we are afraid, because we did not teach us that it was possible, and in return sent a stereotypical picture of the world.

Over the years, such things begin to manifest itself and the person falls into depression, which we call the crisis of averages in everyday life, but now, as can be seen from the above, the reasons for this crisis have arisen much earlier and the longer we suppress them in the present, the longer we pull off his offensive and it may happen so that he will come completely at an inappropriate moment.

So often happen. Therefore, it is important to be ready for such a turn and from time to time to analyze your past life. Look at all old sores, such as a complex of inferiority to see and others who also take on your energy, if there are such, then you should immediately figure out, no matter how terrible it does not seem.

Start advise from the body and working with chakras, then you can continue with immersion inside yourself through meditation.

Time to live and travel time. Chapter 6

In my case, at the time, as I had time to look at my life, analyze it, I already understood with what I will have to encounter in this inner work.

Once I came across the book Osho: " Healing soul», where he tells and gives examples of 100 meditative techniques for all occasions. I would like to stop on one technique that I first tried in Varkal, it is called «Wake up a tiger»:

«Life — Such an infinite phenomenon; It is impossible to manage it. If you really want to manage it, you will have to minimize it; Then you can manage. Otherwise, the life of Dick. She is also wild as the clouds as the rain as the wind as the trees as the sky.»

The meaning of the said such is for a strictly painted life, you can completely wrestle your hidden forces of nature. They help a person in difficult areas of life path. And when we get so accustomed to live in a well-honed mechanism of being and constantly repetitive actions, at the time of failure, you can hardly hit your head about reality.

At these moments you need to be a tiger.

One nuance, it is important to understand what is meant to be not literally becoming an evil predator and go on heads for the next victim, but to become someone strong, imbibeable, ready to help both yourself and needy. Are not afraid to go to meet problems. In other words, to become a peaceful warrior.

Starting this meditation, I clearly saw in myself a lot of fear and the lack of faith in myself. Any movement for a well-known framework caused a lot of anxiety, stiffness and immersion in their complexes. I seemed to be in a stupor and refused to take a reality, let her not be completely happy, but the need to accept her should take place. Do not surrender and abandon actions and solving the problem, but on the contrary, with the adoption of the existence of such problems, an exit plan comes from a complex.

Always need to prepare yourself for any turns. Not just to build plans, but to develop the right reaction to any intention and you can help you advise the ancient Latin expression «Praemonitus, Praemunitus.»!

It means that one who warned has the opportunity to be ready for trouble, difficulties.

Live but BDI! So you can characterize my life in India, which I wish you!

My time in Varkal approached the end and needed to move on, you need to say goodbye to the ocean. Unknown when I see it now.

Here in Varkal I spent 7 calm days.

I just rested, bought and generally tried to realize that I spend the last days of winter where the sun and +30 norm. In Moscow February — This is still the winter, with her blizzards and frosts.

On the last day in Varkal, my friend Nijad gave me a book «Mystery story Billy Milligan» author Daniel Kiza, which he specifically searched for me throughout the city. For that thank you so much!

— Nijad! You are just a true friend! Thank you for such a wonderful gift.

— Roman, of course! On Health! I am very pleased with such guests like you.

— You truth surprised me with a book. Remember a couple of days ago I went to your library and was looking for what to read? So, leaving, I just thought about the book on the road, and here you run with the words «Roman, stand! I have something for you, wait for me before you want».

— I felt it, especially too I love to read. I hope you like the book.

— Still, of course, will like it! thanks!

— Thank you for you, you were a wonderful guest in my modest housing. Where now lies your way in my country?

— Already tomorrow morning I leave in New Delhi, from there, probably visiting the golden triangle and then north to the mountains.

— This is great! I wish you a wonderful trip! I will follow your memories in Facebook.

— thanks! Yes, in touch. And what are you planning to do in the near future? Can also move somewhere?

— Perhaps. We will soon come a no-season when little tourists and rooms are empty. But it is so, the thing is the usual. In general, I would like to go to Canyakumari, meet dawn, washed in the ocean.

— well! I hope everything will go. Happily, Nijad! See you! Thanks again for the book.

While I left towards the station, Nijad stood and looked after me, and then slowly went to my office. He is not before the journey, and I have to move on. I remember Varkala as follows as follows, I look back and rushing my thoughts forward. I was waiting for a big trip. It was only the beginning!

Time to live and travel time. Chapter 6

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