Time to live and travel time. Chapter 4

While I settled, I thought only about how far I managed to get climbing and felt the chute, which is literally on the edge of the world. Behind his back still like there is earth, but in front of the eyes the immense ocean and it seemed that I was on another planet in the authorities of the marine element.

By the way, I stopped in the new recently opened, the hotel, he was filled in less than half, almost there were almost no guests, and 5 days spent there will cost me just 2 thousand rubles.

In the room I was struck by the size of the bath — She was huge, with stunning water pressure, and the view from the 5th floor was simply gorgeous — I could contemplate the sunrise, the ocean and two small island, which next to Cape Comorin, about which I will tell a little later.

It is said that India begins here, in the fusion site of the three seas and it is believed who will meet here the dawn, it is waiting for happiness and luck. Be sure to!

Kanyakumari — This is a small fishing town, however, the place is very popular with tourists and pilgrims, because the city is named the name of the goddess, and in her honor ancient temple was erected, whose age exceeds 3 thousand years.

Every morning, before dawn, the crowds of pilgrims are already going to the first service. They specially come from all of India to worship the goddess and bring her modest gifts.

The temple really looks very old — His walls inside jumped from smoke incense and fire. The ceilings were a half-one-two-year height, and the design is very ascetic, but it feels that the temple was originally laid on the century and had the energy of thousands of thousands of people.

Pre-torn to the belt, I also went inside, the first thing was bowing the goddess and prayed for my journey and she, as if, answered me and for the time spent in Canyakumari, helped me overcome several internal problems. 5 days later I was leaving from there already full energy and inspiration.

But let’s not get ahead.

After settling, I immediately lay down to bed, because it was incredibly exhausted from the road. I only managed to estimate the action plan for tomorrow: Early in the morning in the temple of the goddess, from there to the ocean to take a bath and finally the Memorial Vivekananda.

It so happened that on this trip I went along with the laptop and loaded there a whole transmission cycle «The world inside out», dedicated to India and leaving trivandruum, I watched a series about Canyacumari and South India, so I knew that you need to wake up early and go to the beach.

In the morning I rushed to the dawn to the temple, passing only the waking market, I was already at the entrance. Place, of course, strong. I came across such colorful pilgrims, sadhu and tourists, that once again spoke about the significance of this place.

But leaving the temple behind, I began to look for a way to the ocean. I waited for this moment for a very long time to be here this morning at dawn, in the rays of the distant sun, to throw hands to the sky and welcome him.

And here I see the ocean first and feel how he welcomes me, caresses me with a light breeze and salty taste. The noise of waves fascinated me, and I silently stared at the horizon for a few minutes until the local sellers of all souvenirs were distracted by the contemplation of infinity expressed by the ocean. Now the sun seemed from the horizon, the rays, it ran through the waves. The whole embankment was revived, she was shrouded in the warm sun, the warmth of all those present here.

So began my smooth immersion in India. I anticipated this moment for a very long time and he turned out to be exactly what I imagined him and imagined. Feeling of flight, infinity of being and complete freedom. But everything could be different if my journey began not here.

Once in the south of India, where life flows in a calm key, I, like a soaring bird in the clouds, poured into the local life and this infusion went smoothly and smooth. Interesting was also the fact that I randomly built my own route through the south. Lucky!

Most often it happens that being absolutely notophene to the immersion, the guest of India turns out to be immediately in her thick, like Delhi or Mumbai, or Varanasi. In such travelers, the tower breaks at once, so that they do not even have time to delay in the lungs of the saving dose of oxygen in finally and plunge into this Chan from chaos, noise, fuss and dirt. I call it aggressive immersion and absolutely I do not recommend such those who are going to India for the first time. You, thereby deprive yourself the chance to love this country, it is clear that it may not be scared you, but it is still possible to give yourself a chance for acclimatization before you go to the most deburies overcooled Indian megacities.

In the south of India, it turned out much calmer, so my infusion in local rhythm took place gradually, I did not suffer and did not suffer, I as a novice driver adhered to the right side of the road and drove very slowly, then, when I learned the rules of movement, I began to add speed, He began to increase speed and eventually achieved a total speed of speed flow from people, cows and other elements. So I was easy to take seen around.

In my choice of the route was not originally no logic, it was extremely intuitive after I was closely looking at the map of India for a few minutes. It seemed interesting to me first remove from the house as far as possible and as I move forward, I would approach him again. I have seen some kind of motivation for conscious search — first go to the caves, then move to a spreader tree on the banks of the river, and then come back, but already another mentally.

India remotely taught me and gave advice as needed to do. And even more — every moment she opened my eyes, sent situations that helped me understand the essence. I believe that I was very lucky on her favor throughout the time of my trip. I was pleased with such a way to her face. Just like a child.

Here and here on the shore in Canyakumari pilgrims and tourists were also like children, they bathed and having fun from the soul, splashed and laughed at all the vicinity in this morning hour. I hurried to join them. I took a cleaning bath in the salted waters of the ocean and went on with my dear along the embankment.

I came across sellers of souvenirs, shops with wondrous fruits and other things all. All sellers of these shops smiled at me. I understood that they are the people of the Sun, they were the sun in this place. They were happy.

During the time I spent here, I saw only happy people, their joy and warmly filled all the embankment. I, like they, ate fresh fruits, fried and hot nuts, corn. We bathed, and then just quietly sat on the shore and dried our clothes.

I saw there all over and it was a real India, I felt like her soul envelops me and invites you to continue my journey, enjoy them.

Namaste, India! — I scream in the ocean, I scream with palm trees, I scream me and cows around.

Namaskar, Roman! — They answer me in unison hundreds of votes.

In the same afternoon, in the evening, almost before the closure of the boat station, when all the turns slept, I went to the ferry to melt into two neighboring islands, and in fact it’s just two rocks sticking out of the water where there is so-called Wovecananda Memorial. This is the place where he meditated and achieved enlightenment in December 1892, and later built a temple on the next island — Statue in honor of the famous Tamil poet Tiruvluvara.

Swami Vivekananda — Famous Indian philosopher and spiritual teacher. During their wanders in India, he got to Canyakumari, where for three days meditated on the rock, near the coast. Meditated about the future, about the past and about this India. He wanted freedom for everyone and taught that «Jiva is Shiva» — Each person is already a divine in itself.

On that rock there is a small cave, which is located in the main temple, but on the back of the entrance. In this cave in complete darkness and silence can be danced or just sit down, reflect.

Time to live and travel time. Chapter 4

Probably, during the meditation, I started feeling that my journey would be successfully and I will be safe. Internally I understood this, but to finally drive my ship, I was still able to fight her.

During the day later I decided to walk on the fishing village and look at the local life. Morning fishermen begins before dawn. They must go into the sea, catch fresh fish and go back to have time to sell it at the most favorable price, because, as we know, there are no fish fishes.

I found myself in the village when the sale was already almost finished, the remains of the fish were separated to pick up home and rape her walking around the country of animals.

This day, the fisherman has not yet ends, now time to unravel the kilometer networks for catching to the next morning to reach the sea either the light or dawn.

I watched the routine process and it seemed to me that there is some kind of power in this, it was like some special ritual, as a search for a labyrinth exit — At first glance, these networks were hopelessly confused, like moves in a labyrinth, but the sensitive hands of fishermen know their work, find the right knot, for him one more, and a smile on their faces says that today they are satisfied with their lives, and maybe always. They find a way out of their labyrinth, and in the morning of the network, as in magic, turn out again with rapid.

And which boats in fishermen! They painted with all the colors of the rainbow and simply affect the eyes with complex and hypnotizing patterns.

Remember that in Asia and South America, people often decorate their cars with paints, ribbons and other, especially buses and trucks?! So, the same tradition is both Fishermen Canyacumari. Just eye rejoices!

Meanwhile, I got deep into the village, where the kids are splashing in iron pelvis with sea water, the cows and cutlery are absorbed nearby. In the neighboring yard, people are preparing food, and from the kitchen pussy smoke. Everything went to her.

The fishing village itself was very clean, and all at home were painted with bright paint and I imagined that I am in the city of Murano, that in Italy, where all the houses have a multi-colored color — It was very similar.

The streets of the village looped up, then down, so I’d got lost a couple of times. I went in a dead end. And a couple of times I had to go through the gardens to go to the street I needed.

Immediately behind the village is the main Catholic Cathedral of the city — The Cathedral of Our Lady, he rises above the houses and illuminates them with its white color, which looks particularly strikingly with bright daylight. In short, blinds. Before you go to it, you also need to remove shoes as in any other temple of India.

The Cathedral of Our Lady was built in 1914 in a neo-neo-style, and recently repainted.

He managed to tell a lot for his age history. The most tragic event that the cat was survived, was the Tsunami 2004. The cathedral itself was not injured, but the fishing village was destroyed and rebuilt again.

Inside the cathedral turned out to be very fresh and quiet, his white walls inspired some kind of peace, and the cool air led to a feeling after a midday heat.

I settled in the far corner to the left and sat on a wooden chair. A few minutes spent in prayer about his journey and his loved ones, asked for a blessing, about protection. I found my temporary refuge here. Inside the cathedral was calm, but my thoughts made me feel a constant alarm. I prayed for healing. And it came.

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