Time to live and travel time. Chapter 16, 17, Epilogue

I went to India when in Moscow there was still a busy winter. It was in early February 2017. I collected two backpack with a common weight of 13 kilograms, dressed warmer and left the house.

The backpack was a standard set, including a sleeping bag, a blanket, a sheet, a bunch of photos and video techniques, a laptop, a couple of sets of clothing and hygiene.

I was packed for the same Balus and barely moved in clumsy winter clothes. I decided that at every opportunity I will slowly get rid of these things, personifying them with unnecessary spiritual anchors that pull me down, pressing to the ground.

I left the jacket at the airport of Qatar during the transplantation between flights, the warm Hoody threw back in Trivandrum, the sleeping bag left in Jaipur and so on. I needed to free the place for something new in my life. I no longer need.

I have already returned with one backpack, which weighed 5 kilograms, where 3 of them had to my laptop, another kilogram on the camera and a kilogram of souvenirs. There was no clothes, nothing of what I took with myself, leaving Moscow. I completely freed from my cargo by making a full circle. I turned my wheel.

At some point, I realized that the format of travel notes was not enough for me. On a series of posts for blog, my stories are also not drawn, because the material has become quite a lot and it was a little different type than just useful information «How to get from point A to point b». Therefore, the decision to start writing the book for me was natural.

This is an opportunity for me to tell me a lot about the world and about yourself, in particular, in such a language where all thoughts are imprinted on paper. This is how to release a music album: it must first be composed, arrange, then write down in the studio in a certain order, then a long and painful process information, then the process of release and expectation in the hope that he will find his listener.

Yes, books before going to print the same winding and long way. The book is born, grows, then starts an independent life.

In words, everything is clear, but how things are in ordinary life?

As often happens, we do not plan and even first do not admit thoughts, and then something happens by itself.

So I did not plan to write a book about my journey, but it happened that during these couple of months I managed to see as much as I managed to survive. Lived like another life that won in the video game. That rare extra life that is attached by a bonus for past achievements and then not always.

I believed that it would be a story only about me and about me, but it turns out otherwise I’m even glad, and there I found a place for everything and now I will not wait for this book with you.

I am in a joke, I relate to an unusual genre, such as esoterically — psychological prose with elements of the guidebook, and even thriller places.

I returned with a painted and ready for action and this book is partly the result of these actions.

Today I will bring the hell in my narration. What awaits me further unknown, but I know one thing that everything was not in vain, because my journey continues while I live in this world.

And now, when I fulfilled my mission, it turned out that my body and brain are not ready to switch and start living according to the new rules. Without a road without travel.

In the usual world, everything became routine. If earlier it was necessary to pass the year so that the reality would turn into a repetitively loan process, then, by reckoning from India, I immediately arose in the middle of the routine, and created once.

Now I look at it as a new challenge.

This challenge said: Develop the ability to quickly switch between different life stages and everywhere to be maximally at the peak.

I think that only abandoning the past life, I was able to see myself in a new light. Through immersion in other reality, a well-minded look at things.

We are here to pass your way. And it seems to me that in the end the path itself is more important than achieving the goal. Achievement — it’s like a side result of success. Would not be the path without a goal. Rather, the path would be, but it would be just a slalom unmanaged descent down.

I look around for the lives of other people in other countries, many live with a heart. So honest in relation to yourself. I choose the same way.

In the depths of the soul, I feel something that does not give me to lower my hands, no matter what.

Changing your life, you always need to completely let go of the past. Past habits, past ideas. They will not work in a new life.

Travel, on my modest look, — This is the best tool that can help in this. Purchase new quality souls, new forces, find new horizons.

I make a new cut-off on my timeline and moving on. I AM — Mountain fog riding the city, I — tool light in the hands of the universe.

But my current trip comes to an end, which causes me a storm of emotions. One side — joy from returning from the fact that the future is closer than ever. On the other side — I am upset that I’m leaving, I have already merged with this world, which 2 months ago was hidden from me a misty of doubts and fears.

I read somewhere that many long-term travel ends like this so badly. The hero puts the point and quietly returns home, where he will meet their relatives, will hug and rejoice that everything is in order with him.

And in the soul of the hero will burn fire, yes so much that he will not stand and burst out. So many kilometers behind his back, so many roads. So much strength is spent, so much experience.

His soul, perhaps in the wounds, maybe it will steer high — no matter! She only wants to break out and tell everyone around: «Here I am, where I was, that only did not happen to me and here I am here. Houses. Returned».

And the hero is silent, keeps her inside and soothes: «Nothing, nothing, native, we saw the skies, we parley so high. We approached the Great and were able to imagine the Divine Light, which was insured our path all these days. We are grateful to him for everything he gave us».

And at this moment harmony agrees. They are no longer looking for recognition, they do not expect fame. They are at home.

I ask myself as I managed to do this, because I did not imagine that these two months will be able to open so much?!

Chapter 18. Goodbye my india

More than a year has passed as I left India, but all this time I constantly pondered about her. No, I do not miss, I just write a book. I skip through yourself events again and again.

From this year I spent about 8 months on travels, I saw different countries and worried a new experience, but with me there were also flashbacks that helped to understand better what I worried in India a year ago.

The meaning of some of those events opens more fully only now, as a good wine, which, after decades, acquires its exquisite fragrance.

First, the events seemed insignificant, now after a deep analysis of the consequences become weighty, gain their weight. Begin to shine new paints. And some seemed to completely forgotten events, pop up in my memory again.

I slept and I saw that I was still traveling there that the events continue to occur. In the morning I woke up and recorded them in a notebook. Mine, inflamed book writing a book, consciousness issued different passages of memories. It was wave-like.

There were months I could not write and lines, because I could not remember anything, but I had remembered so much that the material turned into another book. Had to adhere to the principle of a good copywriter «Write and shortfall».

I thought about myself that it was time to release India from my head into a free space, as it was time to finish the book. At some point in time I caught myself thinking: «I finish the book, and then what? How to live after that?».

But actually, than I am closer to the finals of the book, the more interesting. I’m waiting for this moment with impatience and try to promote the early end of the writing process. I loved this thing again when I wrote my first book about Israel in the format of travel notes.

Maybe I will continue to write in the future. After all, so much has time to happen from the moment of returning from India that the material is still enough for 2 books. Time flies, turns into words, words in pages, pages in books, and books in life guide.

Everything was twisted in the spring, long and stubbornly, but it’s time for the spring to fulfill its destination. Give the momentum to the new and beautiful, which only can exist in reality or in imagination, it is no longer important. The second half of life begins.

And only strings A. Vasilyeva (G. Splin) remind of how Mimolen MiG, which is life, and the meaning has only the present:

Everything was divided around

On someone else and our,

Throwing at different bowls

I spill, because I’m tired of walking in a circle and therefore I perfectly give myself a report that the writing process was delayed. I even once the pixels: «Maybe it’s time for you to permanently in India, and then a year later you think everything about her?!». No, it’s not time and in general it is completely inappropriate.

Although, who can judge this and not only if my process is writing a book, no one is observing me. So far, I am a member, and observer, and critic, and a reviewer. Well, okay, I myself hatch your own discourse. I want to say to yourself: «Look! Come out again to the world, enough to dig inside yourself and your head. I wait for you here!».

«But… Give me a second», — I will answer myself.

You know, everything described in the book is still relevant to me. After even 2 years after return, I adhere to those most expensive on the road, truth. I believe that I’m on the right track. Excluding coincidences and signs, my way now closer to me than ever. No wonder they say «You will find your way, just when you stop looking». Everything is not accidental.

As Osho said: " For me a modern man — This is a rebel, looking for its true nature, its real face. This is the one who is ready to lose all masks, all pretenders, hypocrisy and show the world who he actually is. It does not matter, love it or curse, respect, appreciate or disgrace, lead to a throne or crucifixion on the cross. To be youreself — The greatest blessing in life. Even if such a person is crucified on the cross, he will feel great satisfaction from what has fulfilled his task. This is a man sincere, frank, who knew love and compassion, — a man who realized that people are blind and unknowing that they dormant that they are in spiritual sleep».

Rules of the game they are the same for everyone, but is it? Who knows. I just want to move, according to my way, and how it will end it is no longer important. I will not cry about myself, I will be glad to any end, but I don’t want to say for sure. In this life, there is definitely no, I’m not ready to skip the move. I put a lot on the con, maybe even all. It’s very difficult to go our own way, because nothing wounds as a realization that the pain in this case is perceived by you even stronger, because it goes right through you. Such is the idea of ​​the universe.

But it is worth it — Go through your own way. You know — he is yours and you always follow it always. Life is so short and you need to have time to find this way, you need to have time to pass it entirely or at least some part.

If you imagine that once a person was a whole diamond, which splits for hundreds and thousands of small parts and the task is that it is necessary to collect them all together.

Here you took these parts, or rather only those that you have in stock right now, folded them together and turned out some picture, about how the puzzle. From now on you see his missing parts, aware of a certain similarity of the full picture, somewhere more clearly, somewhere still foggy, but that’s nothing. And now your «the game» In search of lost particles of your entity: run-looking, you find, then you repeat. At some moments just wait, on the way and it happens when nothing happens.

Nothing from the Word «at all». This does not mean that you need to make any actions, just no, you need to measure, merge with silence and void.

As the thinker and spiritual teacher said Padadzhi: «This process of thinking, this burden, this is the desire we always carry with you. I show you how to discard this unwanted burden. When you ask a question „Who thinks?“, You arrest the process of thinking and returning back to your true nature, its original nature, its spontaneous nature, a clean source that is empty. This is your own nature, and this is what you always have. Mind does not penetrate here. Time does not penetrate. Death does not penetrate. Fear does not penetrate».

If inside you really decided to follow your way, then such an inaction will not make you ignorant and Tuneev.

Similarly, you can assume — Permanent running and bustle will not make you conscious. Many of the present thoughts are not ordinary, arise from the inner light when you are in a state of calm, all the real actions go out of the soul. Therefore, it is important to listen to her to hear. She opens in peace. And also say that everything important is not urgently, but all urgent — There is a bustle. There is time to work, and there is time to rest. What is the point of waste time, if you do not even have time to feel life?!

Once I get on the selected way, you are now with him in one boat. The path will help you yourself, and when he silent for a while, then you are listening carefully, look for a place for step towards him.

Will one life enough to collect all puzzles? Unknown. But you need to at least understand what is life and how much you have them. Not enough one take the second or do not take, there it will be. But «The second life begins when you understand that life is one» (T. Hiddleston).

All right. Only one way replaces the other, but with a completely different meaning. During the search for truth, the path of the heart comes or the destination path. Find what you follow, what will make you and the world around better. That’s the whole truth about finding the way.

To the world you need to look like a certain field where endless energy is concentrated, its source is inexhaustible. Energy is not limited to anything, only we are limited — people. We are limited to time allotted in this life.

If you imagine a moment, think that if life can be another?! What can you live otherwise. Not even to live, but at least feel your life otherwise. Not so than how now.

True, however, such questions are worth it only if you feel discomfort from current life.

Life, one way or another may be different. Speak, change the focus or angle of view to life and voila — Everything immediately begins to see in other colors. More often much more brighter than we are accustomed. It can be more meaning only from the fact that we have changed their attitude to her.

Time to live and travel time. Chapter 16, 17, Epilogue

You removed and saw the bars, you raised our heads to the sky and saw deep-sided space. Perhaps some of this process is performed intuitively when you choose what you need to do. You feel the infinity that surrounds you and from this your life acquires a special meaning, since in infinity there was a place and you.

This is a very subtle observation. Take him time and you are aware of it in such a way that you will find your physical place in this void. Imagine for a second that you have, there is a sky and space, there is a wind and air. What do you feel? You got out of the house and found themselves in the forest or near the river. What do you notice there? Is there a place there? Or excess thoughts? They have no place here. It really happens like this, it is only to remove and you find how much noise and background around you. Everything becomes clear and understandable. Even — simply. But it makes no sense more.

You will feel this and the line between the usual experiences and the experiences of clarity immediately becomes visible. Next time you already make a choice in favor of clarity than you want to plunge into normal. In the state of clarity everything is felt more subtle.

Purchasing this state, you can move it by geographic locations and even in temporary. If I, for example, I found something in India inside myself, then on my return home I calmly take it with myself first on the plane, then in the subway, and then I have it at home and everywhere where I would not go again.

In the eyes there is a special light, such a bright that is visible. Someone he scares, because he is able to turn darkness into the world, and someone enthusiasm such a fire in your eyes and you can share them with your neighbors.

«Awakening from sleep, we get brachm again, remember our divinity. And when Brahma is inside us says: „I woke up! But where the other particles of me?“, We will comprehend the trick of Maya and share the truth with other people who are also destined to wake up. Start with yourself, then others will start changing — and so until they sober up all the twisted, all gathered» (Don Miguel Ruis «Mastery of love»).

We can all become better. In the name of itself, in the name of loved ones, in the name of all living things, in the name of the world. It is worth only to take the first step.

Instead of epiloga

What remains after traveling? An experience.

Traveling help us to open not only new lands, cities and countries, but also help to understand the world around us better; receive a unique experience that affects our subsequent life.

Traveling in India, I was a guide of truth for myself, I wanted to know and open. I asked a question to the outside world and waited for an answer, which came either through some kind of situation, or through thought, also from outside. I watched, listened, so I saw and heard.

Previous few tens of pages I shared with you because I understood from this journey myself and this is only a small part of great experience that opened to me in India and my book is written about it.

Experience, of course, subjective, but if he will be useful to some of you, then I will be glad.

Instead of epiloga and farewell words, I would like to share with you a few simple things that I opened, understood and accepted for myself during the trip and, which helps me live today. I call them «Conductors of truth», who often come to me to revenue when I start to forget about the main thing — About your way:

  1. Something great gives us the opportunity to feel much from what is outside our everyday thoughts. For example, we are angry with a neighbor in a bus that constantly rushes, itching, chews something without stopping. But a butterfly appears in the window and now there is nothing more important at this moment, except the butterfly itself. Live moments beautiful! The rest will not give you anything other than the ordination.

2. It is necessary to be in motion while you are in the way to mind can come out of foreign thoughts. And it’s not about running or bustle.

3. Sometimes the situation requires you to show all the power of your intention. It (power) is directed to the process of achieving the goal. And such situations can be a lot on the way. Now knowing it, you can act, despite the fear.

4. First seem you know what to do. This is impetus. Then this knowledge can disappear also imperceptibly as it came. And now you no longer know. But the search and movement must be continued anyway. And then knowledge will appear again. But knowledge without action does not work. We must always act!

5. A place in which a person is at the present moment of his life, no way affects his fortune of happiness. Happy you can be out of context. Out of time and place.

6. If you know something, and your mind puts all the time on your way barriers, then you should convince yourself that you can overcome it. So it will be!

7. Very easy to return from the journey to get into the trap of ordinary. Because the pressure force of the outside world at this moment increases, and since you managed to reset all the thick skin, you become a tailed piece for him.

eight. Happiness comes when you implement your potential. At the moment when you find your job let go. You are internally relaxing, the voltage consisted over the years.

nine. Case in energy, and not in the body. We are spirit.

ten. Let every new mig in your life be a surprise. Good or bad does not matter because you trust life.

eleven. How many not tormented events how many do not expect the result — everything will come in due time.

12. When you do not move, you see move around. When you do not think, a lot becomes clear. When you do not listen, you start noticing silence.

13. When you were in a new place, then become myself this place. Miss his spirit. So you will update yourself and learn a lot of interesting things.

fourteen. Going on a long journey remember, you will no longer be the same. The reality is changing in front of you, and you, and who you will become again, is already a question of your choice.

15. Love exists. And always. In me very. In my heart.

16. Protect courage, find love in your heart and share it with the world. So your life will become a treasure.

17. By purchasing a special state of the soul, you can move it on geographic locations and even in temporary. Together with me.

eighteen. To the world you need to look like a certain field where endless energy is concentrated, its source is inexhaustible. Energy is not limited to anything, only we are limited — people. We are limited to time allotted in this life.

19. One day on the selected way, you are now in the same boat with him. The path will help you yourself, and when he silent for a while, then you are listening carefully, look for a place for step towards him.

twenty. This knowledge, which can even feel the number of human brain activity, does not depend on the logical chains that are lined up in one line, it is also not experience from observations or generalizations of the known.

Time to live and travel time. Chapter 16, 17, Epilogue

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