Time to live and travel time. Chapter 15

Chapter 15. Last day in India. Strange continues

March 27 I woke up early, at about 9 am, I did not sleep. I’m still in Rishikesh. My last day began in India, and I need to have time to do a few more cases.

First, check out of the hotel and go along along the ganggie.

Secondly, I need to be in Delhi, no later than 2 hours of the night of the day. This means that I have a whole day in stock, because before Delhi by bus is about 6 hours.

Nevertheless, I have a little nervous before the expensive and I would like to get there as soon as possible and faster.

Strange emotions seized me little. Afraid return, fear of losing yourself again. I have already passed it and knew that it was fraught to waste strength on the last day.

I calmly washed, got dressed, gathered a backpack and already at 10 o’clock in the morning was at the bottom of the rack. The owner had to be awaited, but here the keys are already handed over and I go out on the road, catching a Tuk-Tuk and start my way home. First, on the bus station in Rishikesh, from there the nearest bus to Delhi, and there at the airport in any way.

I will say right away that the last trip on the bus finally drove me into depression and I surrendered to the will of anxiety and fear before the future.

But, while I drove in Tuk-Tuka and talked with the driver, he was very talkative to this morning, since he was visiting his first client for the day. He noticed that I was a little smoke and got a conversation about the city and about where I hold my way. «At the bus station…", — I traveled through my teeth.

How I broke me to leave with a spaced place to the unknown.

After 15 minutes, I spend the last time on the streets of Rishiksha and mentally saying goodbye. Here is the station. I wish the driver of the Tuk-Tuka good day and go out.

This morning at the station is not yet crowded and finding the right bus turned out to be easier than. He stood first on departure from the station, not even had to look. Climbing, inside sits 3 people, and therefore I have breakfast time. I decide to run across the road in the diner to buy a tortilla and water.

In the head, scroll through thoughts, and what if you stay and go even further to the north of India in Shimlu, from there in Dharamsalu, in Manali and Mountains, in the mountains…

I thought about it already and planned to go there, but the house did not let go to stay here longer, but sorry. I could go north, and I could return home.

As a result, I chose to go home because I had houses and plans and my future fate depended on them and I had to donate the continuation of the journey in India.

Returning from the diner with these thoughts, I lost my reality slightly and did not immediately realize that someone tries to speak with me near the bus. It turned out to be some kind of guy, looking like a dashing hippie from the 60s, only without long hair. His name was Gerard.

He asked if I didn’t smoke and I wanted to shoot a cigarette, I grumbled that there was no cigarette and disappeared on the bus. After 10 minutes, he also found himself on the bus and sat down through the passage from me to one row ahead, seeing that I was looking at him, he asked where I was going:

— I return to Delhi, from there home, — Protarall I — And you?

— I, too, in Delhi, and from there by plane in trivandrum, south of India

— Wow! And I was there a month and a half ago! It’s cool there! — I supported the conversation that could be long.

— Yes! I’m going there for a month to gain strength and work on the Ayurveda program. I have half a year in India and of them 3 months here in Rishikesh and slightly tired of constant parties. — Gerard complained of his fate.

— Ayurveda — it is very useful! I’m sure you will be put on your feet. And how did you get here in India and what did these six months? — I asked me.

— O! It was very cool! I went here half a year ago with my mother on vacation for 3—4 weeks, and then decided to stay. She went home, and I’m driving there and here. I have returned to Rishikesh for the third time for these six months, because I did not want to leave, but now I still decided, because I bought a ticket in advance, but after Ayurveda I will come back here and hang for another six months.

In these words, he pulls out of his battered and dirty backpack some package and grins. In the package, packed to the failure, were jambs of marijuana. Such a stock, assuming, would have enough month for two months.

— Bought this morning! — In whisper, said Gerard and stared at me, waiting for my reaction.

— It’s you alone gathered to arrange a party to yourself? — I blurted out.

— Yes! So I think what to do with it now. I often smoke — This is my already 10th jamb in the morning.

— Wow! I do not smoke. — I said and saw his extinct look.

He moved back to himself and removed this package deeper into the backpack. I returned to my thoughts and stared out the window. The bus went, and with him and I became a little closer to the house.

For a while I sat alone and completely dissolved in my thoughts. I did not notice the road outside the window and thought about the next step. Step in a new life for yourself.

At one of the stops, I went out to stretch my legs and I was a little easier for me, the morning tension helped and wanted to spend this last day on a positive note and stop merging energy into empty dooms.

I bought ice cream and a pair of peanut sachets to eat them on the road. While walked around the bus and looked behind people, how new buses arrive, and in them new people. I watched the live river from the people, the incessant stream. And I wanted to become part of this flow. I saw a smoking Gerard and approached him, it turned out that he smokes not just a cigarette, but a jamb. He asked about my plans in Delhi on arrival, I said that I don’t know exactly, but only the fact that for midnight I need to be at the airport.

We agreed with him that in place in Delhi caught a taxi and go further together, so cheaper.

In the meantime, I was waiting for another 3-hour bus raid, I was halfway.

After the parking lot came to me, the Indian boy was hooked and decided to speak:

— You do not mind if I sit with you?

— I’m a little bored on the road, and here I saw you and decided to practice English. — Reported by O.

— Cool! I will also be useful. — I agreed.

— My name is Vijay, and you? What are you doing in india?

— I am a novel and I travel in India, but, to my regret, today it ends and I fly home. — I answered a little sadness.

— Understand. I myself was on vacation in Rishikesh, and now I’m going to Delhi to a workshop on work, then I will lecture. Did you like in India?

— Yes! I am very pleased with how my trip passed. These months and a half were wonderful and I really made friends with India. — Then I listed him the places where I was doing.

— This is great! I see you really loved my country. And where you liked most? — asked Vijay.

— Yes, everywhere! — I say. Rishikesh I remember for a long time. Magical place. Of course, Varanasi and Jaipur. And I can not not mention the southern India, which is different from the North, but I also wandered my soul too.

For a long long time I listed him Highlights of his journey and favorite places, but I did not idealize India at that moment, and I completely ignored. As you know, the first impressions quickly go to no and you no longer notice the whole thing that is crowded around, you start living with the moment and enjoy it, because you can only feel the real depth of life when you are a little removed from all things around and just watch.

I’ve been lucky and everything went almost without consequences, but not the fact that she also will also be another and his impressions will be positive. There should be many factors together, because karma in India works very quickly and the response returns the moment. How are you to her — So she’s for you. Law!

Meanwhile, the movement became more saturated and slow, it meant that we drove to the capital. Delhi met me the last time. Today I am just passing, who will pass the city across, but it will not come out to watch it, because he hurries home.

At the next stop, Vijay moved to himself, and the freed spot took an elderly and very diverse man, who, however, immediately fell asleep on my shoulder. Yes, India began to accompany me and play with me for the last time.

Thoughts flowed with a stream without stopping. I can say, I swallowed the swarm of crazy bees, which once flew out from there and began to buzz, absorbing this noise all the space. Oh, how I was angry at that moment! Angry at himself, on India, at the house finally, that I needed to return there, and I did not want. It seemed to me that I did not fulfill my mission, but only groped the main stages and that I needed another time. I cried to the sky, shouted into my voice, I wished to find out the answer to the question: what awaits me on?!

Another half an hour and we arrive. The people are driving to the exit, and I was looking for Gerard. We were waiting for the way to the airport. For a second it seemed to me that I, as if stuck in some terrible bubble, I tried to get out of it, but I fought my head in an invisible barrier. Someone hurt me back with a bag and I woke up from secondary turbidity and ran out to the street.

On the street I was waiting for Gerard with a jamb in the mouth, which I was not at all surprised. He was familiar to me that I already found the driver and we went to parking a taxi for him.

Our taxi was just a Tuk-Tuk, and not a car with air conditioning inside, but cheaply. Although I dreamed of a cold cabin and a soft chair, I was still all the same, I knew that this is the tricks of India.

We plunged and moved down. I abandoned the cigarette for the tenth and pretended to look around. Gerard was upset that I was so disadvantaged, but then calmed down.

Some time we drove silently, everyone in his thoughts. Here the driver unexpectedly slowed down and began to yell on someone. On the left was the jeep, which was cut and his owner, not even trying to apologize, drove further. Ten minutes, as we passed the cork running from the station, we were bogged down in a new. We needed to restart the main road leading to the airport, but it turned out to be quite difficult to implement. Was Friday, the time of the rush hour and the Polgorod left on the track. We were bogged down specific.

Although we did not hurry, as we had time in excess, but we didn’t want to get stuck for a long time. I started thinking to get to the subway, but since I promised Gerard that we divide the cost of a taxi, I was forced to stay. Just so I did not want to give him money.

After half an hour, we were exactly in the same place, we did not move on a centimeter. The sun baked and became terribly stuffy, I began to scold. So far I stood running into a stall to buy water, and Gerard walked around ice cream. The driver silently sat and smoked.

— Gerard, here’s no hope that we are stuck here, I agree?

— Yes, brother, I myself already exhausted, — I mumbled tiredly and it seemed that it would turn off.

I realized that he was starting to knock him from smoking and decided to cheer him in question about life.

— And what are you so tired? It seems to be well in India, unimportantly, and you are tired and you go health? — I started.

— O! Brother! I went out for this time that I just dream about a massage and about a dream. I dream to sleep a day or even more to not go anywhere.

— So, what did you do this? — I continue.

— Like what?! I broke off! Honestly, I have personal problems, it seems like a girl I left in France. He is very angry with me and does not want to live with me. — I waited for this revelation, Gerard began to recover, his eyes cleared up.

— Sorry, I did not know! What do you think everything is completely bad?

— I think yes, but I really want to return it, you understand that I was not right, it was necessary to take it with me, but I am such a person that I can first do something, but only then think. — He reached back behind the jam.

— I’m sure everything will be done with you, you just do not do it anymore and come back to it. — Impress him Ya.

Here he, as a child, screamed that he has an oil of the GCI from the holy place in Rishikesh. This oil he bought himself on the road, because according to Ayurveda, the oil of the GHCH treats, it is beyond and toned. He pulled him out of the backpack and began to treat me and the driver. The oil was delicious, but after him I really wanted to drink.

Twenty minutes later, we began to slowly move forward, it appeared that we were about to go in full force. Our driver laid a few steep aggravations and we were on the main road. To the question how many more to go to the airport he said that about an hour.

— And how did you come to life such? — asked unexpectedly Gerard.

— Blimey! Complex issue! I am two months in India and my head is only clogged with them. I myself constantly think really like?! But I can’t answer in a nutshell, probably many factors led me to someone I am here and now. I, to some extent, also left the house to try to look at my life from the side, from another reality. And now I’m going back, although I want to stay. At home I’m waiting for a family and I need to go back. But my search still continues.

I once again asked myself this question, but from the mouth of Gerar, he sounded perfectly in another color. It turned out to be a very difficult and painful question, which I did not know a clear and monosylonian answer. I was unhappy because of many things in my life, and over the years this state has become even deeper, so I went to the cardinal measures.

I remembered one essay, which I wrote after a while after returning to Moscow, where I tried to reflect the usual life of an ordinary person, in which an unknown spark is burning, he feels it, but he does not know what to do with it and therefore for many years trying To suppress in yourself, to slightly, but the spark continues to shine and at some point the hero decides to surrender to this spark, he allows her to absorb himself wonderful light. Subsequently, he throws the former ordinary life to learn how to live in a different way, as it always dreamed somewhere in the depths of the soul, but I was afraid to allow it for a lot of years.

I want to make this essay in a separate chapter in the book. It will be shown below, but for now I am still in India on the road to the airport.

Gerard for a while went in reflections. I looked at the clock, I think it’s time to start mentally saying goodbye to India.

You know, we all actually dream of achieving liberation already in this life. Only we do not understand and do not know this. The first step on this path of knowledge of themselves is the ability and, perhaps, even the need to ask questions about the highest sense of life, about the destination.

While I scrolled it in my head, my last day in India has already approached an end: the sun kneaded to the sunset, and we were getting closer and closer to the airport. At that moment I wanted to remember Delhi exactly — The city, which was shattered in the red rays of the pre-ordinary sun, the city that stood here a thousand years ago and stand further.

In Delhi is hidden very big wisdom and can escape the whole life to feel her. We, travelers and guests of the planet Earth, are only a small part of that long, almost endless history.

All that we can look out from the passenger seat window, while we are brought to the point where we will make a new step in the unknown.

Today I shook again at this point to make a new jerk to the future. For two months I expanded in space and time, did my world tangible, first of all, for himself. Expanded literally and physically, preparing himself for the next chapter of my earthly journey.

Today I will become a point again and go beyond the boundaries of my being.

— Gerard, I am very happy to meet you today. You were for me some guide in a new life. You helped me understand some things that the mystery remained for me and I wish the same to you so that you find your way and understood that it is important that you are looking for your soul.

— I’m glad too, Roman. Although I’m a little and sad, but you helped me. I will remember this meeting. Good luck!

Having paid his half over the road, I got out of Tuk-Tuka and went towards the International Terminal. Gerard with the driver left the other side, he was waiting for the terminal of internal airlines. We said goodbye, but did not leave each other contacts, but only the memory of our fleeting and strange meeting.

We all go under one star and such meetings are not accidental. They carry important lessons for us and let them make their meaning incomprehensible to us and hidden, but over time we will learn the whole point.

I slowly beat alone, in no hurry anywhere. I felt my world by church, his presence was obvious. But, if I was able to feel Him I, then other people can also want to feel their real world.

After a conversation with Gerarr, something changed in me. Another one appeared «How I do not want to do», But I tried to understand his thoughts, the motives, the nature of his actions and, the farther I was immersed in the arms of my mind, the more and the only one and the main thing became — all creatures want to be happy.

Time to live and travel time. Chapter 15

We smoke, drink, betray, deceive, but at the same time we can love, be friends, help, maintain, be honest and loyal, healthy. How can this be combined in us? Such opposite things. There are people in which more or another quality prevails. How does the Buddhist saying «All creatures want to be happy», But what is happiness for us? What it is expressed to what we strive for?

We, as a society, will only win if we unite and will fight for happiness to become available to each of us.

I do not believe that being happy man degrades. Happiness does not mean sitting on a mountain of sweet wool, dipping legs into the ocean of soda. We have something more.

A person should strive only to hear inside himself, where he tells him to go.

And my heart told me to return home or not? I do not know.

India and Delhi said goodbye to me. I was also ready to say goodbye to them. I take the next step!

I have left 3 hours before the flight to Moscow and therefore I first went to have a snack, and then it would be just to lie down somewhere and reflect, to dream.

In Delhi, a very large and modern airport was built, which is well adapted in order to wait for the flight to be unnoticed and easy.

Having rebuilding vegetable sandwiches, I saw in one of the halls a group of Japanese, who got lost on the seats, sun beds and even on the floor and decided that he had a chamber next to them, the more near the panel with information on flights.

An hour and a half, I could relax and wait for my plane. What I did.

Here I see that an hour remained to the flight, already announced a landing entry and I slowly moved to register and control. I quickly found my rack and took a place in the queue. There were little people.

— Sorry, this is a flight to Moscow? — Elderly man in English politely addressed me with a question.

— Yes he is the most! — I answer I. — You, too, in Moscow?

— Yes, I’m flying home. — said a foreigner.

— You live there? Me, by the way, the name is called. — For some reason I wanted to talk to him.

— Mark! And in Moscow I’m span, then I will fly further in Moldova. I live there.

— Nice to meet you. I decided that you were from Moscow. I also go home too. Here was in India the last two months, traveled. — I continue.

— Are you seriously? It is very wonderful. I so loved India that even made special stickers and gave them to the local one with each other case. I was also there, but only just 3 weeks. Drove 3.5 thousand kilometers on a motorcycle.

— It is amazing cool! Sure you had a wonderful trip! — I exclaim, and I myself think it is very cool.

Mark turned out to be an elderly American who sold all his own property, bought a small boat and became a traveler. Although his boat has long been lies without a business in the US, he works himself and lives in Moldova. In India was on vacation, and now flies home to work out the next term under the contract to continue his trip.

We immediately became friends. He began to ask about my adventures in the most smallest details, and then the conversation was reduced to the discussion of the Indian motorcycles of the company ROYAL ENFIELD. I told him that I dream to conquer Vietnam on a bike in the same way as a route, which is 6 years ago a leading popular TV show called Top Gear name.

This idea attended me repeatedly, I kept her in her husband, so she periodically looked down in front of her eyes and even dangled in the air for a while, but once she arose again in front of me as if from nothing and happened in the early morning when I happened Singing at Varanasi Airport, waiting for his flight to Delhi. Then I was widged via free Wi-Fi and I accidentally caught a magazine on Hindi, in which I decided to extract pictures. At one of the reverses, I saw Halong Bay and then I was painted again. That’s what I wanted to do a long time ago. Check out — cross the whole country on the bike.

By the way, the brand this idea is also very fascinated, and so that he six months later decide to go on a motorcycle throughout Asia, but this is a completely different story. And the other, because I myself between writing this book and return from India managed to drive all Vietnam on a motorcycle from Ho Chi Minh to Halong. The case was in April-May of the same year. And a year later I will pass 6 countries of Asia, again rush to Israel for several months and submissive Iceland in August 2019.

I, nevertheless, did not allow the thoughts in Varanasi and that I would do it and after a couple of months I did! Scored material for new books what is called.

But then at the airport Delhi neither I nor Mark did not know what awaits us in the future. I was waiting for Vietnam and Israel, and Sri Lanka was waiting for him, then Singapore, Malaysia and all Asia. We just dreamed about it out loud.

Two people, traveler who met by chance, but it seemed known they were a hundred years. The difference at our age was not felt at all and we talked about everything, I even played on my arm that the flight was a little delayed.

— Most of all in India I am struck by the faces of the Indians. They are open, bright and clean. Still their responsiveness struck.- Shared Mark.

— Yes, I absolutely agree. At your experience, I was convinced more than once. They are always open to communication, always ready to listen. — I agreed.

— I made a few videos about it, it was special turned out to be the day when I celebrated Holi’s holiday in Agra. It was wonderful, it was then that first had an idea to somehow express her love for the Indians, I made stickers and distributed them for free, telling people, even unfamiliar that they helped me very much and were kind.

— And I can and me one sticker? In memory! — I decided to ask Ya.

— Of course, Roman! Keep!

— Thank you, Mark! And here’s a sticker of my group «INTERTENIALOLOLTA». — Exchange took place.

— By the way, Mark, and this is your first visit to India? Because I was here for the first time and I wonder if you were justified by your expectations associated with India? Usually, if you follow only stereotypes, I write a lot of bad things about this country, did you have these fears?

— I was here too for the first time and I can say with confidence that all my expectations were justified. Even more! I am absolutely happy now after these three stunning weeks.

— And what was your route? — I continue.

— I flew to Delhi, I lease a motorcycle and went to Dardzhilling on him, on the way back I was in Varanasi, Agra, Jaipur and then back to Delhi.

— Novel, but you were in southern India and in the north that struck you?

— You know, somehow it happened that wherever I was, it is necessary to have something interesting happened. I as if in every place worried rebirth again and again and opened myself in a new way and India learned even deeper. But were, of course, several places where I experienced special feelings — it is Rishikesh and Varanasi and, of course, the city of the south, where I had to overcome much to turn out to be here today.

— I understand what you are talking about, the moments of insight, when life is lit up again in you and you feel that there is still alive and there is a force to move on. Very valuable experience. — these words Mark voiced my thoughts, which may have turned out to be unrelated, and he helped me see them.

For some reason I remembered one meeting in Varkal two months ago, where on the rock meters in a hundred above sea level I talked with a Swiss. I then went to my thoughts and completely forgotten that I was on the very edge of the cliff, he could say that I was removed from the possible fall.

As today, a meeting with Mark carried a special experience in the disassignment between this moment and the future. I completely forgot that this is my last day in India and plunged into my reflections, but it was necessary to first complete this experience to move on and Mark helped me in this. Like Gerard, by the way.

— Mark, you really helped me now. You can not imagine how long there was today. In the morning I was still in Rishikesh, and now I stand here with you and it seems to me that all this was unreal, in general, my whole trip seems unreal, except for this moment that we are talking here and now. These are strange feelings, but at the same time, they are very good, even joyful that it was all with me, it seems that this second my puzzle finally gathered. I’m flying home, knowing that everything was inconspicuous!

This second on the board appears information about the time of our flight, which means that it’s time to go for landing. We say goodbye to Mark, because it turned out that we have talked so long that they forgot to buy souvenirs home and run every every expensive. More that day we have not seen.

Time to live and travel time. Chapter 15

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