Time to live and travel time. Chapter 13

Overcoming Alexander Sergeevich, I start my story about the sacred city of Varanasi.

V «Kashi Puran» (these are the texts of the ancientindian literature) stated that a person who only wants to get to Varanasi, gets rid of sins of three lives, a person who is already going there — rewarded much more, and who came to the city of Shiva — And nothing to say, he delivered the pleasure of God himself.

If you sleep in Varanasi, it is equal to meditation, and if you just be there, it means that you are already on the way to enlightenment.

Therefore, Varanasi is considered to be the center of the Universe and everyone dreams to get there.

Varanasi met me full of moon on a dark sky. I found myself in the center of the Old Town, when people returned from the evening Puja in honor of the Ganges River.

It is said that in India after 22 o’clock in the evening dangerous on the streets and life in the cities dies, but when I arrived in Varanasi, then life was boiling in might.

Nowadays me walked hundreds of happy and spiritualized people, they smiled all around, they smiled at me.

At first I did not understand where I got, what happens around, but then I got into this clean and strong energy.

Let I even go in the opposite direction from this evening procession where my guesthouse was located, I felt that a pair was believed to be appointed as if the wave. I did not expect a meeting here right away so much love and happiness around and all this on the first day. I got into my jet.

That March evening of the 15th day I will remember for a long time, because he was like a different reality. I could only hope for this or dream, but so that immediately such a tide of the world.

Truly, Varanasi — Sacred city.

To find my guesthouse, I had to go deep into the dark and narrow streets, which go to the right of the central street, along the Ganges and Hhata. After a plumber, when the cards could not help, since my phone did not catch GPS, the signals from which did not penetrate the concrete above the head, I somehow intuitively found the desired turn, where at the crossroads I accidentally stepped in a hot ash and realized i’m almost in place.

The five-story Guesthouse building was very old, it had an outdoor exit to the roof, which became a big plus when choosing housing. At the reception, I asked the room under the roof to be able to walk there freely at any time and remove the panoramas of the city.

In Varanasi at home there are very tightly to each other and somewhere can be calmly walking on the roofs of neighboring buildings.

My room in this dwelling turned out to be the most authentic of all, where I lived in India. She was completely ascetic and not at the sight. There was only a table, two wooden beds, of which the second was empty, another mirror, a lamp under the ceiling and shower.

A little walking along the roofs under the evening sky, I returned to the room, took the shower and went to bed, and at night I woke up from the creepy cold. I remembered that during the day in Varanasi all 30 degrees of heat, and at night in March the temperature drops to 12 degrees. I had to climb into all the clothes, what I had only to not frozen completely until the morning. In the morning I asked another sheet, the blankets were not there and in risen.

Despite the cold night, my spirit was warmed by the future journey through the sacred city and in the morning I headed immediately to the Hhata, I blessing I lived two steps from the central of them — Dasashwamedch Ghata.

I took the boat and decided to start my journey through Varanasi from the City Panorama of the city, which you can see in all its glory from the water of the Holy River Ganges.

I watched from the boat as people plunged into these holy waters of the river, immediately nearby, others were laid underwear, someone soap dishes and thought that Ganga personifies her pure consciousness, only not on the surface, but in its very essence. Externally we can be completely different, strange, sad or thoughtful, but important is only what within us.

Our consciousness. It exists separately from ordinary things, only if we do not cycle on them, but on the contrary we try to abstract and there we can be on a moment to see what you can not touch, only feel.

The same can be said about the river: For some, it is dirty, and for others is crystal clear. This suggests that some people have consciousness polluted and they are not able to see the essence, but only the surface. Those who are working on themselves trying to improve themselves every day, be better than yesterday, they can see more subtle things.

Here you need to look and read the information that is not open, and pulling away from reality. You need to slow the speed of rotation in your wheel, then you can see. The ability to read between the rows is very useful, it expands the boundaries of the visible. You need to try to increase the field of your habitat, be like a sun that illuminates half the planet immediately. Be so light and then you can get inside the matrix, where the thin space and thin energies are open.

In addition to its usual role, the River Ganga plays the role of a metaphysical creature, living and thinking, a certain deity capable of magical things. People don’t just believe, they really feel this presence and every day communicate with him.

As the Indians themselves say, the river can let go of sins and help the salvation of the soul, that is why it is important to plunge into her water. The river is of great importance to the life of a large number of people, Mark Twain wrote about this after his first trip to India:

«In addition to religious importance, Ganges is a place of work for carriers, fishermen and laundry, domestic livestock, elephants and wild animals, a source of the life-quality ILA, which is necessary for rice growth, and the morning toilet, and bathing in the hot Indian summer. All this, however, does not deprive this eternal river of beauty and does not prevent her from time immemorial, to charming people who arrived on her shores».

Despite the physical pollution of the water of the river in a number of major cities, it still remains a symbol of purity and holiness, because Ganges — This is a goddess that descended from heaven to earth and now stems here.

A little later, I learned this news from The Hindustan Times dated March 21, 2017: «The court of Indian state of Uttarkhand recognized the river Yamuna and Gang living beings, having endowed them with legal rights. «This means that from now on, the Ganges and Yamuna rivers will be treated as living people, — explained one of the lawyers. — But their interests will represent specially selected people».

The court has already appointed representatives of rivers. They became the head of the state program for the cleaning of the River Ganga, Chief Secretary of the state of Uttarkhand and the Prosecutor General.

In addition, the decision of the judge was obliged to create special bodies in eight weeks to create special bodies that will deal with the issue of cleaning rivers».

For a while, the project cleaning project was at the coordination stage and it seemed that he would no longer be accepted in final reading, but as I learned much later, because I continued to follow him in the news, somewhere later in April 2018, the law entered into its strength. India’s authorities promise to clean the Gang River up to the city of Haridvar by 2020.

How to know, but there is a large proportion that the timing will be increased. But it is completely different that the authorities and people of India have an idea of ​​the pollution of rivers and how it all affects the environment. Although in Varanasi in this sense, still still: people bathe here, wash away, even drink this water. If they are good, then everything is good, and when the river is cleaned even better.

Meanwhile, I examined the majestic Varanasi from the water — This thousand-year city, which for centuries did not change its appeal, I filled out by his story, felt the energy of this nasty city.

I also made a small stop on the opposite bank of the Ganges, where the desert reserve is located, and where there are several teachers — Sadhu, there is a legend, as far as I know that there is the shore of the dead, where the souls of burned on the Manicairnika Hhata. Hindus believe that there is «that light», where Shiva himself crams these souls. Invisible world. MODE.

An hour later I returned to the city after a boat. Walking along the river, I thought about how far my condition was already climbing, my feelings began to change, I already felt differently.

I was pleased with these changes, it was for this that I was here. I wanted to find my inner rod to be independent of life situations to remain.

Making a long and thoughtful Promenade in Hhatam, I found myself on the Maryannik Hhata, where, as you know, the rite of cremation passes. Fire Siva burns in this place without ceasing for 3 thousand years.

I watched the program on TV about this place, in her the main caulier of the focus, which is responsible for the whole process of cremation, giving an interview, told in every detail about how the deceased burned. I met him here by saying that I saw him in that program that he star in certain circles. He really remembered that the creators of one transfer came to him a couple of years ago and made an episode about him.

He also showed me how the manicairnik Hhata was arranged, Shiva and other places hidden from prying eyes showed.

And that’s what this curator of Hhata for cremation told me:

«We are in the sacred place for all huts. Here on the banks of Ganda there is a rite of cremation. Below you can see that the funeral bonfires are burning, on the left, the family prepares the body of his deceased relative. Very soon it will be on fire, and after his body will be betrayed in the water of the river.

We, Hindus, believe that Ganges is a link between the land and the sky, so throwing the ashes of his dead relatives, we help them to save salvation or mocks, thereby their souls fall into heaven. To us in Varanasi ride from all over the world, people want to become one whole with the river and this place. I can say that we also accept those who live their last days. These people left their home and worldly life, coming here they can settle right here nearby in a special building, where we follow them, feed, give shelter, because they are their last will. My mission to help them meet their death here, find peace and salvation.

The cremation process itself is quite complicated and he has its own cost. As a rule, relatives want to do everything in the best way and pay money, we try to satisfy all their requests. We understand how it is important to send the deceased on the last path so that his soul fell into heaven, it is very important for us — Hindu.

I continue the case of my father, and he — his own and so on, this work went to me by inheritance and I can’t let them. This is a very responsible job, thereby I am acquainting my salvation, because Shiva fire burns for 3 thousand years, which is possible only with our help. Now you see that it is all very sacred?! This is the place that the Lord Siva himself blessed».

In these words, he spreads me with me and left. It was expected by another family, they are here for cremation of their father, the same family for which the left was preparing. All people of this family have already dressed in white, and the son of the departed chapter of the family outlaws in honor of mourning and grief about the deceased relative.

I am not delaying here more, enough for today death stories. Now it’s time for me to go back to realize what he saw and heard.

That’s how accidentally or vice versa, I found myself in the heart of the city, where people are specially coming — Someone brings the deceased relatives, and someone lives here the remnants of their days to be burned after death on the shores of Ganges.

I did not expect to see and find out everything in such details, but thanks to the will of India, it became possible.

The next day, my way was lying only through one sacred place — Through the church of Kashvanath. This ancient temple is dedicated to Shiva, and his dome is covered with ton gold.

Quick search on the Internet gives something interesting about this temple. The church of Kashi is widely known as one of the most important places for all Hindus. Here at one time a lot of famous spiritual teachers visited, such as Swami Vivekananda and Shankara, which makes a visit to this temple especially valuable and important. And even mandatory for those who, like me, were in Varanasi. Do not miss this place. The same, who seeks to reach Moksha (exemption from the cycle of births and deaths), as local believers say, without visiting the temple of Kashi will not be able to do this.

Therefore, remember if you arrived in Varanasi, then throw all things and run to swim in Ganges, and after straight to the temple dedicated to Shiva. He sees everything and is waiting for you to help you get closer to Moksha in this life. This is important, know even if you do not believe, then consider it just a plus to your karma.

Find the temple itself will be difficult, but my advice — Find a crowd of people who go to the same building and follow them, they will bring you out, because all the ways lead there.

This path to the temple lies through a narrow street labyrinth, where full of the people are full. And this is not good, because they stand there in a crowded queue, so you will not be mistaken if you join these people who dream of escape from Sansary as well as you. But be alert!

A few years ago, a terrorist attack occurred in the temple and now everywhere at the entrance organized reinforced security. Inspect everyone, no things should be, including phones, except for offenses, even shoes are prohibited. And foreigners are still entering a special magazine, where they rewrite data from an overseas passport, including a place of residence in the city itself.

After this improvised census you can already calmly walk on the territory of the temple from the altar to the altar.

There is one way to get around queue if you don’t want to spend 2—3 hours of life waiting. As soon as you learn deep into the narrow streets, you will be approached by guides, which for a small fee will personally take you without a queue. They will help to pass protection points easily and quickly. Show the temple from the inside and will hold a ceremony along with the brahmanas, will read you the mantras and tell where to put an offer, and where much better barefoot. Cost their services will be no more expensive to enter the Taj Mahal, and if more expensive, they just want to deceive you. This is India, you want to quickly — pay, you want honestly — pay.

About an hour I spent inside, walked from the altar to the altar, prayed, read the mantra, received a blessing and made it imposed for all my loved ones.

Strong place that charges you and me, in particular, spiritual energy. Even a few hours later, I also obviously felt her and felt like I vibrates everything inside. My condition has become even better after visiting the fiery ceremony in the same evening.

This ceremony is dedicated to the Gange River, she took place at the next Hhata and impressed me much.

2 hours for two before sunset People start to gather on Dasashwamedkh Hhata — place where Ganges Aarti is held every evening.

Ganga Aarti — This is a fiery religious ceremony in the name of the River-Mother Ganges. The ceremony is carried out specially selected and prepared by Brahmins, that is, members of the Higher Varna (caste) of the Hindu Society. In the people — it’s just monks or religious ministers, priests.

In the ceremony to which I was lucky to get, 5 brahnov participates, they act as leading. These are usually young people aged 25 to 28 years. They are dressed in ceremonial clothing, made in bright orange, gold tones.

Bramins are located on special pedestals to the river to pronounce prayers and mantras in her honor. People sit down where there is a lot: and before them, and behind, and on the sides — everywhere, it would be the most suitable definition. Someone even looks at the ceremony directly from the river, being in boats.

As soon as the sun begins to go beyond the horizon and the last rays caress Gangu on the farewell, religious music is turned on and incense is lit.

The start time of the evening ceremony is not chosen by chance, it is believed that it is at this moment when the sun goes to the horizon, the god of the frame wins his enemy — Cunning demon Ravan.

Music becomes louder.

The brahns are descended to the river and in the microphone begin to pronounce prayers and gratitude to the river, they present some donations in the form of flowers, rice, bread and other special attributes of the ceremony. Then they return to their premises, burn fire in beautiful vessels and the most interesting part begins.

Circular movements they start their unique and hypnotizing dance. It produces a very strong impression.

By the way, I forgot to clarify that the ceremony, namely the worship of Ganges and the gods is performed using 5 elements: ether, wind, fire, water and land. Each element in Ganges Aarti is assigned its own role. Since all the existence consists of them, these first 5 primary elements, which means communication with nature occurs through them.

People surrounding me around are immersed in a state similar to Trans. Under this music, under these smells of incense, under the joint singing of the mantra — We all become one whole and thank the deities for our lives, thank Hangu for the real, for the existing and all that the Almighty is harvested to us.

The atmosphere was gorgeous, I even forgot to forget where I am. The place did not play the role, the time ceased to exist, it was only important that I felt one whole with myself. I was myself. This is a valuable revelation.

A few minutes later, I decided to make myself a few photos and went around the square of Hhata in a circle. People just raised from excess light energy. There was a strong heat from people and I suppose that the level of vibrations increased significantly, because, in addition to the light there was nothing more.

The ceremony approached the final — about an hour of Bramins committed an amazing sacrament and on their faces and gestures could be understood as they were tired, but at the same time they were pleased with the way they spent her. Those who wish began to approach them for blessing.

A few more people decided to swim right here and, laughing loudly, plopped into the water. It was seen on them that they arrived from afar specifically to make this ablution and see the victim of Ganges Aarti — Fire ceremony.

Satisfied people reached out to exit. I got up at the top of the Ladder of Hhata, to see people and watch their fortune of happiness and peace, which surprisingly spread to everyone around here and now.

In response, I was also welcomed by a look and a light nod of my head, and someone gestured «Namaste!».

I looked at and saw among the crowd that myster at home, many beggars, children and cripples. They asked alms and probably were hungry and unfortunate. I know that maybe they and «Work on uncle», bringing him everything that manages to collect from tourists and other people, but now I still have. I got a rush to help them. I knew that I would come soon and therefore I had to leave something as a gift to this city, which gave me so much. I decided to distribute all the money that was in the pockets of these children. So it was necessary, I felt. These people were sent to me for checking over to evaluate the power of my intentions in finding the way.

I called two, a girl and a boy, moved to them aside and gave 100 rupees, then repeated the actions and called to himself a woman with a breast child — I gave her 300 rupees. There was still 100 and they needed to attach them too. A little later on the corner of my street, before deeper into her labyrinths, I got on the eyes of the old man, sitting on the ground with an empty mission and I put money there.

I did everything right. And I do not need to tell me here, that in this way tourists teach them not to work, but only ask for alms. I will answer this that you have a little soul and you do not understand anything, and if so, I can not have any things with you. First, I’m not a tourist, and secondly, the world really needs to be gratuitous. Who can help right now, that helps, this is our debt. We must win for the fact that the planet flourish, and not touulated in poverty, crime and wars. Think up!

Well, now and I have to go away from the embankment and go to the labyrinth of dark streets to spend another night here. But I did not want to leave at all. The day was so rich and long that I wanted to stay in him as long as possible, to capture all this.

Removing from the river towards the old town, I saw the crowd of people near the stall with a cart and wanted to find out what’s the case there. It turned out to be a pancakes and literally for 5 rupees, the hungry people fled their strength after the ceremony. What I worse, I thought and I immediately stood in line.

— Can I pancake, please, sir?! — I scream when my turn came up.

— Of course, Mr! You with what? — I shouted to me from stall.

— Me with vegetables, please, with cheese and if possible, then with potatoes! — I answer and immediately think, but suddenly I forgot something else to order and add:

— And here I do this too! — and show on a golden pancake in front of me that someone ordered earlier.

— You are sharp? — Resonantly hear from the stall.

— Let’s the most sharp! — I scream in response and smile to ears.

After 10 minutes I get my order and sit down next to the steps. Fire-hot pancake, the same hot and fiery, as today’s ceremony goes on my knees, and it sings around and dances.

Some European guy sat down near and wished me a pleasant appetite. I nodded him in response and waved my thumb up.

I ate pancakes and rejoiced like a child. I warmly and comfortably be here and now.

Solding hunger, I walked towards the gest. Go not far, but in the dark movement becomes a real test. But today I continued to lead and I quickly found the road in a series of narrow and dark streets. Even no cow blocked the way this evening. This is a good sign!

The evening approached the end and I only had to take a shower, after wrapped in a sheet and fall asleep.

That night, even fights of monkeys with dogs outside the window did not disturb my dream. I slept, like a baby and I was warm and cozy.

By the way, the monkeys lived with me right outside the window, they climbed the roof on the wires and protractions to the roof so that at night not to be eaten evil and hungry dogs.

If it is fair, monkeys are the same boosters and go to any trick to snatch a piece of writing from a forgetful tourist.

I saw a lot of such cases in India. In Jaipur, we all watched the whole street at all the streets, which settled on one of the buildings and actively discussed something: ran, shouting.

Time to live and travel time. Chapter 13

The next morning I woke up fresh and a little different. I liked these changes.

And as a conclusion I can say that all the time spent in Varanasi has changed me in many aspects. Before I looked at some things not as I look now. For me now such a change, as it is impossible, by the way.

For example, one observation I was very struck so so that I still don’t know how to treat him. So, Indians inside the house clean and order, beauty and comfort are even in the poorest slums, but outside there is some horror in the form of garbage and dirt — Full chaos. In some way this garbage is cleaned by people from the caste, and the rest eaten cows, dogs and monkeys, but part, most, remains. And I thought why so.

I did not find the answer, but I realized one interesting analogy. If you take a person, then in it the main thing is that inside, and not outside. If inside cleanliness and harmony, then it feel others, and if inside darkness and negative, then around too. For Indians House — this is a reflection of their inner world, and outside Haos, who says that life is complex and consists of the matter that we and see everywhere. The spirit remains inside. Perhaps the whole world around and there is chaos in itself, which is sometimes able to organize. And house — This is our fortress in the literal and figurative sense.

But I think that the world around does not deserve all the dirt that falls on it in the form of products of our life, I am confident that humanity will come to the awareness that the outside, too, should be purity, as inside. No differences between them, no duality, everything is one. I got it. Knowledge — This is the beginning, it always follows.

This knowledge, which can even feel the number of human brain activity, does not depend on the logical chains that are lined up in one line, it is also not experience from observations or generalizations of the known.

Our task in finding answers is such that knowledge is not the fruit of mind, so it will be deprived of its interpretations and filtrations.

We need to dismiss him with him, because within us not only he is able to make decisions and give answers, so it’s stupid to be staging about him as the only true instance.

Meanwhile, how your brain begins to think and gives you a list of actions, you need to have some free space between how the request has come and when the answer to it. This is a space that, for example, can be expressed in time in milliseconds or somehow else, you need to interrupt this mechanical process of mind when you perform what inside you your brain has folded into the scheme, algorithm of actions and stereotypes. that is, processed the incoming information in a special way, to which he is used.

Brain — This is a single-type machine that works similarly to the juicer or microwave. What we put in there in the form of any set of elements after machining leads to the fact that we get the same result each time, it is the product of this mechanical machine. Juice or warm food, if we say figuratively, and in fact we have a set of some thoughts and ideas that go in a circle for us. And even when we study something, the information, getting into our head, the so-called processor, at the entrance it has a disassembled structure in the form of a disassembled lego, from which it turns out the simple and uncomplicated design — It was reworked by our brain, composed, the compartment is superfluous, an associative series and voila inserted. The process is completed and our brain wants to still recycle into an obvious structure, from which neither heat or cold. All lifeless.

But we live like logic and the Creator and it seems to me that the brain originally has a nonlinear nature, but under the pressure of reality, the most convenient thing is that a person needs — This is a straight line. With it just operate in space, where there is always item A and item b.

But… It’s all subjectively and in fact it does not help, you only need to force our brain to act nonlinear.

All the above, walked with a background in a series of my thoughts, who were not so possible, except for one single. There she is.

This thought does not give me peace that supposedly Western modern society is the most progressive of all others. For many criteria, this is certainly so. But…

I do not understand the western values ​​and those rules of life that we see everywhere in the media, in culture, but I calmly understand life in India, for example. Not because their life is simple and is only to find a piece of bread. No. The very essence of life in Asia is much deeper and meaningful than the western. This is me and attracts me. I am a person inside which blood flows, which is closer to Asia in color than to the West in the face of the United States, for example. But this is all the lyrics, the main thing is to live a righteous life, according to the field of heart.

How to say my friend Bagus from Indonesia: «It is important to comply with the proportion of 50 to 50, where 50 percent is assigned to the heart and 50 percent — Mind. And then, everything will be fine».

I noticed one important change in me, which happened to me in Varanasi — I began to smile often. I smiled now without reason. Smiled from the fact that my heart overwhelmed with happiness. I became so good and I infinitely thank this city that I managed to find my inner light, which I hope will burn in me always. I began to listen to my heart.

My heart told me that it was time to leave Varanasi and go to Bodhong — place where Buddha reached enlightenment.

On the eve of the evening in Varanasi, I walked home as usual, through a series of narrow and dark streets of the old city, as the idea came to me that I had to go to Bodhgay, tomorrow morning.

I decided to return to the main street and look there either travel agency (I know what is expensive) or a taxi rental service, because the option with the train dropped immediately, because I didn’t want to go with a hare, and I was practically unrealized by a hare.

In the travel agency turned out to be catastrophically expensive, as well as rent a taxi.

I thought for a second, and when I came to my senses, I realized that I was going to the house again on a narrow streets, but the idea that tomorrow I need to be in Bodhgay did not leave me. Passing by a small chiva temple and a bunch of cows, I saw a sign in front «Author Tours and Taxi» and looked inside in the hope. I was met by the courteous species of Indian and asked if I need help. I immediately retold him my plan.

This time I should be a story, although the host of the agency thought, soon he made a couple of calls, she showed me a couple of brochures and tours, but the answer to my question, it seems like this and hung in the air. I once again turned to him with a request that I am interested in to be tomorrow in Bodhgay, I even decided to voice him the amount of money in order to somehow motivate him on a specific answer. And know it worked!

We agreed that tomorrow at 7 am I will wait for a car on which I can get to the city, where Buddha has gained enlightenment, and in the evening I will have to go back.

Despite the fact that the way to Bodhghai is not unclear, about 250 km, I decided that I was suitable for me, although it looks extreme, because such a distance I risk overcome for hours 10, instead of the 5 and a half. Do not forget that I am in India, and not on paid autobahns of Germany.

So, we believe: I leave at 7 am, after 6 o’clock, that is, at 13 o’clock in the afternoon I am in place, there I will break, for example, hours 2—3 and it turns out that in Varanasi I will have to go back at 22 o’clock in the evening.

It seems everything is still successful, despite the fact that at 5 am the next day I will have to be at Varanasi Airport to fly to Delhi.

On the appointed day exactly at 7 am I met my driver who did not speak English, here’s not enough, I don’t know Hindi. As a result, this did not have a problem for us — We talked in gestures. It was clear when he wants to stop and snack, it was clear when we needed to the restroom and so on.

Simple and understandable things do not require words.

On that day, we spent on the road with him about 14 hours and on the way back I thought about how not to give the ends, but Doterpel. Planning time in such a road is completely impossible, as in general, it is better not planned in India.

By the way, so that you know if you need to go beyond Varanasi towards the traffic police, then you will be waiting for a plug that does not move from the place. Four drivers live there right on the highway, sleep in the cabins of their cars, and cars and bikes are circled around them in the fields and ravines.

During one of the stops on vacation, I walked down the street near the cafe, I waited for the driver, reflected. The car arrived at the parking lot and four Tibetan monks came out of it, which, as I immediately understood, also drove into Bodhong. I decided to approach them to greet and make sure they keep the way there, where and I. We crossed the pair of phrases and at the end of the conversation one of the monks asked one if I was going, he was surprised that I was so passionately wanted to get into this Buddhist temple, and he wished me good luck in the journey.

At some point I wanted to be asked to go with them, but did not dare, considering that my request is too intrusive and that I will find in the temple anyway.

You know, 14 hours on the road and only 2 hours in the Mahabodhi temple worth. Meditating under the tree Bodhi, I was among different people, different nationalities that came here for the thirty lands so that at least a moment approach Nirvana and the Light, to feel the invisible and thin thread, which connects this place with a Buddha and his clean Heart.

By the way, I met the Nepalese boy near the temple, who moved to this city from Kathmandu and now it comes to the temple almost every day and meditates.

He told me that I was overlooked with the Dalai Lama himself, who was here with a delegation a week ago. Every February-March he comes here with lectures, conducts seminars and meditations. It is a pity that he did not find it, not this time.

A week ago I was still in Jaipur and did not even imagine that I would be here under the sacred tree Bodhi.

Temple Mahabodhi and Tree Bodhi — Markded places, where all Buddhists of the world seek to get.

Meet where the Buddha himself meditated a long time ago. After six days and six nights, which he spent in meditation, he managed to achieve enlightenment, he found answers to all the questions that he had.

Some monks also practice meditation near the temple for a long time and live in tents in the territory. I had only one day to remember there and try to find at least part of the answers to my questions.

The next morning I flew into Delhi and I was worried about the question «How long will my journey last?». In addition, I did not know where it would continue. I was thinking. But it turned out that not for long.

Just listen to the melody of this word — Rishikesh. Yes, I’m going exactly there, there was an answer.

No longer count how many kilometers I wrapped in India and how many there will be. I move in my inner sensations and at some point I will want to leave here. It was good here and bad. But while here, I understood an important thing. India can accommodate all. How to pick up and it can give it all. Absolutely.

5 wonderful days in the city I left Varanasi. Another night I was forgiving with this city, where I turned literally every second. Once at once I was in the most informed and sublime state, that is, all my thoughts and actions were aimed at creating. I stayed as much as possible in present.

I woke up specifically early, about 4 in the morning, to quietly gather to have time to meet the sunrise on the roof of the Guesthouse, where I often went to this, from there the magic view of the city was opened, on the opposite shore.

I packed backpack, breakfast with a banana and a sip of water. In one T-shirt and jeans, I went to the roof, it was cold, stood light fog. The sun is somewhere in the horizon. Apparently I will find it only on the road, because I needed to rush to the airport on the morning flight to Delhi, and already from there by bus to Rishikes.

These days about and after holi in large cities were difficult with transport, and I somehow did not want to go in a common car. I was enough in past times, and I am not so expensive to fly internally flights in India, but very quickly — 1—2 hours and you already in Delhi.

Around 5.30 in the morning I was discharged from the gest. I had to worry the owner. He also slept sweet sleep on the sofa in the overall hall on the first floor. Sleepy, he did not even immediately realize what I want from him, but showing him a gesture on the keys and exit, he finally realized. I signed in his magazine and again went out into the labyrinths of the narrow streets of the Old Town. Still slept. Here in the corner between D

Time to live and travel time. Chapter 13

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