Time to live and travel time. Chapter 11

In another ordinary life, I would never have turned my gaze to such a country as India, I ignored much what was unusual in its essence. But in the fictional world, where fiction and reality is intertwined, I would like to definitely be here and see the victim of the greatness, to see the battle of matter and the Spirit.

India seemed to me very long «Red Planet», where everything exists in their unimaginable laws, and such as I «White timber» This country grinds without a residue.

There is no oxygen, and people breathe with some kind of caustic inert gas and that come there is equivalent to the fact that and to go to suicide.

People live there looks similar to their fellows from other countries, but they speak completely different, from familiar to me, language, or rather hundreds of languages ​​and adverbs.

Have their own unique writing and picture of the world.

It seems that people with a red planet called India also have super super. For example, they can read your thoughts at a distance, own hypnosis.

Their society is very archaic and is still divided into castes or groups, according to its origin, but mostly according to Karma, accompanied in past lives. So they consider and justify their current existence. Everyone by karma, and the real depends on whether you lived on Dharma.

The lives of many divided into castes are built around the device San and Sarah. The so-called, the wheel of the San and Sarah on the chariot of the Great Ruler Rube Hmma Shi Vi Vi.

Their coarse food, and the gods are numerous. Their faith is strong, and the heart is open everything in the world.

People from other planets do not come to the Red Planet. So that it is necessary to earn it there, to work out your past karma, clean up and finally you need to make a conscious choice for this.

Men and women with red planet India wear colorful clothes, and their skin fragrant with hundreds of incense. Their children have the cleanest and happy eyes in the world. Their smiles are shining gold.

They are talking like a song, and the gait is light and easily.

Watch them a pleasure, because where else can you see so much amazing and unique creatures.

Some 3 thousand years ago there was already a developed and richest civilization in the world. The more developed infrastructure there is such a state, the more envious and enemies become enviously, which only dream to encroach on other people’s achievements of progress.

Once upon a time they lived in a free and peaceful country. Neither external enemies nor local civilians. Cities grew and fastened, evenly dividing among themselves all the wealth of the planet. There was no poor nor oppressed. All arrived in calm and joy under the rays of warm red sun.

A rumor about a new and fragrant country on this red planet flew up lightning.

And then the ships sailed and the stars flew. For them followed by others, and more. These were India’s discovers. They came with good intentions, but over time everything changed.

The internal distribution of local king and rulers-Maharaj, who started shortly before the invasion, helped new guests from the discoverers to turn into conquerors. From buyers in robbers and consumers.

In a moment everything has changed for the Red Planet. I had to survive day after day, year after year.

Where the greed and thirst for power begins, the thirst for wealth pops up a very unpleasant life principle «divide and rule», And then shores fall on the look of his followers. And here you need to be preparing for the worst, you need to tighten the belt and tolerate. Wait for the right moment to give back.

Decades and the Red Planet India will turn first into the colony, one of the dozens and even hundreds of others, and then the earth will begin to grieve, the climate will change to be fron. The process of fading will begin, which sooner or later logically will end with death.

But her sons come to the aid of the planet Matuk, her children.

Children of red planet. They live and they hear the call of land. They go to the rescue.

Thirst to practically unreally quench, if it is only not thirst for lack of water or food. The rest of the slap and in its blindness, it sooner or later allows weakness that you can use to gain freedom. The freedom is true, which is given to the universe, which never to win.

At first, the richness of India treated unnoticed, then every day hundreds of ships and hundreds of caravans took more and more to the West.

The world saw this skew and rebelled. It turned out quite naturally. And even inside India by mass campaigns managed to move this iceberg. The ships of the conquerors gave flow.

But being, as a mosquito-bloodstone, they fought for their only consolation in their lives — for gold and wealth.

Only by the power of tradition and unity can be opposed to oppression and slavery. It was necessary to restore their uniqueness and residents of the Red Planet understood it immediately. They do not take it away, they live in harmony with nature.

But there were things that they could not change, things that came along with the new epoch of the colonization. This is the so-called industrial revolution. First of all, it took oppressors to make faster and large volumes to supply the natural wealth of India to themselves to the West to sell them faster.

Thus, they left after themselves railways, factories, perhaps, even left behind the cosmic shunks — Vimana. Yes, what we know about it?!

Time to live and travel time. Chapter 11

Today on calendars we celebrate days victories, days of revolutions, days of independence and days of grief, but when the world began to function as we know today? Who installed these rules?

Why the red planet is captured, and its conquerors are already looking at others?

After all, the Great Soul will come to each dark soul! And if it is so, then why are we every day, every year we go on the same parabole? Top down and vice versa. Isn’t they tired or we?

Who is to blame that some have become simply sources of resources, and others just a huge landfill? From whom to ask? Who will answer?

I want to take paints and draw all the black tones around, especially where there is nothing but there is nothing, where you have forgotten what day.

We are original light, but someone born with light wants to be at night. It falls from the sky and merges with the fog of the flesh to rule in his lower world. Once already falling, he will no longer be able to rise, because his ego and pride will never give him to confess to himself that he traded the light at night. His fate and the fate of his children to be at night. Live in the dark.

But the children of the world, the children of the Red Planet will continue to shine!

And even among the most nasty and weak, among the most sick and hungry there are those who personify themselves. They are light. And there is warm. With them warm.

Let them lose in the material world, but in the world of the spiritual they won their battle forever eternal.

Red Planet will live. India is immortal!

Speaking all this, I just give you an emotional part, but not the true thoughts of my mind. My real thoughts lay in a completely different plane, because I led my inner battle. And if it was almost unnoticed externally, then inside I slept, igniting the components, some of which had to be thrown away, and the rest somehow glue together.

I wanted to see my fears, see them in the face and not give them to grow further. Turning everything down on the head by changing the top of the pyramid of being, I opened a new world.

Assuming, and this is in fact so the world is divided into visible matter and an invisible structure of energy. Accordingly, a person, as part of the general, can be manifested through these two categories of being — Material and spiritual.

Therefore, if there is, well-known to us, the pyramid of desires, I would sing out of it in a separate look of the pyramid of spiritual desires that are there on top.

The very top of such a pyramid of spiritual desires is crowned by a step where there is a comprehension of the meaning of life. And what is important, comprehension not only by the mind, and the actual experience.

So I worried. I plunged into the ocean called India and sought my treasures there, but only this is the treasure of the intangible world. I did not strive to get gold, I was only a fleeting afternoon breeze, but not a storm. I just traveled in India.

Time to live and travel time. Chapter 11

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