Time is: mountain restaurants la-plan

France is on both France that there is a place for gastronomic discoveries even on ski slopes and a simple look at the mountain shelter, half-covered snow cap, can turn into a real gourmet adventure. Here is our selection of excellent restaurants where you can look at lunch right on skis.

Le Chalet Des Verdons Sud

73350 Champagny EN Vanoise, +33 06 21 54 39 24

Perhaps the best restaurant is not only in the zone of champagne Anima Vanuaz, but also in the whole plan. Huge sunproof terrace overlooking the Courchevel and the cozy interior with a fireplace woven from the horns of intricate chandeliers, lace tablecloths and cacti on the tables.

Modern design is very harmonious and with a good sense of humor Founded with all attributes of the classic alpine chalet. Smiling master Maxance seems to be waiting for you. He bites the bar at the entrance and personally meets each guest, offering soft slippers instead of ski boots.

In the menu Traditional Savoy Specialists – Cheese Beaufort, Tartiflette, Risotto with Champignons, Meat Plate (Assiette de Charcuterie). If the forces remain for the dessert, be sure to try apple tatin with honey. As a Dijestiva, a raspberry liqueur, a fever or coffee espresso is offered, which serves here on one plate with compliments from the chef – cream caramel, tiramisu, smoothie from kiwi and homemade cookies. Skip after such a roblaseian dinner is determined impossible. Although we honestly tried.

Le Forperet

MONTALBERT 1600-73210 AIME, +33 04 79 55 51 27

Family restaurant-chalet on a farm with goats, cows, doses, pigs and pony. Two centuries ago there was a farm here, so the best tartiflette, prepared by the old, still practicing, recipe, tourists are now absorbed on the former haymaker.

It is necessary to book in advance because the owner of the restaurant, he is the main farmer and cook, can prepare no more than ten servings at a time. Be sure to try the volume cheese, which every day is prepared here by traditional recipes at exactly 15.00. Everyone will be invited to look at this process.

We also recommend salad with fua-gras, Ratatouh and meat Pierrade meat – on a hot stone, you will be offered to fry myself duck, chicken, pork and beef. After lunch, we fed animals, plugged with fresh eggs, cheese and milk and on a free micro-bus reached Montalbera.

By the way, Forperet is open for dinner. In the summer it is half a day to rent a pony or donkey and go along with him to a mountain walk.

Le Chalet Des Colosses

Plagne Bellecote 73210 Macot La Plagne, +33 04 79 09 28 70

Restaurant at the lower station of the lift on the Bellecote glacier with his own rink. In addition to the roller and minifermes with a pony in the neighborhood, the institution stands out on the slope of its street library located in the English telephone booth.

Take the skates for rent, pull in old ice sleigh or sit on the terrace with mulled wine, especially since it is very honest here, with citrus and spices. In our first arrival we saw a dozen of local ski instructors here, and this, you see, a good sign.

Time there are mountain restaurants la plan

The interior is calm and does not claim anything, but the cook is a real find! Kebab from chicken with paprika and apricot chutney, some hit-up sauces for salads, noodles with vegetables, fried in wok – solid gastronomic creativity.

Surprisingly, even a boring puree soup from vegetables Here managed to turn into something very tasty and children made everything to the last spoon. Portions size – Giant, so expect your strength.

Le Petit Chaperon Rouge

La Plagne 1800 73210 Macot La Plagne, +33 04 79 09 09 39

Restaurant with intriguing name "Little Red Riding Hood" We recommended our Guide Thierry, already twenty-five years living in La plan. This miniature alpine chalet is surrounded by its fabulous neighbors – restaurants "White Wolf" (Le LUP Blanc) and "Granny" La Grande Mere).

The institution is a word-looking wooden building with low ceilings, a caverium fireplace and a mass of antique things from a grandmother’s chest, carefully awake on the walls.

It seems that the grandmother did not bore at the recipes of favorite dishes – home onion soup and lasagna with salmon here are excellent. And we ordered a raklet here, about which you probably know everything yourself.

We just feel freely recommend – in Le Petit Chaperon Rouge you will be left alone with a cheese melting under the burner and will not look at you, even when you will continue to absorb it with the same enthusiasm.

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