Tiktok showed an alternative reality without people

In Tiktok Account KilianMaruto, the author publishes video of empty streets and institutions and tells how he lives in the world without people.

About 50 rollers have been published in the account. None of them do not have people. The author comes in a cafe, drives on the car and walks through the streets. At the same time, there is not a single person in the frame, only occasionally you can see birds. The first video was published in March of this year. There are comments comments in the video: "I am very scary. I woke up in an empty world. Nobody responds to messages and does not take the phone. I walked around the city a few hours. And no one. ".

Next time in a couple of days, the hero talked about how he got used to the empty world. For example, a week later, he realized that now everything is just for him: there are always places in the cafe, it is easy to find a car for rent (and scooter, and bike). But it makes sense, as the character notes, there is no: because all this has nothing to share.

A month after the first roller, a video called "My History" was published. In her, the hero tells why he was one.

Tiktok showed an alternative reality without people

"What I did is illegal. I’m not proud of it, but now I pay off for my sins. I was a classified developer of artificial intelligence, worked in a huge company. I hacked their quantum computer and received unlimited access. I downloaded my code to the computer, and he began to study. Quickly. Very fast. He turned into something else. And suddenly it happened! I found myself in an empty world. And now I am alone. Completely alone. And I need help. If you see it, please. "- Specifies in titers to the roller.

In one of the following rollers, the hero showed a power field that does not allow him to go beyond the city. However, later the character managed to find several outlets from the city and go by car to another city. In early June, the storyline was changed, and the hero was on the ship. It is also empty, only the author of the rollers is on it. Last video came out last week. The hero showed the tenth day of stay on the liner. The story is still broken on the fact that the ship faced with something unknown.

Now the channel has more than 2 million subscribers. The main question that worries them is: how the author of the video "erases" from them?

Tiktok showed an alternative reality without people

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