The pearl of the lake Balatonian is the peninsula Tikhan, Located in the northern part of the reservoir.

On its territory there is an amazing world of flora and fauna, and his lands received status «Reserved». Many animals and plants are so unique that they are not found anywhere else, except on Tihans. Here is a comfortable resort located 150 kilometers from the Hungarian capital.

Scientists found out that the formation of the peninsula is closely related to the activities of volcanoes. Before Lava hardened, Tikhan was a full-fledged island and it was possible to get on it only with the help of a lifting bridge. Its shores rise 200 meters above the water level. Tihanan’s area is not at all big, about 10 square kilometers. On one of the hills, the old church is towers, made in the style of Baroque and has long become a business card of these places.

There are on the peninsula and own lake, from all sides surrounded by former geysers. The depth of the reservoir varies from two to three meters. Waterfowl and many fish dwell on the inner lake. At the beginning of the summer, the mountain slopes of the peninsula are covered with a lavender, the city streets come to life, and small, coated houses are reincarnated in souvenir benches.

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What is interesting to look in Tihani?

Top attractions Tihani

Tikhansky abbey

Ervenesh village

Ethnographic Museum in Tihani

Cave System Ovar

Hill Echo

Water mill in Erviash

Tihans: Excursions and Events

Tikhan’s core full of riddles and interesting places that are better to explore independently.

Already from afar of the peninsula can be found in the Benedictine monastery. Along the coastal strip stretched a shady alley, according to which tourists love to walk. Often locals prefer to ride a bicycle exchange, for this, a separate track is equipped. The whole town is full of narrow streets destroyed with tiled toy houses in which small museums are located.

In the summer, city authorities organize a holiday in honor of Lavender. The festival is often compared by scale and colorfulness with French events. At the fairs you can buy a lavender soap, honey and other lavender souvenirs. Be sure to visit vineyards, where tourists are surely waiting for a tasting of barrel wine.

Also on Tihans celebrate the beer festival.In the vicinity of the peninsula there are old cells of the houses of hermits, the only sample in Europe, reflecting the life of monastic settlements of the 11th century.

Especially for lovers of art, musical concerts and open ideas of street theaters are held. Year-round Tikhan is ready to take tourists and acquaint with their sights.

History Tihani

Tihani, Hungary Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Tihani Travel Guide

Climate in Tihans

A moderately continental climate is dominated on the Tikhan Peninsula, which has a beneficial effect on comfortable temperatures.

Summer is characterized by duration and warm weather. The sun warms the air to the mark of 25 degrees. Thanks to the small depth of the lake, which is a maximum of 3 meters, the water is very quickly warming up, and you can start to swim from mid-May or beginning of June. Despite the large number of advantages, no one canceled the thunderstorms, the umbrella will not hurt with him. Winter soft, without low temperatures, but the lake in any case every year is covered with ice crust.

Tihans: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Tikhan – the amazing beauty of the peninsula, with its traditions, customs, attractions. A small settlement is ready to offer not only traditional cognitive holiday, but also a lot of active activities.

Regularly on the territory of the colorful peninsula activities and festivals are held. Undoubtedly, the most striking event of the year is the holiday of Lavender. In summer, a pleasant fragrance of purple flowers is coming around the surroundings, fairs and shopping shops are opening on the streets, offering crafts, souvenirs and lavender tincture. From the first days of June, a wave of representations of street theaters is rolled through the city, which artists not only in Hungary go, but from all over Europe.

At about the same time in museums are exhibitions of famous artists. Fisteers of fishing, it is safe to go to the inner lake Tihani. The shallow water floats a huge number of fish, enough for everyone. Since the peninsula is covered in some parts thick thickets of trees, in which game is found, hunters will also not be bored.

On Lake Balaton Tourists swim on sailboats and play beach games. In national parks, you can admire the unique nature. Parks are distinguished by naturalness rich in flora and fauna.

Tikhani transport features

Despite the fact that Tikhan is the largest Peninsula of Hungary, its territory is not so big that it determines its internal transport features.

Local residents are mostly used by bus, they run on a regular basis. If you can easily move on an unfamiliar area, it is better to use a taxi service. In general, the transport system of the resorts around the lake Balaton is arranged as follows: the track is constructed by Balaton, thus connecting all the vicinity of the reservoir. Its subway, trams or trolley buses on Tihans.

Tihani, Hungary Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Tihani Travel Guide

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