Tigress Tanya learned to roll snow balls

"When we first saw snowballs in the tigerians in the aviary – like the snowmen made, they decided that this is the work of zoologists, which thus entertain the animal," said the spokesman for the Kaliningrad Zoo, Ekaterina Mikhailov. But as a result of viewing records from the surveillance cameras, it turned out that the children’s fun is engaged in the animal – the Amur Tigress Tatyana. She will pierce the wet snow under himself and rolls it from one corner of the aviary in another until he turns into a big ball-shaped com. "To establish these balls to each other, Tigritice fails, and then it would be a real snowman," said Ekaterina Mikhailov in an interview with ITAR-TASS.

On the amazing skill of the striped predator, the employees of the zoo found out not immediately, as the snow balls tiger rolling at night. "Apparently, it does not want to disclose all the secrets of his skill," joke in the zoo.

Tigress Tanya learned to roll snow balls

Tigress Tatiana was brought to the Kaliningrad Zoo from Penza in 2004 in a year old.

The zoo has another Amur tiger named Typhoon, who lives separately from Tatiana. But such abilities are not seen. An unusual skill can boast except that another local silence: this representative of the family of eared seal along Nick Klima has learned to rinse the throat with medical solutions for the treatment of colds.

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