Temple Tigger

Before entering Krabi (if you follow from Phuket), a pointer to the city and the airport stands on the fork. To get into Temple Tigger enough to choose the road to the left – To the airport and 4.5 km turn to the left (near the Large Supermarket Teso). It will remain overcome only 1.5 km along the forest road to the Tiger Temple.

Temple Tigger – Cave Temple of Buddha. Legends argue that a tiger dwell earlier in this place and held the entire district in fear. But by the beginning of the 20th century, a tiger left and came to meditate Buddhist monks. Monks still lead their services here – They are easy to identify orange clothes. And even during the visit of the temple itself at the entrance to the hand you will be tiered by a thin ribbon on happiness!

Tiger Temple Attractions Krabi Travel Guide

Next to the cave is a great observation deck decorated in the form of pagoda. To get to it you need to rise by 600 m along the steps going through the rainforest. Places the staircase is pretty cool. There is a tradition – take the top of at least 1 liter of drinking water to fill standing at the top of the Chan in the sign of concern about those who got it was not easy.

In the jungle themselves are amazing little hut, 2 m. kv.– This is just «apartments» Monakhs. All life simple, immediately hidden clothes are shown and an open kitchen is. In the forest and small caves around the monks prefer to meditate.

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