Tiger monastery will remain without tigers

Dozens of buses daily, as usual, are still brought to tourists to the famous Buddhist "Tiger monastery" In the province of Kanchanaburi in Thailand. However, in a few weeks, this abode, where people and animals will peacefully coexist, will most likely empty.

According to Thai PBS TV channel, the Department of National Parks and the Wildlife Protection Department of Thailand completes the latest preparations for the removal of wild animals from the territory of the monastery. 146 Tigers living here at the age of 3 to 7 years will be exported to the neighboring province of Ratchaburi, where new cells and enclosures were built for them. To care for animals will now be no monks, but civil servants.

Problems of U "Tiger monastery" Began at the beginning of February, when the department’s officials accused monks in involvement in trading wild animals. In the abode were searches, and on all the animals living there were imposed arrest.

Operation on the removal of tigers from the monastery is expected to begin not earlier than in two weeks. To participate in it will be attracted by the police and soldiers, since the Department fears that the monks will stand on the defense of their pets. In early April, dozens of the inhabitants of the monastery have already tried to impede the actions of officials of the Department, exporting bears from his territory.

Buddhist monastery with difficult-acting for an inexperienced person name "Wat Pa Luangt Boua Yanasampanno" No difference from hundreds of others until 1999, when the locals brought there the first Tigrenka, who remained without a mother who was killed by poachers. From this point on, the monastery began to take and tame little predators. Most of the tigers living here now were born already in monastic walls. And the abode itself, which has become extremely popular with tourists after publication in the journal National Geographic an exciting article about this place, is more often called "Tigrin monastery".

Daily comes here a few hundred tourists. Among the ours this place, in view of its remoteness from the main resort places of Thailand, is not particularly popular. However, the Monastery comes the crowds of the British, Japanese, Americans and Australians. For $ 20 of anyone who wants in daytime will be launching inside and even allow you to take a picture, putting your hand on the yellow-black body of a predator. Tigerine "business hours" coincide with the midday Side, and a huge cats are painful on the scorching sun, they are indifferent to the crowds who. They even allow them to take themselves after the tail or put their heads on their knees.

Tiger monastery will remain without tigers

"Tiger monastery" more similar not to the current temple, but on the entertainment center for tourists. On its territory there is even an ATM, and Buddhist monks can be seen only posing before the cameras.

A few years ago, anyone could meditate in the company of monks. However, later in the monastery they realized that most visitors are not interested in spiritual practices, but extreme communication with tigers.

In Thailand, no more than 200 tigers have been preserved in the wildlife. However, in zoos and safari parks of the country now there are 1328 of these predators.

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