Tiger Arena in Hue

Beasts are killing without having a choice – they need to eat to live. People do it for their own fun, whims, profit, or in favor of the invented gods. Bitter traces of perverted morality can be found in all corners of the globe. Here and here, in Hyuu, there is such an imprint.

Tiger Arena in Hue. Photo Credit: La Residence Hue Hotel & SPA Mgallery by Sofitel, Flick

Local Colosseum was built by one of the Vietnamese emperors in 1830. Let not be so large-scale and impressive as his Roman fellow, he nevertheless he did not infer the latter in cruelty, t.To. Was the arena for deadly battle elephants with tigers.

Tiger Arena. Photo Credit: Greg Willis, Flick. Staircase for the emperor.

Animal injury – the so-called fights of tigers with elephants, were here one of the popular entertainment of the ruling Dynasties of Nguyen long before the Tiger Arena was built (Tiger Arena / Hổ QUYềN).

Initially, the purpose of such &# 171; fights&# 187; was to wean elephants afraid of tigers. There are many tigers in the mountains, seeing the untrained elephant is retrieved, prepared by &# 8212; himself attacks predator.

Fights without rules

The so-called battles were held, just in the field, in the open sky. But after the danger for the audience became too obvious – first in the process of the slaughter, one of the elephants’ tamers was crushed, and then almost got the next emperor – decided to build an amphitheater for security reasons.

Brick Arena was built on the southern shore of the fragrant river, not far from the imperial citadel. "Spectator" assumed certain places for the emperor, mandarins, soldiers and ordinary people. Inside the walls of the arena were alcove, where tigers held before the slaughters. Elephants started through through arched opening – entrance to the arena.

Cells with tigers. Photo Credit: Skphotoonline, Flick

Tiger Arena. Photo Credit: Hà Viết Hải, Flick

Stone bag for tigers. Photo Credit: Michael Cleveland, Flick

Entrance for elephants. Photo Credit: Graham Duggan, Flick

Tiger Arena in Hue

&# 171; fights without rules&# 187; also have symbolic meanings. Thus, the emperors "finely hinted" on their superiority and invincibility. The fact is that elephants in Southeast Asia &# 8212; This is a symbol of unsurpassed strength and royal power, while tigers, in particular in Vietnam &# 8212; Associated with rebels. As a result, the free children of the jungle must be defeated. Well, for the "Celebration of Justice", it was necessary to provide potential advantage of elephants. For which tigers, in front of the fight were driven into the shadow, tightly tied and pulled their teeth, claws, and also sometimes pumped out drugs. Whether there was a fight or soon &# 8212; open question.

Duel elephants were in honor and were considered to be holy animals, because Bedolagg with honors were buried. Not far from Tiger Arena, meters in 200 are the cemetery of elephants and the Temple of Long Chau (Palace of Plasting Elephants).

Since the Nguyen dynasty, battles were held once a year and were accompanied by solemn, pompous ceremonies. With music, floral carpets and fragrant smoking. The last time the bloodthirsty cerimary was held here in 1904.

Archival photos of Arena. Photo Credit: SAIGONEER

Tiger Arena. Photo Credit: SAIGONEER

How to get to Tiger Arena

Tiger Arena is located a few kilometers from Hue, so you can drive it on a bike or bike. From the railway station to the West, on Bùi Thị Xuân. Approximately 2.5 km will be an intersection with Huyền Tern Công Chúa &# 8212; landmark from which 300 meters down and left.

Tiger Arena in Hue

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