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So our first day went to the end in Asturias. Impressions are even debugging, but there is perhaps ahead of us, perhaps the most pleasant – dinner in one of the best local restaurants specializing in typical Asturian cuisine – "Tierra Astur". We advise you not to read this story on the hungry stomach .

In fact, "Tierra Astur" – a whole network of restaurants in the region, the first of which was opened in 1997, in Oviedo.

Quickly deserve popularity and positive visitors’ reviews, Tierra Astur brand began to spread, opening new restaurants in Gijon, Aviles and Koyoto.

By the way, officially, Tierra Astur is, first of all, Sidrilla and only then the restaurant. Those who have been in Asturias know that in this part of Spain the main national drink is not the wine, but a cider. It is in the Asturias that 80% are produced this drink and registered controlled name by the origin of the cider – D.O.P Sidra de Asturias.

So, we arrived at the restaurant "Tierra Astur" in the city of Gijon. Already at the entrance it becomes clear that we hit an exclusive institution. Here, the comfort of guests clearly appreciate and delightfully smells all sorts of "goodies".

******************* deserves an unusual interior of the restaurant. It looks very modern, cozy, but, at the same time, it exceeds the local flavor.

The main character of the entire design of the hall is Cider! It is Cider who is the most ************ among low-alcohol drinks in Sevra Spain. There are more than 100 varieties of cider produced from sweet, sour-sweet or sour apples, carbonated or slightly diluted, filtered or classic.

Huge wooden barrels served as an excellent element of the thematic decor, the tables are installed inside each of them, which allows you to retire with the company, hiding from the eyes of the neighbors and enjoy dinner in an intimate atmosphere.

But the main element of the decor is not even barrels, but bottles of cider. There are such a quantity here that even the lighting of the room is changing, becoming some kind of mysterious greenish.

Even boxes from the bottles were useful, creating an interesting ceiling texture. Truly, waste-free production!

Another attractive and having element is something like "Cooking Show", that is, the opportunity for guests of the restaurant contemplate the cooking process. Even bread baked here is cut in front of visitors.

And the open kitchen, located directly near the hall, allows guests restaurant to evaluate not only the skill of the chefs, but also the quality of the products used and the purity, which cannot but cause trust and location.

Here is this "mini-shelf" from dishes. We managed to take a picture, but we did not order it, otherwise I would have to stay here for a couple of days, at once such a dish is difficult to mask it.

And receiving such an appetizing "plateau" (translated from. "Dish"), you can only regret that the stomach is not dimensionless. It looks so tasty and homely that desires clearly exceed the possibility.

There is also a big grill here, apparently it is he distributes that attractive smell of dishes cooked on the fire that you feel on the threshold.

Another, the so-called "chip", which gives the restaurants "Tierra Astur" additional exclusivity – these are small shops located here and offering to buy local, very typical for Asturian cuisine, products.

Hamona, cheeses, sausages and much more under the same brand name "Tierra Astur".

Prices are quite acceptable for traditional, typical and high-quality products that are not ashamed to bring as a delicious souvenir from Asturias.

Tierra Astur - Acquaintance with Gastronomy Asturia - Madrid, Spain Blogs and travel notes of tourists

And our dinner began with immersion in the history of the production of local cheeses, which, by the way, are the second, after cider, the national product and gastronomic pride.

Our trophy, after passing the lecture and master class on cheese, has become a large cheese … not even a plate, but a board. In addition to a beautiful presentation, the dish carried and the semantic load of fastening the material passed, each piece of cheese was gently signed. Variety of tastes, and prices impressive. From soft smoked cheese, called "Queso Ahumado de Pria", to the best Asturian varieties – "Queso Cableles" and "Queso Gamoneo", which are up to 20 euros per 1 kg.

And this video with a detailed lecture on the sets of Asturias

Tasty having to have all sorts of cheeses, we started the main dishes. After all that seemed here earlier, it was no longer necessary to hope for the normal size of serving. Moreover, prices were pleased to be pleased, that’s such a large tray with meat assorted cost only 22 euros. And "Three storey shelf", to the failure of seafood and designed for 4 people – 70 euros.

Well, of course, it was not without cider. I must say that the process of consumption of this amber drink is an integer. If you just hide yourself a glass of cider and you will pull it out during dinner, you will become the subject of ridicule and oblique views of local residents.

A specially trained waiter, called "Escanciador", scolding off the bottle, raises it to the maximum possible height (theoretically, the optimal height is 2 meters) and the cider pours on the wall of the glass. It is said that it is with this method of filing that the beverage taste is maximally revealed, due to oxygen.

Cider is stored here in such baths, at a temperature of 12-15 degrees. Pouring should be a little, drink in one sunset and pour again.

Professionalism of waiters in the filing of cider is very valued. Tierra Astur even special advanced training courses for Sidriry waiters.

Folded, satisfied and slightly drunk in a large number of positive emotions received in the day, we went to rest. After all, ahead of us is waiting for so much interesting in pleasantly surprising Asturias!

Tierra Astur - Acquaintance with Gastronomy Asturia - Madrid, Spain Blogs and travel notes of tourists

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