Tirgarian Park in Berlin

Tiergarten – A huge park of impressive sizes, located in the heart of Berlin on the square in more than 200 hectares. In addition to its own magnificence, the park surprises architectural monuments and attractions.

The history of the park originates in the 16th century. It was in those days that local forests served as a hunting ground for the royal nobility, because in the once marsh places there was a huge amount of game. Not in vain «Tirgard» translated meaning. Green plantings cease to have value for hunting lovers with the coming to power of Friedrich I, and finally the park acquires a modern view during Friedrich II. Old hunters routes turned into divergent trails that resemble star rays.

Tiergarten Park in Berlin Attractions Berlin Travel Guide

In sunny weather, tourists walk through the shady, stretching in all directions to paths, and also attend one of the best beer pubs of the city on the shore of Lake Neuer. Among the alley stretched in all directions, you can admire the palace of Bellevue or the Church of St. Matthew, as well as to see Brinkle Krylon and go through the Square of the Great Otto he is Bismarck. In addition, the Park is adjacent Zoo, Brandenburg Gate and Cultural Center for Cultural Forum. In a word, the park absorbed the best samples of local culture.

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