Unified tickets to Acropolis and Museums Athens

A visit to museums and archaeological places in Athens – the pleasure is very expensive. Consider ourselves, only for visiting the Acropolis, a family of two adults in the summer should pay € 40, add to this trip to the National Archaeological Museum (€ 20) and walk through the ancient Agore (€ 20) and now minus € 80 from the family budget only For inspection of three places from the list of Must See (Winter Walk will cost a little cheaper). Fortunately, for lovers of cultural recreation, the Greeks came up with uniform tickets that allow you to save on the purchase of tickets. Total two tickets two: one archaeological places, the second for museums. Such a ticket allows you to attend interesting places much cheaper. If you are planning to actively watch historical places, we strongly recommend paying attention to these tickets, and we will talk about them in the framework of this article.

The cost of tickets in the Acropolis in winter

Unified ticket to Acropolis and other archaeological places

A single or combined ticket gives you the opportunity to see all the most famous archaeological places of Athens with a big discount. Savings, indeed, very large, but only in the summer, in winter, the benefit is almost imperceptible.

What places you can look at a single ticket

A single ticket allows tourists to visit the following sights:

  • Acropolis and His slopes (note that New Museum of Acropolis will have to pay separately)
  • Ancient Agora and Museum of Stara Atalla
  • Roman Agora I Tower of winds
  • Library Adriana
  • Temple of Zeus Olympic and Olympone
  • Cemetery Ceramicos and Museum
  • Lyceum Aristotle

List of places for a single ticket and their location on the map

How much is a single ticket and what kind of savings

Unified ticket regardless of year costs € 30. Perhaps this is the most economical comprehensive ticket that we met (and we tried such tickets in the Stambul, Hong Kong and St. Petersburg), but do not believe us for word, let’s consider it better. So, below shows the cost of tickets to all places included in a single ticket in the summer period (in winter a number of places offers tickets for the price of half cheaper).

  • Acropolis and its slopes: € 20
  • Ancient Agora: € 10
  • Roman Agora: € 8
  • Adrian Library: € 6
  • Temple of Zeus Olympic: € 8
  • Cemetery Ceramicos and Museum: € 8
  • Tickets to Acropolis and Museums Athens
  • Likeon: € 4

TOTAL: € 64 per person if you go to all these places. But it is enough to visit only three places to save several euros, and if you send over everything, the discount will be more than 50%. In winter, there is no such benefit (as the tickets are half cheaper), so if there are no visits to all seats, you should not bother the ticket in the winter period, you can safely buy tickets at the entrance.

Single ticket to Acropolis

Where to buy a ticket and how much it acts

Please note that the ticket is valid only 5 days. You can buy a single ticket only at the cash desks of archaeological places. There are no opportunities to buy it in advance (they promise that soon this opportunity will appear, but they have been promised for 5 years). Therefore, if you plan to use a comprehensive ticket, then you do not need to buy it at the cash desk, where there is always a turn (in the winter of 10-15 minutes, in the summer in the queue you can lose a couple of hours). It is much more convenient to go to Olympone or a leaker, where the queues are less and take a single ticket there, and then without a queue at the cashier to visit the Acropolis.

The queue in the cashier of the Acropolis early in the morning in the winter (10 minutes you lose)

Unified Ticket – Conclusions and Tips

The price of a single ticket € 30, the ticket is valid for 5 days, makes it possible to visit seven historical places, including the Acropolis, you can only buy it at the checkout, buying better in low-transmitted places in order not to spend time on line.

Normal ticket to Olympone

Going twice one ticket will not work, the system notes and cuts out such attempts. Restore the lost ticket is also unlikely to succeed. If you do not plan to visit the Acropolis, then there is no sense in such a ticket a special. A single ticket to the Acropolis is economically beneficial in summer, winter savings will not be so great.

Museum map of Athens

If you know most of the tourists in the Acropolis in preparation for the trip, almost no one writes about the museum map. Probably, this is due to the fact that travelers do not really like to go to museums and therefore do not interest how to save on input tickets. If you are one of those who go to museums or do not know how to save a rainy day in Athens, pay attention to a single ticket to Athenian museums.

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What seats can be viewed on the museum map

The museum united ticket includes only a few museums, but among them almost all are in the list of Must See:

  • National Archaeological Museum
  • Museum of Christian and Byzantine Art
  • Museum of Numismatics
  • Epigraphic Museum of Athens

How much is the museum map and what kind of savings

The Museum Map of Athens will cost you at € 15 and will make it well to save if you visit all four museums in the summer. In winter, tickets and so with a discount and the benefit of a single museum ticket looks doubtful.

  • National Archaeological Museum – € 10
  • Museum of Christian and Byzantine Art – € 8
  • Numismatics Museum – € 6
  • Afigraphic Athens Museum – € 4

TOTAL: € 28 per person if you go to all listed museums. Summer savings will be almost 50%.

Tickets to the National Archaeological Museum in winter are sold with a 50% discount

Where to buy a single ticket in museums and how much it acts

As a single ticket to the Acropolis to buy such a ticket, you can only at the box office of these four museums, while it should be asked about it, because, for example, in the Archaeological Museum about this option it was written with small letters, which is easy to not notice. There is such a ticket only 3 days.

Museum Card – Conclusions and Tips

The price of a single ticket € 15, the ticket is valid for 3 days, makes it possible to visit four museums, including the national archaeological, it is possible to buy it only at the checkout.

Instead of imprisonment

Like most European towns of Athens take care of tourists and do everything possible so that travelers actively attend the sights. Discounts in winter time and integrated tickets allow economical travelers to see the most as much as much as possible. Add to this a fairly good selection of free attractions in Athens and we can assume that you can look at the Greek capital very budget. Interesting and inexpensive travels!

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Tickets to Acropolis and Museums Athens

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