Grand Prix of Formula 1 in Shanghai and Barcelona, ​​VIP tickets Paddock Club

Last time we told about the F1 Grand Prix Hungary, And now, as promised, it will be about stages in Spain and China. Fundamental differences of one stage from another no. Except, perhaps, is the night race in Singapore, and even that, only in start time. Therefore, the technology of organizing an independent trip to Formula 1 is the same: first purchased tickets for airplane And the race itself, a hotel for Booking.Com or Agoda.Com And if necessary, visas are made to the country where the stage passes. All you are on royal races! &# 128578; To begin with, we will briefly tell about the Spanish stage Formula-1 (Gran Premio de Espana Pirelli), held on the Catalunya Autodoma (Circuit de Catalunya). By the way, in 2014, he passes from 9 to 11 May and if you wonder where to go to the May holidays, it is a great option. But such a trip will be spent the cost – F1 is a very expensive sport. Tickets for Spanish Stage Formula 1 can be bought on the official site Royal races and ticket prices start from € 150 per person for three days. On the site of the autodroma there are tickets and cheaper: from € 130 for 3 days, and you can also buy a ticket for one day. On the site you can choose our when ordering tickets, so even those who do not have foreign languages ​​will easily cope with this task.

Feels like the Grand Prix of Formula 1 in Spain collects a little more viewers than in Hungary. You yourself can judge the fullness of the tribune.

Well, the barbs … they are the same everywhere: fast and noisy. &# 128578;

And now the most interesting is the Chinese stage of the Royal Racing F1 (中国 大奖赛). He passes in Shanghai, on Shanghai International Circuit Autodoma. Tickets are sold in the same place, on the official site and compared to European, cost almost twice cheaper. For example, the initial price for tickets is $ 71 in two days. How do you remember in Hungary and Spain tickets are about € 150.

About the Grand Prix of China I would like to tell in more detail, since we were lucky enough to see the race not only from the stands, but also take a walk in Pitleyna, go into boxes of teams and watch them, how cars are preparing for the race. And all because our friends gave us VIP tickets Paddock Club, the price of which is about € 4000. But believe me – they are worth it, especially if you are not indifferent to Formula 1.

So, the Chinese Paddock Club, unlike many European, provides places not only on the second floor of docks, but also in separate, specially built spacious and air-conditioned restaurant halls, located directly above the racing route. This senior is called "Club Suite" And it was there that were our places. The fact of the availability of air conditioners is undoubtedly pleased, as in Shanghai there is an incredible heat, even despite the rain. In the photo below, there are almost no one in the stands – we just arrived on the road at approximately 2.5 hours before the start of the race, so the circumstances.

Through a table from us, Keanu Rivz was sitting with the company, but we did not begin to photograph him, keeping in the framework of decency. Everywhere hangs screens for which the race is broadcast in real time. The cost of tickets includes champagne, non-alcoholic beverages and various cold snacks.

It is over the racing route, in two symmetrical "Sheds". The photo is clearly visible one of these "Sheds" In a place where the roof of the rostrum ends – with the inscription "Sinopec". Hence remarkably visible and docks, Pitleyn, and starting positions.

By the way, as well as on other autodromes, here you can catch the lot of licensed souvenirs with symbols F1 and participating teams.

Before starting the race Pilots do "Circle greeting" On the roof of this bus stylized under the Formula 1 car.

Well, we go to the holy of saints – the garages of the teams! The sign at the entrance to the zone prohibits video recording on the territory of docks, but we, honestly, do not know for whom it hangs here – a lot of people filmed video without any consequences. &# 128578; We also removed several little rollers, and one of them will show a little lower.

Look at the docks, what’s there? &# 128578;

Ferrari dock. The guys are preparing for the rehearsals of the pit stop.. Oh, these Italians, from all make an idea.

I must say that in addition to them, no one has shown that, everything was quietly painted their cars in the garages. &# 128578;

And here is the promised video – the rehearsal of the pit stop in the execution of the Ferrari team. Sorry for quality, filmed on the soap of 2007, and our mirror did not know how to remove the video at that time.

Command-telemetry center Spyker.

But the McLaren-Mercedes.

V "Guest" At the BMW SAUBER F1 team. &# 128578;

Tickets Paddock Club - Formula 1 Grand Prix with Shanghai and Barcelona

And this dock team Toyota.

This season, Ralph Schumacher performed for Toyota, here and his car. On the title Photos of this post, too, he.

The Honda team rolls out its plane to the starting position.

The girl works the crowd manager. &# 128578;

And this is the very semipping car, which is released on the track with any incidents.

And the start race itself. Discontinued from above, from a restaurant car from our balcony "Tribunes".

Well, after completion of the arrival, we were expected to be a colorful theatrical stage closing ceremony in a fully chinese style. &# 128578;

Recently, the Grand Prix of Formula 1 is becoming increasingly popular in Russia: the our team appeared "Marussia Motors", The races of the Kremlin Embankment in Moscow are held annually, in Sochi appeared on an autodrome, where this year one of the steps of royal races will be held.

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Travel agencies also do not sleep and offer batch tours with visits to races and sometimes these tours even go cheaper than independent organization of the trip. If you love cars and races, be sure to visit one of the formula stages – this is nothing increasing!

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