Tickets of Hong Kong Taiwan – where to buy how much it costs how to save?

In October 2015, one of the leading air carriers of Russia went bankrupt – the company Transaero. It was the only airline that made direct flights from Moscow to the capital of the Republic of China or simply to Taiwan. In general, the situation with Direct flights Moscow-Taipei It has always been difficult, on our memory, direct flights were introduced for about once every 2-3 years, and then canceled, so most tourists and businessmen who want to get to the Formozo, are forced to fly with a transplant. Most often, such a transit point becomes Hong Kong Airport Chkeclappkok. Firstly, it is convenient, because regular flights are sent to Hong Kong every day, and secondly, it is comfortable, because from Hong Kong to Taiwan flies for several flights per hour (and not only in Taipei), so you can always lay transplant with a margin if you are afraid that you do not have time for an hour.

If you look at the departure scoreboard from Hong Kong, then flights to Taiwan more than 20 for 3.5 hours

Which airlines fly from Hong Kong to Taiwan

Several airlines fly from Hong Kong to Taiwan, and flights are carried out not only in the capital – the city of Taipei, but also to other cities, for example, to Kaohsiung.

Airlines flying to Hong Kong – Taipei flights:

  • Cathay Pacific
  • Eva Air
  • DragonAir (new name Cathay Dragon)
  • China Airlines
  • Hong Kong Airlines

On the route Hong Kong – Kaohsiun:

  • DragonAir (new name Cathay Dragon)
  • China Airlines
  • Mandarin
  • Tickets from Hong Kong to Taiwan, Taipei Hong Kong flights

From Hong Kong in Taichung you will be transported:

  • Mandarin
  • DragonAir (new name Cathay Dragon)
  • HK Express

We flew from Hong Kong only in Taipei, and then moved along the Taiwan on the train or car. Usually we choose for the flight Eva, China Airlines or Hong Kong Airlines. In principle, they are all about the same, so we take on that flight, which is convenient in time or is very different at the price of a smaller side. To fly only about one and a half hours, so even if you don’t like something, you can accept it and next time you do not fly.

Snack from China Airlines on the route Hong Kong – Taiwan

For those who are used to compare airline among themselves, we decided to make a sign so that it was from what to choose. We compare only airlines that fly Hong Kong – Taipei. If it seems to you that we missed something important and you need to add, or found a mistake, we will be happy if you inform us about it in the comments.

Cathay Pacific Eva Air Cathay Dragon China Airlines Hong Kong Airlines
Travel time 1:45 1:40 1:50 1:50 2:10
Manual jack 7 kg 7 kg 5 kg 7 kg 7 kg
Baggage 20 kg 23 kg 20 kg 20 kg 20 kg
Food snacks snacks snacks snacks snacks
The average price of the ticket $ 400-500 $ 300-400 $ 300-400 $ 200-250 $ 150-250
Loyalty program Asia Miles and Marco Polo No Marco Polo Skyteam Fortune Wings Club
Site Click Click Click Click Click

In the transit zone of Hong Kong Airport, all carriers are near

How much is a Hong Kong Taiwan ticket and is it possible to save?

Over the past couple of years, Hong Kong tickets – Taipei fell significantly. If five years ago, fly back cheaper than 250-350 dollars was difficult, now at the expense of carrier growth, on a number of flights you can buy tickets of $ 150-200, cheaper tickets from Hongkong Airlines and China Airlines (not confused with Air China) but Cathay still has three skins for his service. Unfortunately, on this route, cheap tickets (for example, for $ 30-50) do not happen – thousands of businessmen fly daily from the island to Hong Kong and back. In addition, it is worth remembering that on the days of large exhibitions the price of tickets is significantly increasing. For example, the price of the Hong Kong Taipei ticket for flights per day before the start of Computex’s computer exhibition is unlikely to be below $ 500. Another important point that is worth remembering – the first and last flight from Hong Kong to Taipei and on the contrary, too, as a rule, more expensive day.

Calendar Cheap tickets Hong Kong – Taipei

Where to buy a ticket Hong Kong Taiwan?

Flights Hong Kong – Taipei We buy or using Aviasales, Skyscanner type aggregators or directly on the airline’s website, and it happens at Hong Kong Airport. If this is a targeted trip to Taiwan and we need to issue a visa, we are looking for cheap options on Aviasales and buy either through them, or then on the airline’s website, if it is cheaper. If we already have a visa, then usually usually at the airport ticket office in Hong Kong – sometimes an hour before the departure price of the ticket will fall significantly. &# 128521; If you need to quickly and without headaches, then there is definitely Aviasales – only 10 minutes and emails are already in your post.

Flight from Hong Kong to Taipei is very short, just soared and landing

Conclusion or several useful tips

At the end of the article on the tickets of Hong Kong – Taiwan, we would like to give a few tips that will save time, money and nerves.

  • If you fly to Taiwan with a change in Hong Kong, then definitely register your luggage to the final item. Then you can save time, because you will not need to go to the zone of obtaining baggage (which is located behind the customs area).
  • If there is a task to save, it is better not to consider tickets for the first and last flights, they are always crowded and cost more.
  • Be sure to see the calendar of events. For example, we fly to Computex usually a few days earlier than the main stream, which allows you to save up the extra $ 200-300 dollars on three, it is better to spend this money on a hotel in Taipei and see the city, even if it is not your money, and an employer.
  • Unfortunately, sometimes it turns out that you come to the flight, but there are no seats. Do not panic and download rights, most likely you will be sent to the next flight (usually during the clock pair) without any surcharge.

Here, perhaps, all that we wanted to tell you about the tickets Hong Kong – Taiwan. Pleasant travel and soft landing.

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