Tibet is the birthplace of all the highest mountains of the earth

Tibet is "Roof of the world". This name at one time was assigned to this mountainous country by the British, finding that Tibet is the birthplace of all the highest mountains on the planet Earth. In addition, Tibet is literally languid by Buddhist monasteries, including very ancient, as well as in the scientific world there are steady rumors that Tibet is the birthplace of a "snow man" &# 8211; Yet, Although some scientists suggest that he came there from Nepal. However, if you look at the root, then what is the difference between Tibet and Nepal?

But we will not get ahead, but start from the very beginning and in order. so, A tourist trip to Tibet can be issued in two ways:

1) On one’s own. To do this, before submitting documents for a visa to China, you need to call the Chinese Agency "Tibet Tourist Office" and try to get a whole bunch of permission from them.

2) Contact any Tibetan tourist firm, and she organizes you all this herself without any nervous. It will be, of course, it is more expensive, but slightly. Each "overpanded" cent will pay off with more than.

Best (through the same travel agency) Order The easiest option that includes guide services and the rental of "SUV" with the driver. The cost of such a tour will vary within 1500-2500 euros, and travel duration &# 8211; a week. The price includes everything you need – all the necessary permissions, hotel and tickets. Food, though at your own expense.

First Travel Stage – This is a flight from Beijing (or Shanghai) by plane to the capital of Tibet &# 8211; Lhasa. There are also flights from Cenda, but it’s better to get to Lhasa from Beijing. For lovers of railway trips can be recommended go tibet by train – the most highly mountain train in the world, since this railway line often passes through areas lying on an altitude of 4.5 kilometers above sea level. Unforgettable types of "roofs of the world" and the thrill with this way of movement are provided to you.

Upon arrival in Lhasa first It is worth viewing the city center.

Historical reference: Although Lhasa was founded back in the 6th century, but the significant center of Tibet became only 900 years later, when it became an impressive size when Tibet became the center of trade between China and India. There remained unchanged since then only the central part of the city with his temples and palaces, and the most monumental them – Potala. It was built on the grief in those days when this mountain was not part of the city, but when the city rummaged with the Chinese, the palace was right in the center of the modern part of Lhasa. Behind the mountain is a cozy green park, surrounded by a small picturesque lake.

Also for inspection interesting and summer Residence of Dalai Lama – Norbulinkka Palace – It is located outside the city and is a beautiful park complex.

Any tourist who arrived in the Alpine Lhasa, which is located at an altitude of 3.650 meters above sea level, you need Lenzy in the city at least two days – it is necessary to pass the first stage of acclimatization to highlight conditions, because all other Tibetan attractions are even higher than Lhasa, and many are significantly. During this time, you can explore as a historic center, where the Tibetans, and the modern part of the city, and the modern part of the city, are mostly lived from the worldly bustle of the city,.

Most Tibetans, in contrast to the Chinese, live in bad conditions, but this is due not to the poverty of the population, but by cultural customs of the local ethnic. In the "Chinese city" conditions are radically different from the "Tibetan city" &# 8211; Wide avenues, chic boutiques and trendy restaurants with supermarkets personify the offensive of civilization on this abode of medieval archaisma. If you do not want to spend money on a taxi, then for the inspection of the city you can take advantage of the bike. You can rent it right in the same hotel in which you stopped.

Tibet is the birthplace of all the highest mountains of the earth

One of the most exotic culinary sights of Tibet is Oil tea – It is ordinary black tea, mixed with yak and salt oil, helps to cope with high-rise disease. Another classic Tibetan dish – Tsampa, It is prepared from barley flour on boiling water with the addition of yak oil.

The most popular tourist route leading from Lhasa is Trip to Base Camp Everest, Having occupying two days by car on mountain roads that look very decently, and in some areas it is easily allowed to move at a speed of up to 160 km / h.

On the way, you visit the second most important city of Tibet – Shigatse, in which there is a palace for the residence of the second Tibetan Lama. On the way between Lhasa and Shigatse you will see The most high mountain lake in the world – Namtso (5000 m above sea level). It is salty (heritage of his ancient ocean origin), but so clean, transparent and picturesque, that the mass of impressions from his contemplation is provided to you. In the green valley in which it is located, there is not a single settlement, there are only worst shepherds with their numerous herds.

In the area of ​​the Camp Everest you can visit the most Highly reflected Tibetan monastery (5500 m above sea level), from the walls of which opens Beautiful view and Jomolungma, And on all other "eighties", visually built in almost a row one by one. In the camp itself, 50-60 people serving staff, consisting of both Tibetans, and from the Chinese who are engaged in the organization of tourists at the foot of Everest and the sale of a wide variety of souvenirs. It is from here that all expeditions are departed, conquering the highest peak in the world.

Contrary to popular belief that all Tibetans consider the aliens-Chinese invaders very erroneous, despite even the bloody events that occurred in Lhasa in 2008, when some of the most conservative monks tried to raise a riot against the authorities of China. The problem lies only in the Dalai Lama itself, which is inciting all these anti-Chinese moods in the struggle for power. If he agreed to return to China and submit to the Chinese authorities, the complete harmony would come in Tibet, especially considering the fact that it was thanks to the Chinese, Tibet’s economy is now experiencing a significant, unprecedented rise, and Tibetan infrastructure takes a civilized species.

The more calmer in Tibet, the greater the profits give the tourist business, and not alive alone in this province to the Chinese. This fact is very important in this regard: the famous fighter for the independence of Tibet, who wrote on this topic in his time a very sharp book ("Tibet, Tibet") – Patrick Frenc, in 2002, at the invitation of Chinese authorities, visited this mountainous country. What he saw there was so shocked him that upon arrival home He immediately quit the directors of the International Organization "Movement for Independent Tibet" and recommended all Western politicians, looted on the topic of "Tibetan independence" to quit this ungrateful business and promote China In the future, the economic and cultural development of this cradle of classical Buddhism.

Tibet is the birthplace of all the highest mountains of the earth

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