Tiberia — This is a city tourism city, the fourth attendance Tourist Center of Israel, located on the southwest shore of the picturesque lake Kinereeth, and below sea level. Local hot springs, mention of which can be found in the Bible, turned into a thermal resort immediately after the city of Tiberia was founded here at the beginning of our era. Modern Tiberia consists of 3 parts: This is the old town on the coast of Lake Kinetet, the new district of Kiryat – Shmuel, and the Tiberia-Ilit district, located on top of the hill.

Tiberia — This ancient city in Galilee, which is located on the West Bank of Lake Kinereeth (otherwise – the Tivsel or Galilee Sea), and just like Jerusalem, Safed and Hebron is one of the four sacred cities for Jews. This is a picturesque beautiful place with narrow winding streets and old houses built from a black basalt, which give the city a special charm.

Tens of thousands of tourists flock tens of thousands to visit the national shrines, which are in abundance: Rambama Tombs, Rabbi Aviva and Johnana Ben-Zakaya.

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What is interesting to see in Tiberias?

Top attractions Tveria

Monastery on the mountain of Nagorno Protection


Church of St. Peter

Hot springs Tveria

Mount Bornancie

Hamat-Tiberia National Park

Scottish Museum

Jewish courtyard

Falling tower

Tiberias: excursions and events

A variety of recreation opportunities in Tiberias and its magnificent surroundings, as well as certainly a convenient location and the ability to make excursions to Galilee and Golan, recently turned tiber into this Center for Tourism. Romantic vacation or active and fruitful vacation for the whole family, as well as a convenient database for traveling along the northern Lands of Israel – all this you will certainly find in Tiberia – the resort center of the whole Galilee and the region of the valleys.

You want to distract from the casual faded hassle? They missed romantics? Then go to the fascinating swimming on the kinetheet with mysterious moonlight. You realized that you, perhaps, you need to establish relationships in the family? The best way to the world in the house is a joint active rest, for example, a trip to Galilee or Hollamen and motorboat riding. Be sure to come to Tiberia. 4 thousand hotel rooms are waiting for you at this wonderful resort, ranging from rooms in the luxurious five-star hotels of the international level and ending with the numbers in the humble hotels of youth type – everything depends on your desires and opportunities.

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Most of the hotels of Tiberia have sports halls and saunas, spacious swimming pools, entertainment programs are held in the evenings. In the winter months, tourists are given weighty discounts.

History of Tveria

Climate in Tveria

The climate in Tiberia is extremely soft, as the city is located below sea level. As a result, there is never cold here. In the summer months, the air temperature in Tiberia rises in the afternoon to mark +36°C, however, in winter it can descend to + 8-10°C.

Tiberias: entertainment and active rest

Since 1955, on the basis of 17-seater sources, the temperature in which reaches +63 °C, and therapeutic mud called «Pyloma» There is a large balneological tour accomplished chame-tiber. Mineral waters of these unique natural sources originate at the depth of the opposite of 2 km. In the vicinity of this complex, as well as near the lakes there are wonderful holiday homes.

Since the tiberia is located below the sea level, there is never cold here, so the beaches and all sorts of water entertainment are available in Tiberia during the year. In addition, everyone can make an exciting horse riding horse. Popular in Tver and Kayaking on the Jordan River, as well as unhurried cycling along the shores of the lake.

Transport features Tveria

Local route taxis in Tiberia are absent, so tourists are recommended to use ordinary taxi.

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