Thuringia – Green Kingdom of German lands

In the very center of federal lands, on a relatively small plot of land is located ThuringiaGreen heart Germany. She leads his chronicle from the 5th century, currently in the composition of Thuringias includes seven principalities, united in 1920.

Hyuni National Park

For his, rather long history, Thuringia had many nicknames, but only one thing was firmly fixed Green heart Germany. It is obtained due to a huge mountain range. Thuringian forest incredibly huge and amazingly beautiful. It is the main part of the natural wealth of the region and the only one Hyuni National Park.

Jungle Thuringia Civilization bypassed. The local nature has almost completely retained the virginity of their forests. Thanks to the created Path hyphelveg, You can go through the whole forest and enjoy its beauties, its length is 165 km. In addition to this hiking trail in the park there are some more interesting routes, including children’s. In total in Hainee about 7,000 km of a wide variety of paths and roads.

Summer Thuringian forest Ideal for hiking and cycling. Here you can walk even by "Top trees". This original trail runs at an altitude of 44 m and has several hundred meters long. Winter happily meets skiers on Oberhof’s slopes, which is quite reasonable Ski Mecca Germany.

Healing sources

The lands of the ancient Thuringia are famous for their health resort and healing sources, Attend which you can visit all year round, thanks to the soft climate of the region. Here is a huge number of different wellness, spa and wellness centers. The water of each source has an individual chemical composition and healing properties. That is why in Thuringias so many cities with the prefix Bad, These are city resorts.

Capital Erfurt

Appreciate the beauty and historical significance of the ancient land is impossible without local attractions, and they are here everywhere. City of Erfurt flowers not just the capital, this is a real architectural museum. The centuries-old history gathered a whole collection of temples, cathedrals, monasteries in the style of Gothic or Renaissance, here you can see even well-saved houses of Roman patrician.

World Erfurt celebrity – Residential Most, unparent. The bridge connecting the shores of the river Gera was originally just a bridge, but so wide that It began to build at home and open shops. On the bridge that did not change his species since 1332, for a long time it was 64 houses with shops in the lower floors. Over time, the houses began to connect and now they are only 32, but in each of them, still, there are souvenir benches.


Thuringia - Green Kingdom of German lands

Baroque city, Weimar founded in 899. This is a beautiful city of Thuringia with an unusual history, which is described in detail by exposures of 20 local museums. This is a city that loved writers, poets and philosophers, which is why he has a nickname – Classic Weimar.


The German capital of science and technology is considered the university city Jena. Here it is The world’s largest center of the optical industry. Modernity and older have absolute harmony, perfectly complement each other. The most famous attraction is the old Church Mikhailskirche, where at the beginning of the 16th century read his sermons Martin Luther, It is here that his tombstone is kept.

Cities you need to visit

Traveling through Thuringia, you need to visit the homeland of playing cards in the gingerbread Altenburg, In the guardian city churches Mulhausen, In the favorite city of Martin Luther Gothic Eisenach and in his famous castle Vartburg, Speed ​​by Wagner in Opera "TANGEYER". All this is real historical and architectural treasures of the green region.

Life in Thuringia flows calmly and measured, and in local bakery, still, every morning bake fresh pastries. This is the territory of spiritual recreation and new impressions.

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