Lifeless pass

Weather forecasters are mistaken once, but constantly. Passed for the night -2 / -3, and frost frost -15. I woke up at 5 in the morning and could no longer fall asleep. Whatever the warmth was my tourist mat, the kidneys feel that I’m not at home under a woolen blanket – I always want to in the toilet. And this is how to enter outdoor space. Crap. Need to run. Cry: "Airborne Union, Airborne!"- fly out of the tent.

Sleeping bag is wet from the heat of my body and protruding on the surface of condensate. But if you jump out from the tent at least for a minute, it instantly freezes and turns into a crispy bedspread. Who watched the movie "Survivor", remembers how Di Caprio spent the night in the corpse of the horse, and in the morning I could not get out of it, because in the cold I was crying. So, every time with a crunch, opening my bedroom sash, I mentally smiled and thought that I was still fine. Everything is relative.

Since each sock is 100 grams in the total weight of the bags that you need to drag uphill, I tried to take a maximum of practical things. Termide of Merinos Wool – this is true, miracle. Easy, practical, compact, warm. For the night, knitted woolen socks put on and threw a fleece on the shoulders. The warm jacket always lay near the case of a climate panic, but never came in handy. In general, for strong sleep in non-standard conditions there is one good rule: you need to get ready to get ready for a good day before there is no strength to move. In this case, you sleep like a baby, and you do not notice strange sounds, rustles, knocks.

Experience is a bump that you need to fill on your own. No pink, lilac and pearl analogues of friends will not give you so much knowledge as you get yourself, hitting a non-standard situation. Waking up finally, went for water for the morning tea. Why, I think it is snowing, if there is a break. A bridge who ended in halfway. And before the water is still meter 3 in the snow. I cautiously tears from the bridge and wandered to the stream, intending to complete the mission. Made a couple of balls and failed on the belt in the snow. Fortunately, did not take the water – under the layer of snow was ice. Immediately remembered the laws of physics and the dependence of pressure from the area of ​​support. Therefore, farther to the water on the stomach and happily returned with the full pots of the future tea.

The higher the mountains rising, the stronger the temperature drops. Types around greatly change. Trees at 2 kilometers no longer grow, and I am surrounded by cold snow-covered rocks and the road cut down in the snow. Smells also disappear, and I understand that I did not notice that the air, which breathe in ordinary life, so tasty! With a mixture of foliage smell, soil, dust, human perfume and urban fuss. And here, on a snowy alpine rock, there is nothing. It becomes uncomfortable and want to go down faster.

At the upper point of Pass, Yulerapas Thermometer showed -20, and for the completeness of the feelings rose a strong wind, which he glanced to me in the face of barbed snow. I took off a couple of frames and rather began to go down to warm up a little.

Get warm on descent? Yes, a great joke! The slope of the road was such that as soon as I let the brakes, the bike acted to 70 km / h. Not safe and terribly cold. Of course, the Alpine roads are well cleared, but there are often small streams from the lowered snow, passing for which it is very slippery. The cold wind tears you to pieces, the fingers of the hands are generally turned into rapid ice – because they constantly have to compress the brakes. And even 2 pairs of warm gloves did not help.

For the day of the ride, I’m tired of cars and exhaust gases, so I was very happy when the navigator suggested that I drive the rest of the road along the bike path. I slowly rolled on a snowy gravel, which gradually turned into a forest path. Among the dirt and the miserable snow I met the night. The wheels are knitted in this porridge, and the slope was simply impossible for the ride, so I had to lie down from the bike and lead it in my hands. In a few hundred meters the road and ended at all.

I found myself in a dark forest in front of a rocky area, with a solid desire to reach the end. In front of me there was only a direction that I had to stick. I walked on the bike with all my body and pushed him on meter ahead. Then pinched the brakes and climbed after. Under the legs – a mixture from the snowing snow, slipping porridge from last year’s leaves and dirt. But come back it was further than wading through rocky thicket. I screamed and threw a bike, angry that I did not go along the normal road, but step by step moved to the campsite. When among the night I got to the end point in Lenz, it was on the ears in the mud, wet, exhausted and terribly angry. Something put a tent and collapsed to sleep.

Holidays in "Barsky" Kepe

I slept for a long time. During yesterday night, he spent all his strength. Today I will not go anywhere and spend time on vacation, walking and repairing bike. The host of the campsite told me that I am cool, and took the payment only in one night. Probably yesterday I looked very bad, since I did not want to take money. Since in Kepe almost there were no people, I could take any place. I put a tent from a big wooden arbor and stood in a bar.

Products for a week ahead I purchased in Italy. Canned food, chemical soups, beans, tangerines and bananas – all this heavy wealth lay in cycling bags and waited. During passage of the passage, I do not spend time on the preparation of a thread of hot, but to replenish the strength, you need to chew something. But on the frost, bananas were painted and out of order, and juicy citrus frozen was completely frozen. I no longer chewed them, but I was dissolved like caramel. The best meal was "chemical soups". Well, those sold in powder and need to be diluted with water. Surely, the benefits in them are much less than in the freshly brewed on the chicken broth with a soup, but the powder in the cold does not deteriorate and practically nothing weighs. And rearing before Kemp, you can boil the water and enjoy something warm with the smell of use. Today I chose between the soup with the smell of vegetables and cream soup from broccoli.

The road so that there was no land on it, sprinkle with special reagents. Of course, they fell to stars and bike cables and caused corrosion. The bike crackled and creaked, some details were constantly rubbed about each other.

Bags on the trunk, very voluminous due to winter things, did not constitute a single whole with a bicycle, and I constantly felt their easy movement from side to side. It seems that all this is the little things, but when you climb a whole day up under a large load, each of these little things eat part of your effort, and instead of moving forward two meters, you are moving on one and a half. I was internally boiling and indignantly. My led was far from perfect. Therefore, today he was to have a great repair and promissory of the tired joints.

Through the winter Alps on a bike. Part 2

I am rare in life to stay in my life alone, but it is in complete solitude I can re-in pieces, to collect yourself, like a puzzle. I did this today, Kaifuya from reading books in Kepe with views of the Alpine peaks.

Natural enuresis

I remained the last plot of the path, and I will complete my tour. Even sad little from this thought … Yes, I will soon die to the planned finish, I will make a joyful selfie and screenshots of my tracker, I am rejected by the victory over myself and I will understand that it’s all ..

As soon as I left Liechtenstein, rain began. Until the end of the way, I was left 60 kilometers, and the further I was driving, the stronger this natural enuresis. Correctly say that there is no bad weather, and it happens bad clothes. I so diligently collected my bags that I forgot the raincoat (Unlike Bill Bryson, holding a waterproof poncho). Therefore, whatever water-repellent will be my velted and cycling trail, after 6 hours of continuous soul I was wet off my head to head.

In place of the night in Lindau I arrived in the middle of the night dirty on the ears. The rain was not stopped (B. Bryson: "The sun shone brightly. I was clean and fresh"). Temperature +7, but it was felt worse than -10. I did not find a dry place on the crushed land and put the tent in almost the pool. All wet things folded at the entrance to the garbage bags and left to lie until the morning.

I woke up under the sounds of rain. I didn’t want to get out of the tent at all, but it was necessary to wash yesterday dirty and wet clothes lying next to me in the package. Life in campsites is beautiful because you can always live autonomously, and in critical situations you have a hot shower, washing and drying machine. So I pretty quickly decided the question with things and dived again into the tent to hide from the rain. The weather set up onto the lyrical way, and I gladly took up the analysis of the flights of his transition through the Alps.

It seems to me that each of us underestimates yourself. We are accustomed to equal to other people and keep in the middle, not attracting excessive attention. But know yourself – how to open a new fantastic world. "Wow. "I thought, -" But I, and the truth, I spent the time ". And then began to laugh … She laughed clean and from the soul, remembering the experienced moments. The sense of humor is the first thing you need to capture with you if you go to an extreme journey. After all, if you alone climbed into a freezing rock, carrying a laundered bike on the back, melted in a saucepan of snow to cook tea, ate ice mandarin and didn’t smile – perhaps this is a trip not for you. I had exhausting protracted lifts, during which I was impregnated later, high-speed descents, when the winter wind got into pieces. But it was great! After all, the main thing in all this is the awareness of the perfect act, the feeling of inner freedom and unlimited happiness from the fact that I was able to overcome myself was able to fulfill my dream.

Through the winter Alps on a bike. Part 2

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