The most unusual museums of the world

If you visit the exhibitions of art galleries, it became boring, the world can offer Many museums, who attract their strangeness.

Museum of broken hearts

Museum of broken hearts, or broken relationships, gathered from all over the world Past of love relationship. This place is located in the center of Zagreb, in Croatia and attracts that everyone at least once in life was that put in this museum.

It all started with a couple, which, finding a lot of gifts after parting from each other, did not know what to do with them. Oil Vishtitsa and Drenz Grebshish decided to put Love memory In one place. Soon their idea was supported by friends, acquaintances, and now leave their name in the museum can anyone.

Here is stored Many amazing Love and separation stories. The ax, which the former partner spread into the chips furniture beloved. A farewell letter written from hand and glued on the mirror – in the museum, in a special bank now only his fragments are stored. "Ritual helped me start a new live" &# 8211; So describes your gift Museum Girl from San Francisco.

Museum of bad art

Some fans artists are so diligently write their pictures, and even put in them sometimes a great point that it is impossible to pass by. However, such pictures cannot be exhibited in the usual "good" art museum. Therefore, American Antiquary Scott Wilson in 1993 issued a special way: created Museum of bad art.

Three branches of this museum are located in different cities Massachusetts state. Paintings worthy of a public exhibition turned out to be a lot. However, they pass hard selection. According to the idea of ​​the museum creators, it is not enough to be just out of a row of won bad. Founders try to allocate mischievous pictures affecting their failure.

Underwater museum

The whole city of sculptures is located At the Day of the Caribbean, On the border with the Mexican Bay. The idea of ​​creating such a museum has emerged from Mexicans Jamie Gonzaleza Kano, Roberto Diaz Ebrahma and Englishman Jason Taylor. Together they installed on the bottom sculptural complexes with a total weight of 200 tons.

The purpose of the creation of the underwater museum in Cancun was to draw attention to the preservation of the living world in the ocean. Often, divers are returned from the bottom with souvenirs – corals, a dinner ecosystem of the sea. Now they appeared more environmentally friendly entertainment.

Museum of Snowflakes

The most unusual museums of the world

This is the coldest place in Japan. Museum Located on the island of Hokkaido, The room temperature is maintained at -16 degrees. All because it is the only place in the world dedicated to beauty and a variety of snow crystals.

And yet, the exhibits of the museum – not the snowflakes themselves, and their photos. The museum is named after Nakaya Ukitiro, scientists who dedicated his research by snow "fingerprints". The scientist discovered that there are no two identical snowflakes in nature. Exactly this Fascinals visitors museum. It becomes clear here that the expression "like two drops of water" is not so unequivocally.

Museum of dance

In the capital of Sweden Stockholm, on the square in the city center there is a museum dedicated to the history of the most ancient art – dance. It was created based on archival materials, collected by the Swedish aristocrat and collector Rolfa de Mare. Dance was a passion de Mare. His research and travel led to the creation of a museum in 1953.

Here visitors can trace, from beginning time to this day. Admire costumes and sculptures, enjoy watching dance movies. Exhibitions are also organized in the museum and master classes are held. Inspired by the dance and learn their first PA – a great opportunity to combine a pleasant with useful.

As you can see a visit to the museum ceased to be something boring. This is not only dive in the dusty past. Today everyone can choose an exhibition to their taste, anywhere on the world map.

The most unusual museums of the world

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