The most unusual judicial claims

In 2005, an unusual complaint was received in the Presnensky District Court of Moscow: our astrologer Marina Bai stated that the Aerospace Agency NASA inflicts her moral damage to his tests. The fact is that in the framework of the project Deep Impact, the American probe was supposed to release a copper shell to face the Tempel-1 comet and knocked him a funnel. After the explosion, scientists planned to take tests of substances and conduct his analysis. Marina Bai considered that it could damage the balance of the universe. After all, experts have not proven that the comet will not be destroyed by an explosion, will not come down from the orbit and will not fit into the ground. According to the astrologer, the uncealty of Americans so excited her that she had headaches and insomnia.

The moral suffering caused by scientists, the plaintiff estimated at $ 310 million – the amount that NASA spent on the project. In addition to compensation, the woman demanded to cancel the explosion. True, the servants of the femids did not divide the unrest for the universe. At first, the lawsuit rejected the Presnensky court, then – Moscow City.

The defendant is God

To court can be submitted to a neighbor, a familiar, random counter, relatives or some organization. But to make the lawsuit to God will not mind everyone. So resourceful was the senator from the city of Omaha American State Nebraska Ernie Chember. He was so worried about the massive destruction of people as a result of natural disasters and terrorist attacks, which wanted to see the Most High on the downtown Douglas district court. As he wanted to achieve this, unknown. However, in 2007, the judge of the district received an unusual claim. However, he adequately left the situation, responding that he did not know where God lives, and for the start of the process it is necessary that the defendant has a home address. Consequently, the claim was rejected.

How to find Odnoklassniki

"We promise – perform," American Anthony Michaels decided and in 2008 sued the social network Classmates.Com. It all started with the fact that once a man received a notice from the site, as if he was looking for one of classmates. To find out who exactly wanted him, it was necessary to buy "Gold Membership". But what was the disappointment of an American when, by paying, he saw his profile viewed completely unfamiliar people. Classmates among them were not. Anthony was so much upset that he filed a company to court for false advertising, demanding to return money for paid accounts to all users of the network. And his efforts were crowned with success! In 2010, the company paid every "Gold Member" for $ 3, only $ 9.5 million.

Declination to pornography

One error in the search bar can completely change the life. At least this happened to the American Chris Silyer. Dialing the name of the social network Facebook, he sealed and hit the porn. And since I got, I decided to study his contents. Interested, he himself did not notice how after a while he was hidden on films for adults, and eventually lost his wife. According to the man, it happened because he began to find naked beauties from the video attractive than his wife.

Marriage with portable computers is not protected by the Constitution, and even if it were, the device is not 15 years old – it means that it is too young for the Union

In 2013, Silyer filed a complaint with the state of Tennessee. He accused Apple, whose computer used, is that it provides users with gadgets with free internet access. And demanded insert a filter into the browser, which will protect against accidental entrance to the porn. The court rejected the court.

In 2014, Silyer filed another lawsuit, already to the court of Utah. This time a man sought the right to marry his laptop, but again suffered defeat. The judge referred to the fact that marriage with portable computers is not protected by the Constitution, and even if it were, the device is not 15 years old – it means, according to the laws of Utah, it is too young for the Union. (Previously, "My Planet" talked about the most unusual marriages.)

Uncomfortable companion

The neighbors by the plane are different: panickers, merryrs, lovers (about these and other types of travel companions "My Planet" already wrote). So, in 2016, the Italian Georgio Destro, who followed from Venice to Cape Town through Dubai, got a fat fellow traveler. And so fat that did not fit on the seat allotted for him and took two places, and Destro had to stand in the aisle all nine hours of flight. His stewardess refused to transplant, explaining that all places are busy.

Georgio decided not to lower this company Emirates Airlines from the hands and sued him, requesting almost € 2800. However, the court not only rejected the lawsuit, but also sentenced Italian to pay the legal expenses of the airline in the amount of € 700 plus VAT.

Invalid weather forecast

What do you do when the sun shines instead of the promised rain? Most likely happy. But the Canadian businessman Jacques Gender in June 2016 was upset. So much that he filed to a meteorologist who predicted rain for two days. Herntin explained his act by hearing the weather forecast, canceled a number of events, during which could earn more than $ 6,000. Damage he appreciated at $ 6540.84, demanding this amount in the meteorologist as compensation. That’s just a judge to take a suit skeptically, noting that it was impossible to rely on one source, and rejected it.

Compensation for recess

Someone accuses to the baldness of his wife, her husband, bosses or in the extreme case of genes. But the director of the Moscow PR Agency Roman Maslennikov accused of this "Yandex". Yes not just accused, and in early 2016 filed to the court. The claim meant that the cause of his baldness was bad news, derived on the main page "Yandex". Moral damage man appreciated in 1 million rubles. True, the Khamovnic Court of Moscow refused to satisfy the claim.

The most unusual judicial claims

But this is not the only resonant case of Muscovite. At the end of the same year, he demanded a television center "Ostankino" 988,000 rubles. compensation and asked the court to oblige the institution to inform the audience about the harm to health, which can cause television programs. In his claim, the statement of Maslennikov wrote that if he did not watch TV at least half an hour a day, he declines the appetite, the mood deteriorates and the metabolism is impaired. At the same time, after views, the level of its intelligence decreases, and the memory sharply deteriorates. The Ostankinsky District Court accepted the claim, but in 2017 he stopped proceedings in the case.

In 2018, the PR appealed to the court again. This time he accused Journalist and blogger Yuri Dudya in the propaganda of drugs and demanded to remove from his channel on Youtube a number of interviews, where prohibited substances mentioned. Million not to ask. The compensation demanded only … one ruble! But the Izmailovsky district court returned the lawsuit, explaining that the applicant did not fix the flaws there. What they were concluded – not to explain.

Birth without consent

"I did not ask me to give birth," Indian Rafael Samuel Parents said in February 2019 and warned that he was going to submit them to court for making them on the world without his consent. Indian is an adherent of anti-natalism – movements, whose participants consider the reproduction of unethical. The birth of a man compared with kidnapping and slavery, which wrote in his facebook. "I have a great life, but I do not understand why to spend a life on the school restaurant and career, especially if I did not ask for an existence," he said. In the same place, he shared a message from his mother: "If Rafael can give a rational explanation of how we could get his birth permission, then I admit my guilt," she allegedly wrote she.

That’s just about the further development of history, a man did not talk on his page. Apparently, after all, he thought over the words of the mother and did not risk contact the court. Especially since both of his parent – lawyers.

Boring job

So far, the Italians arrange strikes, demanding a salary increase, the Frenchman Frederick Denar decided to demand from the former employer € 360,000. In this amount, the Frenchman rated missed career capabilities and moral harm caused to him by a large perfume company Interparfums, where he worked. According to the man, the bosses loaded so little by his work, that he tired of doing nothing. He described his work in a lawsuit as a pitch hell, who caused him insomnia, deep depression, an ulcer, epilepsy and a number of other health problems.

If Rafael can give a rational explanation of how we could get his birth permission, then I recognize my guilt

By the way, demand compensation and selling French decided two years after dismissal. He lost his work in 2014, after this, about six months in the hospital. With him then there was an epileptic seizure, which led to the accident. (How much is customary to relax in other countries, "My Planet" told in the article "Lodii VS Workaholics".) And in 2016, the Frenchman decided to associate health problems with the former work. In 2018, the court finally decided: the company was forced to pay compensation to the Denar. But not for boring work, but for dismissal as a result of a long absence due to illness. Yes, and the amount decreased at times and amounted to just over € 50,000.

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