The most unusual inventions from around the world

Although, on the other hand, almost every of us came across some ordinary everyday problems, a universal solution for which in our age of high technologies is still not invented. So, maybe one of the following inventions will be able to help?

Hybrid scooter and strollers hybrid stroller and scooter

The first invention is focused on women with young children, it is your city hybrid stroller and scooter.

Practical tie flask tie flask

The practical tie flask will leave without comment ..

Hairy tights on the plans of their author should help women to protect against violences.

Umbrella with glasses

Wonderful umbrella with glasses.

Practical Children’s Suit Unusual Children’s Suit

Very practical children’s suit, which at the same time and the floor wipe.

Unusual pillow "Hug me" pillow "Hug me"

Lonely on the plans of the author will help the pillow "hug me" ..

Package for breakfast with painted mold

To protect its lunches from arrogant colleagues, this is the original breakfast package with a painted mold.

For people who are following their weight, descended belt-roulette, with which it is easier to control its volumes.

Sleeping bag sleeping bag with hands and legs

Lovers of rest in nature should like this wonderful sleeping bag with "hands and legs".

Cheerful muzzle merry muzzles

Merry muzzles came up with the brothers to our smaller.

An umbrella for animals

The most unusual inventions from around the world

And umbrellas, from bad weather.

Ostrich Pillow Pillow Ostrich

For those who like to "break into the sand with a head" – Ostrich Pillow.

Strange bike unusual bike

I personally did not understand in this foot bicycle, but funny.

Practical angular frames.

Forget-me-not gloves Set of forget-me-not gloves

Forget-me-not gloves for children and their parents.

Sneakers with lanterns

For those who at night across the darkness got used to the refrigerator invented sneakers with lanterns.

Fans of singing in the bathroom should like the original urine microphone.

The most unusual inventions from around the world

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