The most unusual houses of the world

Human fantasy never knew restrictions, which is why in almost any city there is some unusual building. In the world of such buildings, there are hundreds of such buildings, unless thousands, and their authors have always been and will be extraordinary people who seek to go beyond the framework. And almost every tourist seeks to visit similar buildings, for the construction of which if ordinary sandwich panels were used, the most unusual way.

House rotating around his axis

Anyone who has decided to build a housing for a long time decides where the windows in the bedroom or in the kitchen. But Australian Luke Everingham was absolutely not worried about it and created a house that revolves around his axis. The main materials for the construction of steel glass and steel, and the rotation of the structure provides an electric motor. Thanks to the latter, you can enjoy the sunrise or sunset from any room. And if it wanted so that only one room is flooded with sunlight, the motor can be programmed so that the house is rotating according to the sun movement.

Scaly house

The most unusual houses of the world

Tourists compare Swedish dragspelhuset with everything that can come to mind. In fact, this house does not look like anything, besides himself, but still resembles a turtle or harmonic. In addition to the fact that this accommodation is interesting in itself, it still has a wonderful ability to "adapt" to the time. Especially interested in the retractable room, which is located outside the construction in the summer and rolled out inward, when the cold comes or the owners are not at home. Such a house can be called as environmentally friendly, because it has practically no technology: they take water from the stream, prepare on the bridal gas and use solar cell energy.

City of NLO

Fans of fiction and futurism worth visiting the northern lands of Taiwan Island. There is a ghost city, consisting of residential buildings, with its forms reminiscent of flying plates. The town of San Li was intended for recreation of American servicemen and their families, but as a result of the bankruptcy of the developer, all works were discontinued. Now this place has become a sign for Ufologov.

The most unusual houses of the world

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