The most unusual hotels in the world

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Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel. Very unusual hotel for adventure and romance. For those who want to forget about the city jungle, being in the role of Tarzan in the present Amazonian forest! The hotel will very much like family couples with children – children will find a common language with monkeys and other interesting litez. Recommended!
Hotel Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji
Immersion in the depths of the seas always carries something magical, exciting and exciting soul. Underwater hotels return their guests to the fascinating books of Jules Verne and expeditions Coust, give it an opportunity to feel part of the underwater world.
Recently, a real fashion has emerged at this kind of hotels. It is not surprising at all – every year more and more people are interested in exotic forms of rest, and the demand for them is steadily growing. Today, you can get an unforgettable experience in life under water in Dubai, in the Maldives, on Zanzibar, off the coast of Florida, in Sweden … A lot of other countries is currently developing plans and construction of underwater hotels and restaurants.This article will talk about one of the most anticipated projects – Poseidon Undersea Resort, located near the reef Eleuther at Fiji Islands. The construction of American engineers-designers submarine. The opening date was repeatedly transferred and still unknown. But the statement that this project will be the best in its category, not at all exaggeration. This is not just an underwater hotel, it is a real underwater luxury.The structure of Poseidon Undersea Resort is scheduled as follows:
At a depth of 12 meters there are 25 luxury suites, each of which is a separate hermetic capsule and has an area of ​​51 kV.M (with the exception of the Site "Nautilus" with an area of ​​300 kV.m). All rooms comply with the most stringent safety standards and designed in such a way as to provide hotel guests a panoramic review of the bright world of tropical seas. At the same time, this feature does not violate the privacy of the premises due to the special reflective components.
An unusual hotel city appeared next door to Matera (Matera) – a town in the Italian region of Basilicat. It is located in the medieval caveguard of Sassi (Sassi), where in previous times there were about 20 thousand people.
In the rocks behind the motley, hundreds of caves and 155 churches were expelled. At the moment, all of them are under the protection of UNESCO. And yet, 18 caves recently rebuilt into hotels.
The hotel city called Sassi Di Matera has become a unique experiment on the integration of modern technologies in the medieval past, without turning the caves to the thematic park, writes Independent.
At the first eye on the doors and rusty keys, it seems that inside – old shed. Meanwhile, the rooms are full of light and look quite comfortable.
In the renovated hotels – caves have everything – from comfortable chairs to Wi-Fi and luxurious bathrooms. In addition to the walls, the past in some hotels resemble beds suspended in a meter above the floor on metal cables.
This is a tribute to the ancient traditions of Sassi. In the medieval city, people lived in alone caves with animals, and suspended beds guaranteed them relative privacy from livestock.
Extreme pastime lovers are recommended to stay at the Le Grotte Della Civita, in the rooms of which there are no amenities, except for beds.
Hotels differ in each other and classes. Sassi has both simple 3-star hotels and guesthouses and luxury apartments. Accommodation – from 66 euros. The price includes breakfast. The city takes guests from April to October.
Hotel Bvuak Leaprus on Elbrus
A unique hotel for climbers, skiers and lovers of mountain rounds, which has no analogues in Russia and even in the world, is located on the southern slope of Mount Elbrus, at an altitude of 3912 meters above sea level, between Gara-Bashi and a shelter of 11. Comfortable hotel modules of Leaprus Hotel, externally reminiscent of cosmic capsules, are created on a specially developed technology of the Italian company LEAP Factory.

Eco-hotel with a European level of service takes guests yearly.

Hotel capacity – up to 28 people – depending on the level of comfort.

Compared to traditional mountain huts, Leaprus complex has a number of undeniable advantages:

The most unusual hotels in the world

– Food from solar panels provides lighting, heating and establishes new standards of autonomy and ecology;
– The use of modern composite building materials guarantees excellent thermal insulation and exceptional strength of the complex;
– Free Wi-Fi Internet provides a permanent connection with the world and makes it possible to lay out unique photos in the social network;
– Interior decoration is made in the original futuristic style. On the perimeter there are windows that allow you to admire the surrounding landscape.

Ice hotel in Sweden, probably one of the most unique hotels in the world.
Every winter throughout for more than 20 years, an international group of brave architects and artists is sent to the deaf village of Yukkasarvi in ​​Northern Sweden to build a hotel from ice and snow.
And every year they begin to build it "from scratch", t.To. At the very beginning of the spring, the whole composition simply melts under the bright rays of the sun. The following structure is anew in early November using more than 1000 tons of ice produced from a nearby river.
Such a cycle gives designers and builders a wonderful opportunity to embody original ideas into reality, which ordinary hoteliers could only dream. And Icehotel architects are really laid out by the full program.
Despite the fact that artistic techniques change every year, some elements remain the same. For example, Icehotel always provides places in luxury and ordinary rooms; has a chapel in which wedding ceremonies are organized; and, of course, bar.
It goes without saying, the temperature of the hotel’s premises never rises above zero. Guests are provided with warm upper clothes, including overalls, boots, gloves and warm cap masks (Balaklava). Oraniozers recommend to wear thermo linen during the hotel. And guests spend the night in special sleeping bags intended for extreme polar conditions.
However, the night spent in a luxurious interior with bizarre patterns – pleasure is not from cheap. The cheapest double room "Snowy Room" stands within 3200 Swedish crowns per night – which is equivalent to about 16,000 rubles. And in the room you can detect only the bed and a couple of chairs, the bathroom does not. Shared bathrooms are located in a nearby building, built already from more traditional materials.
The cost of the most expensive luxury room is 7,500 Swedish crowns per night – which is equivalent to about 38,000 rubles. In it you can find a huge bed, recreation area, personal sauna and toilet, which, fortunately, not made of ice and snow.
If sleep on an ice bed is not what you dreamed of all my life, you can just make an excursion for this hotel. Many travel companies include such a tour of Icehotel in their programs. One of them costs about 900 Swedish crowns – which is equivalent to about 4500 rubles. – and includes skating in the snow, is designed for two people and lasts about 6 hours. Separately, visiting the ice hotel will cost 325 Swedish crowns or about 1600 rubles.
The hotel is open since December and until mid-April.

Giraffes in the window – traditional morning painting in Kenyan Boutique Hotel Giraffe Manor. Yes, and breakfast here, despite the early hour, it is unlikely to seem like a boring occupation: the main element of the morning mice is the feeding of curious giraffes, which seem to be at all are not afraid of people. Guests give out special bags with food, and animals themselves stretching to food, in gratitude kissing breadwinels.
Hotel Giraffe Manor takes a mansion built in 1932 by David Duncan. The estate is a sample of Scottish hunting homes; In 1974, the nursery of the Rothschild giraffes was organized here, to this day under threat of disappearance.
Drive in Tokyo was a great desire to stay in a capsule hotel. Found only 1 hotel where you could stay together with my wife in a capsule. The hotel is near the metro station, very clean and cozy. Capsules are large and spacious – easy to place together (there is still a place). In the capsule – TV, air conditioning. The people were a bit – it was very quiet. Give the towel, bathrobes and t.D. Bags, suitcases can be left below the lobby (key storage with key). Shower Common + Little and Big Jacuzzi. A lot of cosmetics for care. The staff is very friendly.

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