The most unusual Fast Food

"My Planet" has already written about drinks and dishes that have not only an unpleasant odor or view, but also may be dangerous to health. However, in order to increase the level of adrenaline, it is not necessary to go to the restaurant. Street food can also be quite different.


Indian fast food is necessarily a lot of spices, paints, smells . And necessarily something that is preparing not just fast, but super fast. For example, Pakora. Any vegetable or fruit is taken, dipped into thick dough from pea or chickpea flour and rushes in a chhan with boiling oil. After a couple of minutes, the dish is ready! We just need to give him a little cool and you can try. By the way, it is best to have a pankyr of freshly prepared.


For the Dutch Herring – the same Fast Food as Burger in the US. Despite the fact that the locals are most often overwritten by Potato Fri, in the Netherlands there are herring kiosks everywhere, where they offer fresh fish with bow and apples, with mustard and white sauce, smoked, roast, in a bun, with pickled cucumber and stewed cabbage. As soon as it is not prepared! Ambassador from Dutch herring is weak, which makes it completely unlike the fish, which is sold in Russia.

It is believed that there is a herring in Dutch, it is necessary entirely. Take the fishery behind the tail, tighten your head, open your mouth sewing and relieve your fingers. Chew, maybe, but the Dutch themselves manage to do this not always.

But in Sweden the herring is made to fry. At least so it is prepared by street vendors in tents. Now this once popular fast food comes out of fashion, but nevertheless it is still possible to enjoy his taste.

Fried insects

⚑ Cambodia, Thailand, China, Mexico, Australia, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Latin America and South Africa

Insects – the richest source of protein, and a plate with them is not inferior to meat. This is sure that salesmen of fast food of a number of countries. Want to taste fried bamboo worms, to taste reminiscent popcorn? Please! Then you in Thailand, China or Latin America countries. Prefer fried Muravyev? No problem! You can try in Colombia.

In Mexico National Food are grasshoppers. They are eaten in this country in any form: boar, raw, dried in the sun, fried, swept in Lyme juice. Most popular dish – Guacamole with grasshoppers. The recipe for its preparation is simple: insects are quickly frying, mixed with avocado and smeared on cornpople.

Dried caterpillars of the South African view of Pavlin-eyed – the most important source of protein for residents of the countries of South Africa. Their gathering is quite a serious business: in supermarkets and markets you can meet both dried and squeezed manually and pickled insect banks. By the way, in Zimbabwe women even marry trees with their caterpillars, showing that this is a private property: someone else cannot be collected!

Worn Tofu

⚑ Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, as well as some other countries of Southeast Asia

Do not be surprised if during the walk you in the face will hit the sharp smell of rot. You probably simply be near the kiosk, where they sell the stinky tofu, the kind of familiar fermented tofu (soy curd). In fact, this is a mixture of soy curd and soy milk, which have already begun to wander. Especially loved delicacy in Taiwan, where the sellers are frying smelly tofu, marinate, extinguish, prepare on the grill and for a couple. Sometimes even offered as ice cream! The one who is solved to taste the dish understands that in fact it is not so disgusting, as it seems at first glance. That’s just the smell for a long time remains in memory.


⚑ Turkey, Balkan Peninsula countries

The dish refers to the category of those who first taste better and only then ask what they are cooked. Moreover, it is better to do not even look at the cocktails. All because in appearance it resembles a fried fat larch of huge sizes. Although in fact it is nothing more than the intestines of young bars who wrapped the loss: heart, kidneys, lungs, liver.

The most unusual Fast Food

Cocktar is prepared on a spit, right in front of buyers. Then chopped finely and together with spices put into a white bunch or served on a plate with a side disk. Cochedry also necessarily sell sharp marinated pecifices and cucumbers. With them the dish seems especially tasty. Interestingly, a snack is not only a popular street snack. In Greece, it, for example, is customary to prepare for Easter.


Perhaps the most popular and unusual Philippine fast food is the Ballet – boiled duck egg, which has already formed a fruit with plumage, cartilage and beak. But the second place is firmly occupied by Kevk-Kevk. You can find it in bright orange color. This is also an egg, only quail. First, it is boiled by screwing it, and then fry in a grain cooked from Annato seeds or turmeric. From here and a crispy crust appears. Often Quake-Kevki are offered on a skewers or painting in paper.


⚑ Mexico, Nicaragua, Cuba

It would seem that it can be special in corn? It turns out that it all depends on how to cook it. For example, corn can be cooked in the husk, and then fry on the grill. In Cuba, the pillage after cooking is roasted in cheese and generously sprinkled with ground chili, and then watered with lemon juice. Nicaraguans prepare her as well as use Lyme juice. And Mexicans not only splash the boiled and fried corn juice Lyme, but also covered with mayonnaise, cheese and chili pepper. Due to this, it acquires a kind of sour-sweet taste.

The case when fast food can frighten. At first glance, nothing unusual dish is a crispy cornpale, which is accepted to wrap meat or vegetables. Ways to prepare dozens! But … Imagine that you take a cake, and someone’s fried eyes look at you. The spectacle is not for the faint of heart! Or it may not be eyes, but, for example, ears or language. For filling, not only fillet, but also by-products, and some chefs can add exotic, providing a cake with special types of grasshoppers, caterpillars or larvae ants. And then twisted spices. So that unwittingly breaks into tears.

It is believed that Taco Wearing Mexican Cowboys, who preferred to dinner, without getting out of the saddle. Well, such cakes and the truth is convenient to eat, without breaking away from the main case. The main thing is not to think, from which the filling is cooked.

About other dishes "on an amateur" read in this article "My Planet". Perhaps you will ever get courage and try them!

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