The most unusual city of the world

The city of Longyir, located on the Spitsbergen Archipelago in Norway, is the most northern settlement in the world with a population of about 1000 people. The city has a church, an ATM, Museum, Post Office, Airport and University. In short, everything is like people, only one thing – in Longyire can not be dying. If someone is sick or under death, it is immediately transported by plane to another place. If still not lucky to die, bury on the local cemetery will not all equal. This is not someone’s whim and not the mistake of evil spirits: the bodies are not decomposed due to extremely cold weather, and it is dangerous. So, a man who died, as studied studies, from a deadly dangerous virus, which caused the epidemic in 1917 here (by the way, after it, at the local cemetery, and stop Kernight). There are other, mandatory local rules. It is impossible to leave the house without powerful weapons – white bears here are more than people, and a meeting with them can lead to what? Right to funeral! If the bear will die, his carcass will also be sent to the distance from the homeland, without leaving the dogs nor a piece of bearish meat – they are fed to seals. More residents do not have the right to raise cats, as they can threaten the populations of rare birds. I want to finally say something good. Here it is: in Longyar under the auspices of the UN, the underground world seed in case of a global catastrophe was built. So after the apocalypse, the first sprouts of the new life will be processed here.

USA, Florida: Cumbaches City

Tireless chassions in cities and villages mobile circus and bolagan in winter, like migratory birds, rushed south. In America, the city of Gibsonton in Florida became such a traditional place of wintering, where the law allowed to have exotic animals and arrange ideas in a private area. As a result, in the 1960s, the city was flooded by dwarfs and giants of all stripes, bearded women, Siamese twins and other unconventional species of human individuals. It was worth noting here to meet on the street of the training fire swallower, and in the bar, equipped with seats for the smallest and highest people and even a chair for a very thick lady, – illusionist, working out fresh focuses. Considering the artistic temperament, the winter life of Burlila, there were scandals and robs, but it was not bored.

The legend of the town has become a couple – a giant El Taeini and born without the legs of Ginny, which he touchingly cared. Charter wheeing in light, artists settled here forever. El died in 1962. It resembles a monument to the Giant Size Bag. In Gibsonton, they are still allowed to place trailers and elephants on lawns and train tigers in their yard, so circus troupes still stop here. And tourists, as before, do not mind after visiting the American carnavalov museum to look at artists in an informal setting.

India: Utopia City

In 1968, the 90-year-old mother of Mirra (Mirra Alfassa) told his like-minded people: "Go find a big banyan in a clean field and build a new city of Auroville". And they found. And they did not laugh down in the state of Tamil, this settlement. The principle in Auroville is: to live out of politics and out of nationality. No one owns property and does not use money. Education, medicine, sports, entertainment for Aurovillets are free.

About 2500 residents from 46 countries. There are ours. The most famous was a historian, Professor Dmitry von Moreschild, celebrating his century in India. He highlighted significant funds to support the first residents of the our community, for which many he was grateful. Auroville consists of approximately 50 garde communities, bearing the names "Brotherhood", "Transfiguration", "mercy" and so on. From the moment of the founding on the territory it was planted about 2 million trees, so the city rather resembles a forest – with country paths and cycling trails, where two-story buildings are hidden among the trees. There are no names of streets, no rooms of houses, on the signs – only the names of the communities.

To those who wish to join the experiment, the townspeople initially treat wary. You can stay at the hotel or from a local resident, to stay on excursions, listen to lectures, to participate, investing funds, in construction, but the document that housing remains the property of the city, still will have to sign. And the idle curiosity of Aurovilians are not encouraged. They say that their life is "not a tourist attraction".

USA, Alaska: g cork

Almost all 220 residents of the city of Whittira, which in Alaska, live in one 14-storey building called Begich Towers, built in 1956 as an army barracks. Gradually, the building began to be used as a dwelling, a police station appeared, a school, mail, shop, church, clinic. All this perfectly fit under one roof. What is not a city? So it became called. But thanks to this compactness, you can save on heating, which is not at all unnecessary in Alaska.

The most unusual city of the world

You can get to the Whitteier either on the water or on a single-band highway running through a four-kilometer tunnel. In order to avoid confusion, the tunnel gate open every hour, the inlet and the release of the car in one, then the other way. At night tunnel and closes at all.

Most of the townspeople work in the port located near the house. In the summer, when the sun shines 22 hours out of 24, life is boiling there: cruise and industrial vessels come, tourists come. But then the winds are blown, walking blizzards, and the height of the snowy snowdrifts reaches 6 m. So have everything you need to have everything you need to live without leaving home – very convenient.

Russia, Kalmykia: Chess City

Finding in the midst of the steppes of the board with chess pieces, the uninitiated can decide that he got along with Alice in the castorgal, but in the history of the City Xess Leitmotif, there is a completely different literary work – "Twelve chairs". No wonder here there is a prospect of Bender, a monument to the great combiner, and the chess city itself is called New Valeuk. However, all genres are mixed here: and the chess Palace, the outlines resembling a Kalmyk Chibeque, with a museum of chess fame, and the Buddhist stupa enlightenment, and the Orthodox chapel, and these Ilfo-Petrov’s motives. In a word, this place is also multifaceted as the initiator of its creation – a permanent president, and then the head of Kalmykia, the President of the International Chess Federation Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. He played chess with Pope Roman, was friends with a clairvoyant Wanga and, according to him, on September 18, 1997 met with aliens. Compared to all this, we build in 11 months in a bare steppe City – just trifles.

Built City Chess in 1998 on the occasion of the 33rd Chess Olympiad in Elista. Here the Congress FIDE, international Biennale, all sorts of symposia and forums. The rest of the town resembles an elite, but rather deserted cottage village, abundantly decorated with all sorts of chess sculptures. In the free time from events, he performs the duties of an expensive hotel where you can rent housing for a period of several years.

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