The most unusual buildings of the world: the Kansas City Library

The facade of the building of the Kansas City Public Library is made in the form of a giant bookshelf, which is located twenty-four books, the height of each – eight meters, width – two and a half.

In such an unusual way, the city authorities decided to attract citizens to reading, and at the same time get a new tourist attraction. By the way, the locals and solved the survey, which works will decorate the facade of the library. This list includes such well-known books as: "The Adventures of Geclberry Finn", "Lord of the Rings", "Dae De Jing" and many other world bestsellers.

So, it can be said that almost all citizens took part in the construction of this extraordinary architectural structure.

The most unusual buildings of the world of Kansas City Library

The idea of ​​the authorities succeeded, and now the Public Library is the decoration of Kansas City, attracting attention and new readers and numerous tourists, taking pictures on its background.

An example of Americans followed the inhabitants of Tyumen, more precisely, the our art group "City color", Turning a gray sewn building located on the territory of the gymnasium No. 5, against which schoolchildren on the festive rules are photographed, in a bright work of art in the form of a bookshelf. Scale here is certainly incomparable with the American, but still it is much better than it was.

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