The most unusual bridges in the world

In anticipation of the speedy opening of navigation in St. Petersburg and the subsequent tourist boom on the white nights and departmental bridges, I wondered about what else there were unusual, beautiful, remarkable and popular bridges in tourists?

Well, the divorce bridges of St. Petersburg, this is of course a separate, famous for the whole world and familiar to almost every our song. See the divorce of bridges in St. Petersburg should at least once in his life every self-respecting citizen of Russia. See and remember from pride and delight because the spectacle is really impressive.

Divorcing bridges Peter

However, the world is full of amazing, including amazing bridges. Say, in the Netherlands in the city of Haltersen, there is a bridge with a speaking name Bridge Moses. This is a pedestrian bridge over the river, which is located below the water level, making an interesting effect of "cutting" of the river into two parts.

Moses Bridge, Netherlands

Another similar miraculous union of architecture and nature can be considered built in 2003 in Germany Magdeburg "Water Crossroads". This is a bridge river that flows over the river, and there and there is active shipping, and everything looks quite effectively.

Magdeburg "Water Crossroads", Germany

It is impossible not to remember the Millennium Bridge or the Millennium Bridge, as it is often referred to. The bridge was built and opened in Server England in Gateshead in 2001. This is the first tilted bridge in the world. The essence of the design is that pedestrians and cyclists are moved along the bridge, and under the bridge on the river, small vessels swim. When it is necessary to swim a big ship, the bridge turns so that both of his arches rise above the river. This spectacle attracts tourists no less than the spectacle of the divorce bridges.

Millennium Bridge in North England

The most unusual bridges in the world

A very unusual bridge is located in Singapore. Herderson Road Bridge connects Mount Faber Park and Blanc Hill Park. The traditional bridge from the tree will be covered with metal panels in such a way that it forms bends and niches in which you can arrange shops and tables, which invariably attracts tourists, lovers to be photographed and just strolling.

Herderson Road Bridge, Singapore Unusual Bridge in Singapore

The bridge of the world in Canada is also essentially an architectural masterpiece, but stands out due to its unusual design.

Bridge of the world in Canada

And finally, it is definitely the most fun bridge in the world – this is located in Paris Bridge-Batut. Thanks to this bridge, you can not only move to the other bank of the river, but also to raise yourself a mood)

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