The most unusual beds from travel around the world

I have already written about the possibility of a wonderful night-in open-air in Kenyan hotel, and now I want to develop the topic of rest in the context of sleep. As if we were not sophisticated, traveling "by marriage", which elite clubs and restaurants we would not attend, but truly a man rests only asleep.

Therefore, I propose a rating of hotels with the most comfortable and unusual beds. Will we get strength before the new day – it depends on the entourage.

The first bed of dreams is located in Chile, in the hotel Elqui Domos. This is an ordinary terrace on which three snow-white tents are spread in the form of round hemisphere. These are numbers. Inside these "tents" are quite comfortable. But the most important thing is what kind of "out of the window". Anywhere the tent fabric can be disgusted and watch through the holes on the immense and incredibly starry sky right through the telescope.

Many travelers notice that in South America the night sky is special – it is generous to sleep with stars and it seems like closer.

Telescopes there everywhere, because Elqui Domos Always glad to see astronomers – lovers and professionals and just those who love to look at the stars. It costs this pleasure from 125 to 150 dollars per night.

No less high-quality sleep in the Maldives. Although there any pastime is pleasant and relaxing. But if you remove the house in the company Naladhu Maldives, then besides a serene sleep, you will get a complete privacy.

The most unusual beds from travel around the world

Neighbors through the wall is not. In the morning, the maid with cleaning will not knock on you in the room and no one will disturb you, because Naladhu Maldives – this is not a hotel complex. This is a company that rents houses.

It seems that are traditional huts, which are a lot on these islands – a cozy hut with a straw roof, but a luxurious atmosphere. But there is one feature – they are so closely arranged to the Indian Ocean, which is not closer. Water literally tickles heels. 2,000 dollars per night and you spend the night in the midst of the ocean.

And the perfect bedroom in the home style can be found in New York v The Benjamin Hotel. Bed from Egyptian cotton, pillows for any choice, a glass of warm milk with a cookie for the night, a cup of herbal tea, relaxing music, a bath with sedative essential oil and salt – and you will sleep a baby. In this hotel, all the little things – from the interior and ending with the evening procedures, were offered psychotherapists and experts to sleep so that night rest was as high quality.

The most unusual beds from travel around the world

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