The most unusual and picturesque stairs of the world

Modern people do not like stairs, preferring to move with elevators and escalators. Only curiosity and love for new impressions can overcome dislike for physical stress and host tourists to the feats. For example, walk through the stone bridge of the island of Gastelugach.

Gastelugach – a small rocky island on the ground of the Basque. The island has become a landmark due to the steep and long man-made staircase connecting the island with the mainland. Official sources indicate that the bridge-staircase has 237 steps, but few people decide to check this fact.

The staircase, turning cool, leads high upwards, to the top of the island, where there is a small chapel, built according to historical calculations somewhere in the IX-X centuries. Here, tired tourists can make a desire, hit the bell to good luck, admire the magnificent view, opening with this height and fully imbued with their feat.

But the ascent to the island of Gastelugach will seem just a paradise walk compared to the connation of the haiku staircase on Oahu’s island, which refers to Hawaii.

The most unusual and picturesque stairs of the world

Actually, this is not even a tourist object, the staircase in the 40s was built by the military, which does not prevent any extremals and greedy to the adventures to tourists regularly climb.The construction of this is very shaky, and the height of the lifting is almost 850 meters. But the view from here opens must pay tribute – stunning.

A separate nomination in this hit parade must be created for the screw staircase in Tahan Mountains in China – meaningless and merciless. The only purpose of this 91-meter ladder is to get a sharp sensation for young and physically hardy people. Therefore, before climbing you will require a certificate from the doctor that you have no heart problems, and people over 60 years old are prohibited here.

And the undisputed winner – the well of Chand Bory in Rajastan in India. This multistage well has 3500 steps, personally it becomes bad from one thought only to descend there for the sake of water, but for Indians it is forced, but the usual practice.

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