The most unusual airports of the world

Right this second in the air is about 4000 aircraft. In a few hours or minutes, they are ready to take 40,000 airports. Data specifically for statistics lovers: Most of the air harbores are located in the United States (more than 14,900), Brazil (4100) and Mexico (more than 1800).

The most downloaded airport of the world – Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, which is located in Atlanta, USA. It serves 90 million people a year, while the most loaded airport of Russia – Moscow Domodedovo – takes almost three times less: 33.4 million (on the day from here, on average, about 700 aircraft fly out and landed as much as it gives annual Figure 511,000 flights).

The most unusual airports of the world

Airports have long ceased to represent a waiting room and a runway. Modern airproofs are characterized by their impressive sizes, an extraordinary architecture and a variety of services so that the passengers do not bored waiting for their flight. Thus, in Singapore Changi, you can stroll through the botanical garden, and there are as many as five here: orchids, cacti, bamboo, ferns and sunflowers. And in Amsterdam Schiphole – to look at the casino for a while. Read more about the most non-standard entertainment at airports you can read in the thematic article "My Planet". Well, now we offer to look at the brightest, beautiful and, of course, unusual airports in the world.

Continuing the topic – the photoproject "Heavenly Fashion" about which nuances exist in costumes of flight attendants of certain countries.

The most unusual airports of the world

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