The most unique hotels in the world

The coldest hotel is Ice Hotel (Yukkasyarvi, Sweden)

Ice Hotel – Real hotel, built from ice and located near the polar circle. In sufficiently cool numbers, where the air temperature does not exceed 5 c, the hotel offers to spend the night. All rooms and hotel halls are fully made of snow and ice.

The hotel has a chapel, where marriage and baptism ceremonies are held. The hotel is removed by natural animal skins, but, despite this, Ice Hotel guests are advised to spend the night in warm clothes and sleeping bags.

The hotel has a restaurant where cocktails can be drilled directly from ice glasses.

Major entertainment offered by Ice Hotel – This is a ride on deer sledding, sledding, skiing and other winter activities.

Ice Hotel is open only five months a year, with the onset of heat he simply melts. That is why Ice Hotel design is different every year.

To guests Ice Hotel do not frozen at all, the hotel has a sauna where you can get. But still, live in this hotel more than two or three days is not recommended.

By the way, one-bedroom numbers are not suiced – from $ 200 per day, and warm clothes and sleeping bags are already included in the price.

The most eco-friendly hotel – Daintree Eco Lodge & SPA (Queensland, Australia)

Hotel DAINTREE ECO LODGE&SPA Located in the oldest forest on the planet – the tropical forest of the deintree. Here, in the middle of tropical vegetation, there are 15 villas that fully meet the environmental standards of the World Travel Organization, the International Association of Ecotourism and the World Nature Conservation Union.

All electricity used in the hotel is obtained from sunlight. Basic principles of hotel – This is low power consumption and own production of products.

It is to fulfill the last point on the territory of Daintree Eco Lodge & SPA opened an organic farm for the production of own products.

Such high environmental friendliness of the hotel was marked by several prizes – In 2007, Hotel Daintree Eco Lodge & SPA was recognized as leading world ecologia.

The deepening hotel – Hilton (Maldives)

Hotel chain Hilton has created the deepest resort located in the coastal zone, in the Maldives. Hotel CONRAD MALDIVES RANGALI ISLAND HOTEL is at the depths of eight meters. To create such an unusual hotel was used curved acrylic.

Here, at the depths of eight meters, guests can enjoy excellent dishes, SPA-procedures and rest under water.

Not so long ago, in the submarine hotel in Maldives, a newlywed service was introduced – ITHAA Undersea Ceremony. Newlyweds spend their first wedding night right under water and here, at depth, are combined with marriage.

It is worth saying that the surrounding hotel Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Hotel Nature is beautiful: the hotel is located in the coral reefs, which inhabit hundreds of beautiful tropical fish.

The most crazy hotel – Hang-Nga (Dalat, Vietnam)

Hang-Nga Hotel (Hang NGA) was designed by the daughter of ex-president of Vietnam. The structure of this one more unusual hotel does not fully comply with all construction standards. The building of the Hang-Nga Hotel has both rectangular and, places, round shape. Somewhere in the building there is an unusual window shape. In general, this structure resembles an unusual old tree without crown.

The most unique hotels in the world

Inside the hotel is no less unusual: the phoning rooms are sharply rotated, they suddenly end. The decoration of the rooms is withstanding in the same crazy style – The unusual shape of the mirror, as if raised drops, corridors with windows in the walls and manifesting stairs, in separate rooms of Hang-Nga there are formations like stalactites and stalagmites.

Hang-Nga’s hotel has several buildings made in the form of a huge giraffe and spider.

In the hotel you can see a huge hanging from the ceiling, web.

In general, such a hotel is hardly suitable for a relaxing holiday, but for excursions it is quite suitable.

Located Hang-Nga Hotel in Dalat, in the mountains, among the rainforest, and its unusual forms fit perfectly into the surrounding space. Despite the remoteness from the main resorts, Hang-Nga is very popular among tourists.

The highest hotel – Jin Mao Tower (Shanghai, China)

Shanghai – One of the most beautiful cities in Asia. It is possible to look at its beauty from a bird’s eye view, even without leaving the room, because the rooms of the hotel are located in the complex Jin Mao Tower, are at an altitude of more than 300 meters. The total number of floors in the complex – 88.

Building Jin Mao or, as it is often called, «Jin Mao 88», considered the highest in Shanghai. In the world, it ranks sixth in height. The complex was opened on August 28, 1998.

The building consists of a durable octagonal frame made of concrete, eight composite columns and eight external huge columns made of steel. The number of floors in the Jin Mao Tower complex was not chosen by chance: the Chinese believe that the number 8 brings good luck and prosperity.

The highest level of the complex is 420 meters, and at an altitude of 340 meters is an observation deck. From the 3rd to the 50th floor, office premises are occupied, above are the rooms of the highest hotel – Grand Hayatt. All apartments of Grand Hayatt offer stunning views of the city.

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