The most terrible women on earth

Thanks to the ancient Greeks, we know that the Amazon tribes existed in the old days. Those warriors in the mastery of death were worthy competition to famous male representatives. But it was a long time ago. In the XIX century in the African state, Dagomei in the army served their Amazons. They suffered from not only the neighboring tribes, firmly got the French. So hard that the Europeans took two full wars to seize the militant state.

How to graze the French?

To West Africa, European colonialists got in the second half of the XIX century *. The main actors were the French, but on their way the little and proud Dagomey got up. Europeans who are accustomed to the fact that their plans are easy to implement, the resistance did not expect. Naive! They did not know what they got involved in the war with the "African Sparta".

In 1890, the first Franco Dagomeary War began. And this period is unlikely to want to remember Europeans. In the first truly serious battle, they were defeated. Then one more. And further. Commanders in bewilderment of hollow napes, surviving soldiers treated experienced horror in alcohol. General Alfred Amede Dodds wrote in memoirs: "When the French soldiers saw, who they have to fight, they twisted. They did not understand how to fight with the ladies. ".

When the French soldiers saw who they would fight, they swipe. They did not understand how to fight with the ladies

But the death of combat comrades, coupled with convincing calls, managed to make the necessary adjustments to the worldview of soldiers. Formally, the French won in this war. But until the complete conquest of Dagomey was still very far. And soon the blood of Africans and Europeans was poured again ..

From the hunters in the warrior

The first king of Dagomey Howagbaja, ruled from 1645 to 1685, made the capital of the country the city of Abomy. His power was a comprehensive and sacred. And the ancestors of the ruler, the people brought victims, in order not to be in the minds and the slightest doubt in the divine origin of their leader.

Most Howegbaja loved wealth and power. But the small territory could not quench his needs, and Dagomei became a country aggressor. Infinite wars, slave trade, the purchase of firearms from Europeans is "gray" of the state. The new ruler replaced the previous one on the throne, and the militarist policy continued. The lands were joined, and slaves were sold.

But, as they say, not always the car carnival. Wars led to a shortage of men soldiers. And then the rule of the ruler, whose name was lost in history, drew attention to women. They were combined into a special squad and taught to kill. Dagomicles became king bodyguards. This is the first version.

The second states that the Dagomeic women have long been the hunters for elephants. In this craft, they did not know equal. And once, one of the women stated that they would be better to kill people, and not animals, they would, it would be more benefit. The ruler agreed and formed some of them a separate combat unit.

Hunt for elephants

On the third version, from the very existence of Dagomey, the protection of kings was exclusively women. This was due to the fact that men did not have the right to be at night in the Palace of the Ruler. On women that again logical, the ban did not apply.

In general, it is not for sure that for what reason black Amazons appeared in the country, but they appeared, and this is a fact.

Dagomeic warriors called themselves Mina (Mino; for another version – N’Nonmiton), which can be translated as "our mothers". Initially become mine was extremely difficult. The woman should not only meet certain physical requirements (power, endurance, health), but also be beautiful. For those who passed the selection, the hell began. Mentors – Warfish-veterans – taught girls to own weapons and tolerate pain. Special attention was paid to the ability to manage with machete. And the exam – the decapitation of the enemy – passed everything. By the way, the head chopping was the main chief of Amazons.

The most terrible women on earth

When the Amazons came out of the palace, the slave with the bell was sure to be. The ringing of the bell told every man that you need to turn from my way, to remove some distance and look in the other side

In addition, the warriper passed a special course of exercises with elements of gymnastics. They studied clogged on the walls, accusing barbed acacia. "Offset" put if the girl in no way demonstrated pain. There was a practice of multi-day marchs of jungle. From the weapon, it was allowed to take with me only machete. Of course, many have not kept such loads and "departed". But their place was occupied by others. After all, the service guaranteed both status and influence, and secured life.

Dagomye warriors called themselves mine

In the Amazon took both children and adults. And both in their own will and forcibly. For example, my father could pass his daughter to the army, and her husband was his wife. To do this, it was necessary to inform the ruler about the bad nature of his child or spouse.

Warfish received a semi-free status in the country and considered the king’s wives. Any relations with other men were prohibited. Moreover, representatives of the opposite sex on them and watch forbidden. Briton Stanley Alpern, the author of the treatise about Dagomea and her warriors, wrote: "When Amazons came out of the palace, a slave was taken before them with a bell. The ringing of the bell told every man that you need to turn from my way, to remove some distance and look in the other way. ".

Peak of Glory Warrovers fell at the time of the reign of King Guezo (1818-1858). He dreamed of new territorial acquisitions and the glory of the greatest ruler of Dagomey. Costs for the army have greatly increased. And since the main guarantor of his triumph of GEZO considered mine, their number also sharply increased. Amazon made up a third of his entire army, that is, about 6,000 people. The rules of selection and preparation changed. Now beautiful, but the weak girl in the Amazon did not take. But on the contrary – yes. GEZO ordered not to pay attention to appearance, the main criteria have now become power and health.

Certificates of travelers of that time talk about the exclusiveness of these warriors. So, in 1863, the English researcher Richard Barton, who decided to establish trade relations with Dagomey and to establish a British mission here, had the opportunity to observe the fierce mines, begging the enemy. Barton noted: "These women had so well developed skeletons and muscles that only the presence of the breast could be determined by the floor.

In the most difficult period for the country, the throne took King Behanzin. He actively purchased firearms and guns in Germany, ordered to create a detachment of female spies. Under the guise of beggars, trafficking or prostitutes, they made their way to enemies and mined important information.

The most terrible women on earth

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