The most terrible buildings of the world

The clinic for mentally ill-core St. John was founded in 1852 in the small town of Lincolnshire in England. At that time, not simple patients were kept here, but the poor who could not pay their treatment. The fate of the unfortunate turned out to be in the hands of doctors and they did not miss the opportunity to experience all sorts of psychiatric experiments on the poor. After in 1989, the clinic closed the workers needed to take out all the equipment from it, but the men could not hold inside the building and the day. According to them, they constantly heard terrible screams and saw ghosts who begged them.

Sanatorium Wi-Selli Hills

Sanatorium Wi-Selli Hills is considered one of the most frightening and terrible places in the USA. Once here he worked a full-fledged sanatorium for patients with a heavy form of tuberculosis. Especially frightening place is the so-called death tunnel. "Death Tunnel" was originally planned as a separate entrance for hospital personnel, but soon it began to use it for an invisible removal of the dead. It is said that it is here most often see ghosts. Another mystical place sanatorium is the Cabinet number 502, where the ghost of a hanging pregnant nurse lives. According to the records, she committed suicide after he learned that he was infected with tuberculosis.

The most terrible buildings of the world

Lighthouse on the island of Great Izek Kay

Lighthouse on the island of Great Izek Kay began to be considered a mystical place after the summer of 1969 two days the beacon disappeared here. Their bodies were not found. Most often, their deaths are associated with an old history, according to which in the 19th century near the lighthouse suffered a craft with sailors. They suffered by waves to the shore and all of them crashed about stones. From those port, local residents believe that the ridiculous souls of sailors are mercy of caretaker for their death.

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