The most successive country in the world!

On our planet there are many tiny states and all of them are unique, but among all the most unique state is an island country &# 8211; Tuvalu. Former British Colony, gained independence in 1978, But at the same time it is still included in British Commonwealth. The state consists of several islands, the population is about 11000 people, territory 26,000 square.M, And she is in fourth place among countries of Karlikov. Has one only one in arsenal Little Airport, Of all riches Fish and coconut.

She is famous for both postage stamps, who are very expensive.

With all this &# 8211; this country Most lucky in the world! Taking into account that many of its residents do not know, What is computer and internet, It greatly affects some processes in the world cobweb! The secret of this state is very simple!

In our world each country has on the Internet Two-digit domain, in Russia &# 8211; G., In Kazakhstan &# 8211; KZ., in America &# 8211; US. and T.D., Tuvalu code is like "TV"! Piquantly, is not true? Selling your code through the company "Idealab", She earns about 50 000 000 dollars a year. If we roughly estimate it 4500 dollars per capita per year! Due to this money, the country built Good roads and schools, resorts and since 2000 is 189 Member UN With the right vote. As for the company Idealab, then she got into its use the entire zone "TV", And all who want to use at the end of their name this domain must pay. In other words, she got her Monopoly. This fact is the most striking example of how cooperation can be beneficial.

In addition, there is another spicy and interesting fact in the history of the country! Until recently, another successful income in Tuvalu had Revenues from companies that provided sex services by telephone around the world (phone code in Tuvalu "688"). Renting it to rent, Tuvalu received a good income! But this fact did not give peace to the residents of the country, and the government of the country abandoned this type of income.

The most successful country in the world!

Now Tuvalu, one can say, develops in a rapid pace, especially if you take into account Tourism improves the infrastructure of the islands. But, unfortunately, in recent years there is a raising of the ocean level and this happy state threatens death. In the near future with a high probability, we will already remember this country with nostalgia.

As for the domain zones, here the example of Tuvalu is not united, go for rent, such states as Moldova, Turkmenistan, Philippines. A W Kyrgyzstan In general, the code is identical to the unit measurement unit &# 8211; "CD".

So friends, if you study the World Wide Web, then it is replete with its little pleasant secrets at the state level.

The most successful country in the world!

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