The most southern city on earth and flights by plane over fiery land

At the end of the 19th century, a prison was decided to make a prison in Uusaye, the fiery land of the Argentineians as if ours north for us, recidivists and criminals built the railway and the village. The trick is that there was nowhere to escape, there was only one way out – to return to "Gulag camp".

Airport in Ushuaire – International, is true only in the neighboring chile, but still:) Fidelined to the city, we are flying between the mountains for a very long time, very spectacular

inscription "Fin del Mundo" – On the very edge, it meets constantly and everywhere: souvenirs. Signs, printing in stamps, etc. This is a chip of the city. In the Tierra del Fuego National Park, you can put such a beautiful stamp for the entire page, I was shown by Mxissans, I didn’t get there, but I didn’t get there, but I put a stamp slightly less spectacular in the tourist center of Ushuayia

Everywhere on the maps of Falkland Islands are designated as Argentine, and not British.

The fiery land was called so because of Magellan, which took fires of local Indians from the vessel for lights of volcanic origin and called this land – fiery. Local by the way Argentines then killed.

Food is worth trying crab soup, crab here Local favorite.

Hippie Mobile, someone drove along the pan-American highway to the south, apparently this is Colombians (count, almost the very north of the mainland!). Romance.

When driving a tour, you can grab in 2-3 thousand dollars, the so-called "Last Minute", Usually expeditions in Antarctica cost 2-4 times more expensive, everywhere you can meet such ads with specials. prices, if you want to save on a cruise, then you need to buy at the last moment, or, on the contrary, 1.5 years before sailing.

The temperature in Ears is extremely comfortable, if compared with our north. Judge for yourself – the average temperature of the coldest month, July, keeps on the zero mark. The hottest month is January, the average maximum temperature is +15 degrees.

The most southern city on earth and flights by plane over fiery land

This is the first aircraft that flew and landing in Antarctica.

I always try to fly with the possibility in beautiful places, you can fly on a helicopter in Ushuaye, but if you are alone, then it is very expensive, as you pay for three. I did not find travelers to fly, so I decided to fly by plane, which happened to a little cheaper.

Shook piper so that legs numb. An hour flew in the literal sense of the word in one breath) is the first such flight when you caught such sensations.

City under us
Pic: // 11818.jpg

Flying was able only to the penultimate day, because here often bad weather: fogs, rains, strong winds. It was necessary to take a chance and fly the next day, because it was already clear. Well, oh well, and so it seems beautiful?

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