The most secure transport world? No doubt plane

Why plane &# 8212; The safest type of transport?

Probably after you familiarize yourself with the "damn dozen" air facts from this release, you will be more confident to feel on board the aircraft. Although not a fact … some degree of aerophobia is so high that no facts will help.

  1. Air transport – the safest type of transport.
  2. Another aircraft lands every 3 seconds in the world.
  3. If the chance of a daily catastrophe was only 0.01%, This would mean that at least 13 aircraft should be divided into the day.

4. The donkeys kill more people annually than aircraft crafts.

5. Chance to die under the wheels of the car, standing at a pedestrian crossing waiting for the green light of the traffic light, ten times more than in a plane crash.

6. Before each departure, the aircraft passes a complex technical check.

The most secure transport in the world without a doubt plane

7. A plane crash is never an accident, but always a combination of a number of factors.

eight. More than 80% of the population of the Earth is afraid to fly. 5% completely refuses flights, preferring to air transport ground and water.

nine. Scientific name of fear of flights and heights – Aerofobia.

ten. In the stewardess fall in love more often than representatives of other professions.

eleven. Many are afraid to fall down from a height of 10 km. It is impossible due to severe pressure under the wings of the aircraft. It keeps the air no worse than the machine on the highway. It can be put on the tail, turn around its axis per 100 degrees, send down, and if you release the steering wheel, the plane will simply be shattered in the air like a boat on the waves.

12. Pilots and flight attendants do not receive cash premiums "for risk". Because the plane flies not contrary to common sense and the laws of nature, but thanks to them.

13. Myths that our airlines buy written off airplanes in Korea, And our pilots drink alcohol behind the steering wheel – the result of mass aerophobia.

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Christina Endless

The author of the article, this blog. Traveling independently 8 years. Visited 32 countries. The author of video courses on the organization of profitable travel.

The most secure transport in the world without a doubt plane

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