The most real "capsule hotel"

About 10 US dollars a day in the Chinese city of Haikou (Haikou), located on the island of Hainan, you can remove the micro-room in the present capsule hotel.

Capsule Hotel covers an area of ​​almost 200 m² and offers its guests 26 capsules placed in two rows over each other. The length and width of the capsule are similar to the size of the standard single bed (2 × 1 × 1.25 m).

This size is enough to sleep, and watch TV and read. And there is a fan, TV, Internet and folding table. By the way, smoking it is prohibited.

Privacy in such a micro-room is provided by the curtain.

The most real

Luggage of the Capsule Hotel is kept in the cabinet, located near the capsule. Toilets and showers are common, and are located separately from the rooms.

The first capsule hotel in the world appeared in 1979 in the Japanese Osaka. Now in many major Asian megalopolis, usually near large stations and airports, there are similar hotels.

In 2009, at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport opened the first capsule hotel called "Air Express". However, in real life there is no capsule hotel, but a traditional economy class hotel with small rooms, in some of which there are no windows. For this money, it is better to stay in the classic inexpensive hotel of Moscow, for example in Hotel Orekhovo, amenities will be exactly more.

The most real

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