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Previously, "my planet" talked about animals extincting in the XX and XXI centuries, wrote about those who are on the verge of extinction in Russia. In this article – about the rarest animals in the world.

SAOL: the rare animal

Where dwells: Vietnam, Laos.

Sola was opened in 1992, but already on the verge of extinction. According to approximate estimates, the population ranges from several tens to two hundreds of individuals. More precisely, scientists can not say, because this animal of this rare species lead a secretive lifestyle. Based on genetic analyzes, it was precisely able to establish only that SAOP refers to the family of slightly.

Javanese Rhino: The Rarest Rhino

Where dwells: Indonesia.

Once the Javanese rhino was widespread in Southeast Asia, and now enters the top 10 the most rare. The main reason was the poaching – his horn is used to prepare traditional Chinese drugs.

For September 2020, the number of animals in the world amounted to 74 individuals, they all live in the National Park Dwong-pendant on the island of Java.

Amur Tiger: Northern Tiger

Where dwells: Russia (Far East), China.

Amur tiger not only belongs to the rare animal, but is the largest tiger that occupies the most northern part of the range.

This is one of the few animals of the world, where the father participates in the upbringing of the offspring. (By the way, you know how animals recognize their parents?) This was recorded photo gallets in the Lazovsky State Reserve them. L. G. Kaplanova in 2016. It turned out that the males communicate with the family visually and with the help of strain marks left on trees.

From 1930 to 2018, the Amur Tiger rose from about 30 to 550 individuals, but it is still on the verge of extinction and is among the top ten rare animals.

Okapi: Semi-offs, semi-loss, semi-bridge

Where dwells: Democratic Republic of Congo.

This is a braficelike as if created from several animals: the legs are black and white, like a zebra, size and structure like a horse, and on the forehead two short horns like a giraffe.

Since it is very hidden and hidden, besides inhabit the country, where many years have been a civil war, there are few information about them. And the first shot was made only in 2008 – 107 years after the message was received about animals. And then thanks to the photo gallery.

Longly: Live Fossil

Where dwells: Islands of Southeast Asia.

Zoologists around the world call these very rare animals by alive fossils, because in the last 45 million they have practically not changed.

For huge eyes against the backdrop of a tiny body of long experts refer to the most unusual animal of the world: in a 12-centimeter individuals they reach 1.5 cm in diameter. Such large organs of vision allow rare beasts to see perfectly in the dark. And in 2012, the Scientists of the Dartmouth College found that unusual animals can also serve and take ultrasound signals.

Guanaco: Alpine Camel

Where dwells: Countries of South America.

The largest herbalia South America and one of the rarest animals of the world belongs to the family of the camel, although according to the proportions it looks like an antelope or deer.

Thanks to the highly developed respiratory system, Guanaco dwells at an altitude of up to 5500 m above sea level, where many others are difficult to breathe. Moreover, below 3000 m These rare animals feel not in their plate.

Vilorogue: One of the most rapid

Where dwells: Prairie North America.

The most interesting animal in the world also includes the most ancient representative of unfortunate North America – Vilorog.

Excellent vision allows him to notice predators at a distance of 6 km! To report conversations about the approaching danger, the whirlwinds lishes white six around the tail. Seeing the sign, the rest are fleeing, developing speed up to 90 km / h. Viloroga is one of the fastest animals in the world, in speed it is inferior only to the cheetah.

Dwarf amor: disgusting smelling

Where dwells: Central and South America.

The dwarf amor is the smallest representative of the form: out of 36-45 cm total length of 18 cm falls on the tail, which helps him greatly climb trees. And a special secret allows these rare animals of the world to scare enemies. The smell they published five to seven times stronger than the skunk, and in the ranking of California University’s scientists in Berkeley, he entered the top 6 most disgusting.

Red Wolf: in a hundred power

Where dwells: Asian countries, Russia (Far East and Siberia).

The red wolf color is often confused with a fox. He has signs and coyote, because of which scientists thought he had occurred as a result of interspecific mating between a gray wolf and coyote. But in 2019, Florida University staff found that the red wolf is a separate view.

Animals are kept by flocks from five to 30 individuals, thanks to which they manage to successfully hunt even on buffalo.

Takin: Beast with Golden Room

Where dwells: Northeast India, Tibet, Nepal, China.

The most rare animals Top-15

Takin is one of the most beautiful animals in the world. According to its systematic position, it is close to goats and branches, but more like a small golden bull. It has a shaggy whitish skin with a golden tinge, which is sometimes compared with the "Golden Room".

In total, about 25,000 individuals live in the world, and, despite the protection, the number continues to decline.


Where dwells: Russia (Volga basins, Don, Urals and Dnipro).

The animal, surviving Mammoth, is now the endemic of Russia. In 1986, our exhaust included in the International Red Book, and later – in the Red Book of Russia.

With the length of the body of about 20 cm, about the same tail and weight about 500 g, she needs to eat and day and night – every three or four hours. During the day, our exhaust eats about the same as weigh!

Hirol: harem from females

Where dwells: Kenya, Somalia.

Rare animal species include a representative of the families – Hirol family, also known as Hunter Bubal. This animal lives in groups, and for each male accounts for seven or eight females. To attract them during the pairing period, which comes from March-April, the male shoes with hooves and. "Crying" with special disclosures that come from its pre-primary glands. What you just won’t go for the sake of the heart of the lady!

Earthwolf: "wrong" hyena

Where dwells: Eastern and South Africa.

Despite the name, with the wolves of this rare animal there is nothing in common. It belongs to the Gienov family, but twice the smaller of real hyenas: the length of its body is only 55-95 cm, the height is 45-50 cm.

Happy Earthwolf is usually hidden in Norah, and at night goes to "hunt". In contrast to the hyena, the basis of its diet is not Padal, but termites. Per night he eats from 200,000 to 300,000 insects!

Trump dog Peters: and not an elephant, and not a dog

Where dwells: Southeast Kenya and Northeast Tanzania.

Acute scent is perhaps the only thing that unites the animal with a dog. It has a branched genealogical tree: with rodents from the jumper family, his long hind legs relate, with elephants – the presence of a trunk. Only if the elephants use it as a hand, Peters’s trump dog looks around with food: hid among the leaves of ants, beetles, spiders and other invertebrates.

Humpback Whale: Sea Singer

Where dwells: Almost all oceans, except for some regions of the Northern Ice.

That humpback whales make melodic sounds, researchers learned in the 1970s, and later they managed to establish that different populations can exchange a repertoire. Special singing talent are characterized by males, and this is often described on Yandex.Zen ".

In 2017, the Danish Biologists of the University of Aarhus made another discovery: the cubs are able to publish quiet sounds to warn parents about danger. If the loud songs are heard 30 km, the "whisper" is trampled for tens of meters.

The most rare animals Top-15

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