The most provocative advertising in the world

In Australia, advice on advertising standards recommended LUSH (local cosmetics producer) «Suitable» Your advertising company with the calling heading GO Naked («Go naked»). On an advertising poster, the magnified nude girls are posted against the background of the Lush advertising text, which gave the reason for the insulted part of consumers for indignation and appeal to the Council with a request for banning advertising as a pornographic. Although advertising history knows more reasonable reasons for banning advertising. With some of them made in different years and in different countries and caused outraged complaints, and sometimes bans, we decided to introduce you to this selection.

The scandalous action LUSH pursued a two-way goal – promoting a positive attitude to his own body and approval in conscious consumers «brand» the thesis that natural products do not require packaging, because it is so, «in the nude» Most often and selling LUSH products (except special cases). However, for Australians, such a brave promise of marketers of the company turned out to be unconvincing. They began to contact the Council demanding the ban «offensive and essentially pornographic» advertising, not forgetting to refer to the children who can see her. Advertising Council agreed with insulted and admitted that the company uses nude to draw attention to its products. However, since the Council’s decisions are only a recommendation, LUSH refused to redo their poster.

Because of this advertising in France, the anti-bachens overview with the jeques of traditional family values. Immediately several public organizations and movements began to require a ban on advertising, pointing to her sexual subtext. Although the inscription on the poster: «Smoking – become a slave tobacco!» reveals another meaning of this advertising poster.

Advertising LG vacuum cleaners in the trading network «El Dorado» «Dust sauce for a penny» consider the classics of the so-called «Shock marketing». Indeed, in terms of provocativeness, this slogan could compete except with «Euroset, Euroset, prices just …», because of which in some regions of the popular retailer fined, but at the same time the volume of revenues in the stores sharply jumped. Tagline «Sosus for a penny» Invented by Andrei Amlinsky, the author of widely known slogans «Not brambos – Snickersnia» and «I have an idea — There is IKEA». Ambiguous banners «El Dorado» There were dissatisfaction with several regional advertising councils, after which the outdoor advertising owners were removed.

Advertising fragrance from Tom Ford can, perhaps, be called the most scandalous image of the famous photographer Terry Richardson, at different times that made shuffle pictures for famous brands Emporio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Sisley. Advertising banned in some countries as pornographic.

Images of monks and the subject of seduction in the advertising of ice cream advertising company Antonio Federici used five years ago. The first option of advertising, with semi-blank clergy, ready to surrender to sin and keen ice cream, published one British gloss. Advertising banned, but the ice cream producers did not calm down. Next year a series of posters appeared, again with monks and even more frankly. Used image «Immiguous conceived» pregnant nun, and two priests clearly intend to kiss….

Further to all B «spiritual topic» The famous Italian brand of fashionable clothes Benetton has entered. In social advertising brand as part of the UNHATE program («No hatred»), Pope Benedict XVI kisses with Egyptian Imam Akhmed El-Teebom, US President Barak Abama – with President Venezuela Hugo Chavez and Chinese leader Hu Jintao. Advertising with the kissing Prime Minister of Israel Binjamin Netanyahu and the head of the Palestinian Autonomy Mahmoud Abbas was also manufactured. In the Vatican, such tolerance was not understood and was named disrespect for pontiff and provocation. Benetton was forced to dismantle his promotional structures.

Benetton is known not only by scandals with the image of the Pope. This company to promote his own brand often uses shuffle advertising posters with indication of world problems – war, murder, catastrophe, illness. On Benetton’s advertising posters, you can see shocking images of human genitals, military burials of the First World War, pairing horses and T.D. Presented here poster released Benetton to the opening of the Olympics in Sydney and is dedicated to the problem of AIDS.

Frank, according to several residents Perm, underwear advertising from the French company Sisley, in 2003, became the subject of their appeal to the Regional Antimonopoly Committee. And after a while, the mayor of the city, in a planned manner, circling Perm, saw a street banner with Sisley advertising, indignant and commanded «Employ advertising Remove». Advertisers wrapped off shields posters ««Sisley. Advertising in Perm is prohibited». After some time, the decision of the antimonopoly authority was made public and did not see anyone in advertising any offensive and unethical.

A poster General Motors, with a seasinenth and pumped Albert Einstein, to consumes, the idea that «Ideas are also sexy», And advertises GMC Terrain crossover. Regarding this image, the trial between Jerusalem University and the advertising agency LEO BURNETT . The fact is that the great physicist bequeathed the university of the right to his image. The sexual side of the right of the right holders was absolutely not interested – they were judged because of the violation of their rights.

For this ambiguous advertising in 2007 «Euroset» Sepaled fine.

The most provocative advertising in the world

This social advertising canadian society for the protection of animal rights Reta has provided a slogan «All animals have the same parts of the body» And the image of Pamela Anderson in Bikini. Her body is divided into zones with inscriptions «ham», «Breast», Robryshki and T.D. Canada’s authorities accused the creators of advertising in sexism and gender equality violations, because a woman is on a poster. Pamela Anderson was at first surprised, then he was delighted – the ban worked «In the inverse» and brought the Vegetarian Reta Campaign world famous.

The Committee on Advertising Standards Great Britain (ASA) works very actively, in terms of the number of prohibitions of United Kingdom confidently ahead of other European countries. The record in this area belongs to the advertisement of Opium fragrance from Yves Saint Laurent, depicting a naked actress Sophia Dahl. About a thousand complaints were filed for her, which made advertising very popular among the British. Famous actor and director Alan Cumming in support of his own brand perfume even created a parody of advertising with Sophie Dal.

Due to the fact that the girl in the photo is depicted in sexual pose and dressed as an adult, the advertising of the spring collection of Miu Miu was perhaps forbidden. However, it later turned out that the Mii Goth, removed in the advertising of the model, was 22 years old. In addition, no complaints from consumers have not been received.

Decisions of the British advertising regulator are sometimes able to cause surprise. So, ASA experts in 2013 considered too frank advertising on the television of Coco Mademoiselle’s aroma from the world famous Chanel company. Advertising with the model Kira Knightley was shown all over the world (and in Russia), no complaints were received by nowhere.

Energy advertising Pussy banned in the UK for «Frankly sexy hints». If we consider that advertising was accompanied by a slogan «The drink is not to blame, the problem is only in your head», The situation with the ban looks pretty piquant.

Advertisers of St. Petersburg did not want to post on the streets of the city an advertisement of the Moscow Creative Agency «Atelier Ventura», ordered by Malakhovsky meat processing plant. Creative Creative Sticks accompanied by writing replicas on behalf of women. Refusal to publish advertising motivated by the fact that the our law «About advertising» Prohibits use «obscene and offensive images». In particular, it is prohibited for women’s products to use the characteristics of a male race.

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