The most promising US cities

Which US cities have great chances to grow and flourish in the coming decades? The answer to this question was trying to give analysts of the company PRAXIS STRATEGY GROUP, in detail in 2011 past and present 52 largest urban agglomerations of America.

For the formation of the final rating, economic and demographic factors were considered, such as the dynamics of job growth, the rate of family formation, level and qualitative composition of migration, population growth dynamics, attractiveness for business.

The first two positions of the ranking of surprise do not cause. Austin (Texas) and roles (North Carolina) have some of the highest rates in the country in the following categories:

  • population growth;
  • the increase in the number of children;
  • The most promising US cities
  • the number of highly educated and qualified migrants and immigrants;
  • Number of jobs created.

Perhaps less expected appearance on the 3rd place Nashville (Tennessee). In the capital of crate music there is a rapid growth of educated migrants. Over the past 10 years, the number of residents of Latin American and Asian origin increased by 2 times. It is also worth noting a relatively low housing prices.

General features that combine the ranking leaders are a mild climate and a smaller scale compared to large agglomerations. Even with increasing population, Austin, roles and nonshville should not suffer greatly because of the transport problems that strangled historical growth centers.

In addition to the city of Austin, «State of lonely stars» (Texas) is presented in the top 10 rating by 3 more cities: San Antonio (4 pos), Houston (5 pos) and Dallas (7 pos). Increasing the number of immigrants in these cities occurs very high rates. Houston, with its growing port and the energy sector, should potentially become an even more influential center.

Los Angeles (47 pos) – one of the leading cities of the United States, who is once growing in a huge pace, has unbearable prospects in terms of further growth and prosperity. Low position in the rating is explained by high unemployment, high housing prices, transport chains. Traditional rivals of Los Angeles, such as New York (35 Pose), San Francisco (42 pos) and Chicago (47 pos), boasts financial resources, leading universities and companies, but also limited in growth prospects. Aged demography and the sluggish growth rate of the number of jobs are opposed to them.

Of course, even the most exhaustive studies cannot foresee the future. For example, a significant reduction in the federal government can lead to a slowdown in Washington’s growth (6 pos). A large drop in energy prices or tight restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions can hardly hit Texas cities, especially Houston. If housing prices are stabilized in the Northeast and the West Coast of the United States, fewer people will flock into such cities like Phoenix (9 pos) or Orlando (10 pos).

The most promising US cities

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