The most profound pool in the world was opened in Dubai

In Dubai opened the deepest in the world Deep Dive Dubai pool. Previous Record owned by the Polish DeepPot Company. The depth of their pool was 45 m, the depth of the structure in Dubai – 60 m, writes CNN.

Dubai pool filled 14 million liters of fresh water. It is comparable to the volume of six Olympic pools. In addition, he is four times more than any other diving basin in the world.

The water temperature in Deep Dive Dubai is +30 ° C. This means that it can float either in a conventional swimsuit or in a thin hydrocarbonate.

The pool is inside the building in the form of an oyster with an area of ​​1500 m 2 . So the authors of the project gave tribute to the tradition of finding pearls in the UAE.

Inside the pool – a real sunken city with abandoned apartments. They can find slot machines, the atmosphere give various sound effects. In addition, the pool is offered to be used as a underwater film studio.

In the pool you can take courses on diving. There can be engaged in both newcomers and certified professionals. Explore the pool can be alone or accompanied by a guide. 56 cameras installed in the pool.

The most profound pool in the world was opened in Dubai

Basin Director Jarrod Jablonski says that it is impossible to call a building just a pool, since it is too much.

The pool also has special waiting rooms equipped with television screens. They are broadcast what happens inside. Also watch what is happening through special windows. It can be useful to accompanying – for example, parents who led to children’s pool.

Interestingly, on the official website of the pool there is a warning about the highest skyscraper "Burj-Khalifa". Visitors to the pools are asked for 18-24 hours after swimming to refrain from visiting the observation deck (height – 300 m). Contraindications for the visit of the pool after the "Burj Khalifa" no.

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