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Traveling to Thai islands is quite comparable to visiting the earthly paradise. The spley of the boundless ocean and fantastic local species are so amazing that they amazed imagination and seem unreal. Many tourists choose for vacation exactly this direction, and experts of Arrow Hotels and Resorts prepared an overview of the most attractive Beachs of Phuket. After all, it is most often those who are interested in mysterious Southeast Asia.

As evidenced by tourists reviews Arrow Hotels and Resorts, this resort is one of the most popular on Phuket, so it heads the ranking of the best holiday destinations on the island. His attractions contribute to a good location in a relaxed sea bay, as well as amazing cleanliness and pleasant warmth of coastal sand. The beach strip is wide enough, and the entrance to the sea is long and gentle, so this place is perfect for relaxing with babies.

Bang Tao is located in the northwest of Phuket. He stretched out on a rather long distance, so the problems of "overcrowding" do not arise. Beautiful landscapes of the coastline Bang Tao are combined with a comfortable equipment, so Arrow Hotels and Resorts recommends this resort to its customers. After all, no wonder here loves to rest numerous guests of Phuket.

List of the most popular beaches of the Thai Islands according to Arrow Hotels and Resorts and a huge number of tourists also entered Patong Beach. This place boasts the presence of everything that modern travelers are striving for: a gentle sea with a soft descent, clean white sand, as well as a variety of shops, hotels, clubs and bars. Missing on Patong will definitely have no time!

However, not all tourists prefer an active and noisy vacation that provides the first two resort. There are also connoisseurs of quiet and relaxed solitude, and you can find it on the beach at Noah. According to the reviews of Customers Arrow Hotels and Resorts, this place is best suited to connoisseurs of a peaceful rest with nature with nature, as well as a serene bathing in turquoise water and peaceful admissions of wondrous landscapes. Thanks to the successful location – from the airport to the beach Noah tone is only 8 km – it is often choosing to leave a family with children.

This is another excellent option for fans of a relaxing holiday. The great advantage of Kamala is a very close location of hotels off the coast. There are no rapid entertainment here, but many tourists consider it a plus. They choose a kamala for leisurely relaxation, a full relaxation and restoration of forces after a long stay among many people in the fussy and nervous setting of urban atmosphere.

The most popular tourists Beaches Phuket Top 6 from Arrow Hotels and Resorts - about.

Thickets of tropical greenery on the island – not uncommon, but pines grow exclusively on Surin Beach. According to tourists Arrow Hotels and Resorts, prickly trees – a genuine landmark of these places. Surin resort area is relatively small, but there are always a lot of holidaymakers. Especially youth companies coming here in search of entertainment.

At this resort, you can see many families with children, because Karon is distinguished by well-developed infrastructure and relative calm. The coastal zone is covered with small snow-white sand and has a rather large width. The only minus of the beach is the absence of vegetation and cozy shaded towns. But if the sun is nothing too much, you can relax perfectly here.

According to tourists, Arrow Hotels and Resorts, each particle of Phuket Earth has its own energy. This statement is not in doubt, because the affectionate rays of the sun and the quiet splashing waves on the island help not only strengthen the body, but also to clean the soul, getting rid of all alarms and problems.

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