The most popular attractions, where tourists are no longer allowed

The list includes to tourists Filipino Island Boracay, which is half a year closed for visiting due to the deterioration of the environmental situation. Before visitors again begin to let the island, the Power of Philippines want to introduce strict laws that will allow maintaining local nature.

Happy April, 1 Indian Taj Mahal Tomb Available for visiting only three hours a day. Such a measure was introduced to avoid repairs.

Also in the list of publication entered French cave lacco, famous for the whole world with their weak patterns, which have been preserved since the time of Paleolith. About a thousand travelers attended her daily. Because of the heat and humidity of the massacre of people appeared in the cave as a result of mass accumulation of people and humidity began to deteriorate. In the late 1950s, lichens began to grow in the cave, and in 1963, the landmark was closed for visiting. Today, tourists can only be in the cave replica built nearby.

The cave lasco is small – up to 250 meters in width and about 30 meters in height. It is divided into several halls and corridors. In the Gallery, you can see the images of deer, bison, bears, horses, animals from the Feline and Mysterious Being Family, conditionally referred to as the unicorn. Some of the drawings are placed right on the ceiling!

To UNESCO World Heritage, British construct Stonehenge In 1977, there were no tourists to be allowed, as people chopped pieces and took them home as a souvenir. Today, Stonehenge can not climb and touch, but travelers can admire the attraction from afar.

How does Stonehenge look like? This ring with a diameter of about 30 meters, built from large stone blocks of 4 meters in height and 2 meters wide, whose weight is about 25 tons.

On top of this circle as the lintels are laid smaller stones – About 3 meters long, 1 m wide and 0.8 m in thickness. In the center of the stone circle there are five trilitones (structures of three stones, two of which are standing on the ground, and the third lies on top). Perhaps because of the external similarity, these five structures are also called horseshoe. Inner stones – The most severe elements of Stonehenge, the weight of each is about 50 tons. The trititones in a circle are located the smallest stones, the purpose of which is unknown. It is important to note that in the area of ​​sights did not have such large stones – They could be found no closer than 400 km from Stonehenge. This indicates an incredibly serious work of its builders.

There are also new rules for visiting Peruvian Ancient City Machu Picchu. Peru’s authorities went to such measures to prevent the destruction of the heritage of the Incas. Today, tourists are allowed to attend a landmark from 6:00 to 12:00 and from 12:30 to 17:30. The rest of the time the entrance to the ancient city is closed. In addition, visitors can not enter there immediately after the exit.

Machu Picchu Center is the Sacred Square. She surrounds three stunning temples – The main temple, the temple of the three windows and the house of the priest. In addition, archaeologists found the cave where the rulers were buried. Also in the city traces of tunnels and bridges.

The list includes and Maya Bay Beach, located on Thai Phi Phi Island, Where the film was shot «Beach» with Leonardo di Caprio. In early June, the coast closes to visit for four months, during which damaged coral reefs and marine flora are restored.

Trevi Fountain in Rome Limited to visit last year, after inspired by frames from the film «Sweet life» 1960 Tourists decided to swim in the fountain. Only one place is available to visitors where you can approach Trevi, but it is strictly protected.

Fontana Di Trevi (Fontana Di Trevi) is considered a pearl among hundreds of sources of the Italian capital. An impressive landmark is more like embodied scene from an antique play than a source of clean water.

Soon tourists can limit visitors and famous Italian city on the water of Venice, Where are about 60 thousand travelers every day. Because of the large number of people on narrow streets of the city, crowds are created.

The Daily Express list fell and Shinto sanctuary in the city of Isa in Japan. The temple complex from more than 100 shrines belongs to the III century. Many Japanese consider him «soul» of his country. Annual landmark is visited by more than 6 million tourists and pilgrims. However, the main temples are acquired by fences and are not available for ordinary visitors – There are only members of the imperial family and several privileged priests.

The most popular attractions, where tourists are no longer allowed

Sinto was formed in Japan long before the nucleation of writing. Religion believes that everything that having a soul may be God. In the Temples of Sintoism, the Japanese thanked Gods for a good harvest and asked for the weather to be favorable.

Glaciers Fox and Franz Joseph Located at the western coast of the New Zealand South Island. The authorities closed the landmark for tourists, because due to the active melting of glaciers, her visit can be dangerous. But despite the ban, about a million people make their way to glaciers to admire the miracle of nature.

New Zealand glaciers – Real Miracle of Nature! Unlike most glaciers, they continue to move towards the sea, while almost everyone retreats. Therefore, Fox and Franz Joseph easily approach. Glaciers stretch 13 km from the South Alps, where they originate at an altitude of 2.6 km above sea level. They feed from four alpine glaciers, annually receiving about 30 meters of snow. As a result of pressing, the snow turns into blue ice with a thickness of several hundred meters, which is sliding down due to pickup and high weight. In the valley, the glacier reaches 300 meters in thickness. The speed of movement of the glaciers Fox and Franz Joseph ten times more than other valley glaciers.

In the Cultural Center Maya Chichen Itsa, Located in the northern part of the Mexican Peninsula Yucatan, tourists can look at the ancient ruins, but they are forbidden to climb the Pyramid of El Castillo. The authorities have introduced a limit after in 2006 a woman fell from there and death crashed. Also tourists are not allowed into the throne room inside El Castillo.

Ancient Maya built the city of Chichen-Itza preserved to our times in accordance with his religious performances. As you know, this people erected all cities, taking into account the position of stars and planets.

Once Chichen Itza was the cultural center of several Indian peoples. His name is translated as «Place at the well of the tribe of ICA».

The main attractions of the city are the pyramids, the most famous of which – Cukulkana, also called El Castillo. The 25-meter structure has nine steps, each of which is still divided into two parts. Thus, the Kukulkana has 18 terraces, symbolizing 18 12 days of the year.

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