The most picturesque bridges in the world

The main focus of the bridges &# 8211; Connect the shores of the reservoir so that you can cross it freely. But there are such bridges that, in addition to the main function, are a landmark and attracting tourists.

Golden Gate Bridge

Located in the lagoon of San Francisco, Golden Gate Strait. Dimensions: 2737 m long, 27 m wide, 227 m in height. Was opened on May 27, 1937. For the construction of "Golden Gate" went four years.

Interestingly, in the first year after the opening of his arrows, the arrows rose on average 17 times a day due to the flow of ships, a minute was spent 1 time. Today, the vaults with electric drive rise only twice a day.

Tower Bridge

Situated Thames in London. Its dimensions: length 244 m, height 65 m. Was opened on June 30, 1894. This is one of London characters. The bridge is close to Tower Castle and Connects London City and Tower Hamlet. It was built in a non-neutic style and fits in architecture with the closest monuments. Bridge frames rise 500 times a year.

Around the bridge there is a myth that in good weather it is constantly painting. However, it is not. At first he was painted during construction, and then in 1965 and 1995. Separate parts are restored as needed.

The Brooklyn Bridge

Bridge Located in New York. Its length is 1825 m, width 26 m, height 84 m. Was completed on May 24, 1883. He passes through the East River and connects two parts of New York &# 8211; Manhattan and Brooklyn. At the time of discovery, it was the biggest suspension bridge in the world and the first design suspended on steel cables. At that time, his tower were the only high buildings in the Western Hemisphere. Construction lasted 13 years. The bridge was designed by architect John A. Robling.

Currently, more than 150,000 cars run daily for three strips of movement in each direction, pedestrian and cycling bridge are laid on them. After the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge became a symbol of New York, Since 1964, he is National historical monument, And the route of the New York Marathon passes through it.


Millennium Bridge is located In Gateshead in Tines end-Wir, it’s Northeast England. Dimensions: Length 126 m, width 8 m, Weight: 850 tons. Open: September 17, 2001.

The object is notable, maybe because got the nickname "flashing eye". It combines elements of an arched bridge with a tipping mechanism (first in the world), allowing boats to cross the river secrets. Through the structure passes a bicycle path and pedestrian, Connecting Gateshead with Newcastle.

Thanks to its unusual appearance, the bridge has become a popular tourist attraction. The cost of its 22 million pounds. In May 2002, he was dedicated to the Queen Elizabeth, the head of the Anglican Church.

Viaduct Miyo

Viaduk Miyo is in Miyo city in southern France. Length 2460 m, width 32 m, height 343 m. Opening took place on December 16, 2004.

This is a car bridge located in the middle array, about 5 km west of Miyo, and passes through the valley of the Tarn River. His construction was needed to facilitate the communication situation in the region. He is part of a motorway, called meridian, which connects the south of France with Paris.

Viaduct is the highest building in France, even the Eiffel Tower. A asphalt road with two strips of movement passes through the bridge to each side. 12 thousand passes daily. passenger cars.


Indoor Bridge Hartland is located In Hartland, New Brunswick. Dimensions: Length 391 m. Opened it on May 13, 1901. Before building a bridge near the Canadian city of Hartland in New Brunswick, the St. John river could cross only on the ferry. Construction began in 1898 and was completed in three years.
The object has only one strip of movement, and can pass cars weighing less than 10 tons and less than 4.2 m. Today, only residents and tourists enjoy the bridge.

The most picturesque bridges in the world

Singapore Bridge

Helix Bridge in Marina Bay, Singapore. Dimensions: Length 280 m. Opening: April 24, 2010. This is a Helix Pedestrian Bridge rises over the harbor of Singapore. When designing the main requirement was the ease of its design, as it is located next to a pretty heavy bayfront bridge for cars. The combination of glasses and steel protects pedestrians from the sun and rain.

On the bridge there are four viewing platforms, which overlook the Bay of Marina Bay. At night he is colorfully glowing.


SI-O-CE-POL on the river Zame Underwood, The largest Iranian Plateau in Isfahan, Iran. Its dimensions: 298 m in length, 15 m width

Opened in 1602. Isfahan, the third largest city of Iran, in the past was an important object. Next to the IMMA Square listed in UNESCO, there is a Si-o-Se Paul, known as Bridge 33 Arch.

This is one of the most beautiful buildings on the River Zai Underwood. It was built in 1599-1602 during the reign of Shah Abbas I. In the afternoon, this is a lively place where there are tea rooms, and at night I am glad beautiful illumination.


Nanpu Bridge can be seen In the very center of Shanghai in China. Its dimensions: length 760 m, width 432 m. Opening took place on December 1, 1991. Nanpu &# 8211; one of the main bridges Through the Huanpu River in Shanghai. He connects the city center with a fast-growing Pudong district.

The construction of the facility began on December 15, 1988 and was completed in three years. It is a suspension bridge with two main towers of the n-shaped form, but its round part is interesting. The total length of the bridge reaches 8343 m. Immediately behind it passes the seven-band road, which is created to unload movement in the most populous city of China, where 27 million people live.

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