The most photographed places on the planet

Most recently, Sightsmap will provide statistics for the most photographed places on the planet. The results were obtained on the basis of photo download statistics on the Panoramio service, which allows integrating photos with Google maps.

The picture shows the concentration of the most photographed places on Earth.

In the tenth place is the Basilica of St. Ishthan in Budapest.

On the ninth place – Kamminito Street in Buenos Aires. She really likes to tourists because of their colorful houses.

The eighth place rightly got the area of ​​Michelangelo, offering a delightful view of Florence.

At the seventh place is the hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo. This building is very pleasant to tourists because of the accumulation of expensive cars at his entrance, as well as because of its popularity in the cinema.

Sixth place – Bridge of the Academy in Venice, from where a great view of the Grand Canal opens.

In the fifth place is a maiden tower located on a small island in the Bosphorus Strait of Turkey.

The most photographed places on the planet

In fifth place is the city of all lovers – Paris, and not the Eiffel Tower or Louvre, but a cabaret Moulin Rouge.

Troika leaders opens Guel Park in Barcelona. It is not surprising, after all, the work of Antonio Gaudi look great at most pictures.

Honorary second place occupies Rome, and the greatest activity of photographs was made not near the Colosseum, but on the famous Spanish stairs.

He heads the list of the most photographed places – New York, and the most popular object for photographers was not a statue of liberty or Empire State Building, but Solomon Museum Guggenheima.

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